Scene #1- Bob

November 28, 2011
By Pablo Castilla BRONZE, San Jose, California
Pablo Castilla BRONZE, San Jose, California
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First Scene:
Walter, and his Superpowers

Walter was lonely walking down the street. There were no people because it was late at night. He was walking, normally when he suddenly heard a shout, which said, “There he is!” Then Walter saw that there was his life long enemy, Bob. But Bob was not alone. There were ten more people that were with Bob. They were there to try to kill him. All of them except Bob where wearing masks which the robbers normally use, so that no body can see their face. Another thing that Walter saw that all of them had in common was that all of them where totally in black. When Walter saw them, they had knives and guns; and Bob had a big gun on each hand, and the guns where loaded. He was crazy, Walter thought. They were just going to kill him out of nowhere! He wasn’t expecting that at all, and he did not want to fight. And also he wasn’t armed. He wanted to escape, but he could only teleport to a place he could see. If he teleported, he could only appear 20 feet from where he had disappeared. He did not have his special pen, which he could disappear and then appear from everywhere he saw. But he did not have the pen because he never thought that that would happen. He was completely surprised, and didn’t know what to do.

Bob was already coming towards him and wanted to be the first one to try to kill him. And if it did not work, the ten other bad guys were also going to try to kill him. Also Bob had tried to invent his own power, which was the same as Walters. He invented himself in a very modern lab and he thought that it was exactly as Walters. Walter was so angry, but he knew that Bob had made a mistake while he was making his power. Also Walter was born with that power, but Bob instead, had a big machine in top of him. But still if Bob´s power did not work, he and the other ten people were armed. Then Walter saw that they had made a plan. All the ten people separated and made a big circle around Walter. And the distance from Walter to the people was about 20 meters, which was the maximum that he could appear without the pen. So they had made this so that he could not escape, or at least escape easily. Bob disappeared with his machine, and while he was disappeared, Walter noticed the problem that Bobs machine had. He could hear where he was in that little time that he was invisible, so when he appeared again, Walter already knew where he was going to appear. That angered Bob, so he got the machine of him and destroyed in with his guns. Walter laughed because the machine was a total fail. But that made Bob became really angry and told all the others to attack.

All the bad guys started shooting Walter and he disappeared and appeared again as fast as he could to prevent any bullet from hitting him. But he noticed that they did not plan well, since they were in a circle, and all the bullets that did not hit Walter where hitting the other bad guys on the other side of the circle. So they were all killing each other. Then, everybody stopped because they realized what was happening. And then there were only 3 left including Bob. Now they were going to try to surround him in a corner so that he did not have anywhere to go, and then kill him. But Walter was not going to let that happen. So he somehow knocked out the other two people. At the end it was only Bob and Walter. Then, Bob got scared because he knew that in a one against one fight, Walter would win, so he became a coward and went away. And Walter continued his walk home, and also Walter knew that Bob wasn’t going to try to do something to him again after a long time because now he had to plan a new plan.

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