"Journey into Darkness"

November 19, 2011
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As Theseus entered through the black abyss that lay beyond the door into the labyrinth, he felt the dirt and dust brush against his sandals.

He stood motionless in the dark, hearing an occasional drip…plop…drip…plop. He walked forward cautiously with his hands held in front of him, terror running up his spine and suddenly his hand slammed against a damp, rocky surface. In relief, he realized it was the wall.

He waved his hand wildly stumbling on the labyrinth’s dusty floor, now heading straight forward. Turning his head towards his right shoulder he saw a small bell hanging loosely by a thread. He broke into a run, poised to reach the place of the hanging bell.

Suddenly, he tripped on a stretched rope. Ding, ding, ding, it rang three times with piercing ring. Then a grumble like that of an ox penetrated the darkness, it had been awoken.

With only fear of death and terror in his heart, Theseus turned and started to sprint away from the sound, but it was too late, the Minotaur had heard his fearful breathing and came storming towards Theseus. With no idea what to do, Theseus runs ever faster but he trips on his own feet. Thud! He lands flat on his face sand sliding in his tunic.

he feels a hand squeeze around his strong neck. he’s lifted into the air feeling the loathsome breath of the Minotaur.
Theseus struggles and fights to free his neck of the uncomfortable, hairy hand that wraps around his neck.

Feeling almost lifeless, the darkness starts to look darker and Theseus’ last glance at the darkness, he sees a great big yellow eye.

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