The Fire In It's Eyes

November 29, 2011
By DarkSilentAngel GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
DarkSilentAngel GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
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Common sense is not very common

The rubble smothered me like a blanket. I slowly lifted my head, and dirt, ash, and rocks slid down my hair, and down my bare arms. All around me, nothing but rock and demolished buildings. All grey, no light. The sun was barley hidden by the clouds, and intense dirt in the air.
I stood, dazed and in pain. I had to crouch in order to balance myself on the many rocks, that slide under my weight. The dust and dirt in the air made it hard to see, and as the dirt raged in my eyes, I became even more uncomfortable, and uncertain about this. I climbed to the top of this one heap of metal and concrete. Afraid of what I may see over the top, I was hesitant. But something seemed to drive me. To push my way to the top. So, as I grasped rock to rock. Brick to brick. As I made it to the top, I almost fell over and back to the bottom of the heap.
I gazed upon the city. The buildings were crumpled and destroyed. The ones still standing, were on the brink of falling down, and crashing all that was left. Chunks of metal lying on the ground like an old dog, in the sun. Huge pieces of concrete were lumped upon one another, in heaps of dust and dirt. Flames licked the side of the buildings. Tasting the death that flowed down the sides of the concrete tombs. People were laying down on the ground, most likely dead. Along with many dogs an cats, one or two horses, laid in a slumber, of which they will never wake up. In the far off-no where close to me- a few Atmo's and Ni-Lecks clawed, slithered, and flew, to different buildings. I saw one crawling Atmo, jump onto a fallen part of a building, and start digging into it, like it was looking for a lost treasure. As he lumbered back up through the ruble, a man with shaggy black hair was being mashed and torn inside the Atmo's mouth. Blood dripping from the creatures gnashing teeth, the mans torso fell to the floor, in one heap, from the clutches of the terrible creatures grasp.
I couldn't help but shed one tear. A million deaths, for one single tear.
Just as I was about to shy away, movement caught my eye at the bottom heap of concrete. A human like movement. I glanced down and saw a tuff of messed, dirty, sandy blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, look up at me, scared and bloodshot. "Saber," I whispered through the tears. I quickly slid down the concrete, and landed at his side.
I rolled him over, needing both hands to do so. His mouth liquified with blood and dirt, pouring out of the crevasses of his lips. He coughed, spewing blood all over himself and over me. I cried even harder, without even trying. I grasped his face, hoping he'd regain strength, get up, and we'd run away, before flames reached us-or even worse-an Atmo or Ni-Leck. I wasn't trying to be selfish. I just loved him so much.
"Saber, come' on baby, get up!" I whispered to him. He moved his head, his eyes on me, and my eyes on him. Through the blood, steadily, but slowly spilling out of his mouth, he whispered, "You are so beautiful," in the British accent I fell in love with a long time ago. He started to cough again... And heavily.
"No Saber please! Stay with me. I love you." I knew no matter what I said, he was fading. I cradled his head in my hand, wrapping my other arm around his body. I heard his heart beat, as I pressed my head against his broad chest.

The author's comments:
This is the beginning(the part I started with) of a story I'm writing. It's about these different clans that split up the world. Over time, a portal opens to new scientific discoveries in the Science Clan. These lights appear in the sky, and destroy everything. Also, these creatures called Atmo's and Ni-Lecks, eat, and burn everyone.. But a hero rises un like the rest. Groups up with other clans, which is strictly forrbidden, and save what they can of this world...

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on Dec. 3 2011 at 6:43 am
DarkSilentAngel GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
11 articles 5 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
Common sense is not very common

Yeah, this is. I just now realized thought the problem with the qoute/speech marks. It changed to '"" This sucks..


on Dec. 2 2011 at 8:35 pm
thejesusfreak SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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"ok so your hated... so what? Embrace it! you are who you are and dont forget it."

is this the story i helped you with? i remember giving you some idea.

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