November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Iraq just bombed N.Y and toppled multiple land marks. The Empire State Building, The 2nd twin towers, statue of liberty and THE WHITE HOUSE. This war was considered World War 3. The U.S had deployed multiple units. I was in Unite One.





"Damn another man down, sir half of our man are down, we need ahhh, damn..."

The man next to me had been shot. I lunged for the radio"Sir we need alot of help"

"S***, how many men are left"

"About 70, were badly outnumbered a-" Shoot another man down, "Sir were taking heavy sniper fire"

"GOOODDD, Retreat, retreat nnnooo-" I threw the radio to the ground, i'm not gonna let this happen, im taking out those snipers. I ran into the building with the sniper positioned. I slowly and cautiosly walked up the stairs and heared shot after shot from the sniper up stairs, assuming he was taking out my team, i was getting worried. When i finally get there I took out my knife and jammed the knife in the back of his head. I then took his sniper M-95 and let loose. I got head shot after head shot. When i was really in the moment a RPG rocket came flying into my position. I was found and a huge rocket came flying into the wall, this close to blowing me up. Man, i dipped on that s***, i never ran so hard in my life. I was jumping about 7 stairs at a time trying to get out of the building. When i finally got to the exit, c4's blew up everywhere. I had to freaking dive to get out of the building without being singhed. When i got out, all black and burnt, a stupid a** recruit came up to me and said

"Sir, what you did was dangerous" I just glared at him and said "Shut up and shoot!"

"Dont tempt me!", he replied...

Later on...

"Runn, runn, ruuuuunnnn aaagghhh"

At this point, they had sent out these power robots. Each equipped with powerful rockets. They rose hell on us. They were spraying bullets everywhere, killing everyone in site.

3's the charm

"Sir we need back up badly" I screamed

"No we need to retreat, and I swear, if you smash the radio again, I will personally rip your head off, got that!!"


"Good, im sending helicopters, just fend them off until then" Great, we gotta fend off robots. TODAY IS SOO GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL! I thought.

Despite my remarks I got ready. I seperated myself from the group(which im not supposed to do by the way). The enemies were not even expecting me. Don't u love silencers. The couldn't here me or see me, i was covered in street camo-Smartness. I finally decided to stop with the small targets and take out the big one. So i pulled out my friend the BAZOOKY and and aimed. (For those of you who think this is a spelling error, get a life, I know what I said). I loaded the thing with a warhead, waited for the lock on...Beep, beep, beep beeeeeeep, BLOOM. THe blast was so powerful it knocked me back and I couln't breath for alittle, but it worked, well kinda, the warhead didn't do s***, it was the explosives in the robots that blew up, killing every in site of the robots. After the explosition. Silence...Steady silence. I knew right then and there we had won. We have taken back N.Y. Five more places to go. Peice of cake.

And in the distance I heard the sound of a chopper

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