The Plague-Ch. 2

November 24, 2011
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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I am now seventeen. I still live in the orphanage. It is my home. No one has been adopted from the orphanage. Once you're here, you're here. The only way to get out is to take up a partner and get a house of your own. Orphans, like myself, well let’s just say no one wants an orphan as their life partner.

"Amary," I glance up from my desk. 6 years I have sat in this desk. 6 years I have kept silent. People assumed I was a mute, scarred from the 'abuse' my witch mother had given me over the years. Truth was, I had no reason to speak.

"Amary," Beya said. I glanced wearily at the Elder who stood teaching at the front of the small school house. I looked back at Beya and gave her a smile. A sign that meant carry on.

I remember holding the few belongings I had when I first came to the orphanage. The Elder pointed to the door and walked away. I remember being angry with the Elder. How dare she just abandon me like that? I picked up a rock and glared at her. I wasn't really angry with the Elder. I think all of my emotions from earlier in the week had just formed into one angry blob.

A slender, pale hand grabbed my own and that’s when I broke. Tears fell from my face freely and I screamed more than cried. Finally, when I was all cried out I looked at the one who held me. It was Beya. She gave me a smile and wiped my face. In a way, she looked a lot like the girl that helped me on my first day of studies. I dropped the rock and followed Beya to our dorm. She didn't let my hand go until I fell asleep that night. We've been best friends ever since.

Beya gave me a frown and nodded at the desk behind mine. Brandy Summers was absent for the 5th time this week.

How many more lives would the Plaque take? I shrugged at Beya. We knew where Brandy was. Last time we saw her was at the Moonlit Eve. It happens every full moon. It’s a small get together where the Middles my drink the wine and dance like the Elders.

Beya and I did not drink and therefore we saw. We saw the Priest give Brandy a glass. We saw her drink it, give him a smile, then fall to the Earth. No one else saw, but we saw him take her limp body away. We haven't seen her since.

Beya had slid a note to me and I looked down on it.

Do you think the Plaque is just a rouse so the Priest can...

The note trailed off and I looked at Beya with a raised brow. She blushed and gave me a strange smile. "You know..." She said trailing off again. Then I understood. Strange part was is I did not doubt it for a second.

I nodded slowly and wrote in the note.

Beya, we have to get out of here. I've seen the way he looks at you.

As soon as she saw the note she paled, a sign that she had seen it too. She nodded and handed me the note again.

Tomorrow night, we go.

I nodded and placed the note in my side bag. I gave Beya a reassuring smile. That was the last smile I'd give Beya.

I don't know how long I zoned out but before I know it Beya was signaling for me to leave. I stood and followed Beya to the door but the Elder stopped me. Beya paused with me and gave me a strange look. We trusted no adults. Especially the Elders.

Where's the note?

Beya signed. I pointed to my bag but it was open. I could literally feel myself go cold with fear.

"Beya, you're dismissed. This doesn't concern you." The Elder said keeping her eyes on me. Beya didn't move. She stared at what was in the Elder's hand. A piece of paper folded like a note. The Elder then turned her stony gaze onto Beya. "Beya, are you disobeying me?" Beya glanced at the willow tree branch used to discipline us. She shook her head and backed out slowly. I knew Beya wouldn't be far. She'd most likely be hiding by the doorway listening to the conversation.

"Amary, you may fool everyone else but you do not fool me. Your devil language and your witch of a mother..." She sighed as if this was taking its toll on her. I stared at the note.

The Elder cleared her throat and blinked a couple times. "Amary, have you signed the devil's book?" Instantly I knew where this was headed. My blood went cold and my fingers went numb.


I signed. The Elder merely shook her head in disgust. "Unlike you and your little friend I do not worship the Devil. I speak God's language not yours." I smirked and shook my head.

"Tell me now. Who else has signed the Devil's book? Did Beya?" Her hand was on my arm now. Her grip was tightening and I knew it would leave a bruise. I tried to pull away but she jerked me towards her. I whimpered and tried again. Her grip tightened.

"Tell me witch. Tell me who else is with you." I became desperate. I don't know why I panicked so much but I did. So many times I had seen girl after girl die for the accusation of being a witch. Never did I think I would be one of them.

"You've caused this plague! It is your fault this thing has fallen onto us!" She was shaking me now and I began to claw at her. Blood was being drawn. I felt a presence behind me and relief flooded me. Beya. I turned to give her a relieved smile but the person standing in the doorway wasn't Beya. It was the Priest. Panic filled me and I screamed.

"See Priest? Your holy presence isn't enough for her to bear. Listen to her scream." The Elder said. Then she did something that caused my skin to crawl. She smiled. It was if she was happy to see me scared. I could practically see her at my Trial, cheering and dancing.

"Let her go." The Priest said. I felt her hand on my arm loosen for a moment before falling away. "Come here child." He said holding out his hand. I narrowed my eyes at him. I took a step towards him. He nodded and kept his hand out. Another step and another. I reached out my hand towards his.

It all happened so quickly. I slammed my palms into his chest and ran outside. So many sounds entered my ears. The Priest crashing against the Elder's table. The Elder screaming in surprise then anger. Then I was running.

Arms came around me and lifted me from the ground. I thrashed and kicked but to no avail. Beya began running towards me from the Orphanage playground. She was screaming something. I felt something large slam into the back of my head. Then, only darkness.

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