The brothers

November 18, 2011
By christopher Gagne BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
christopher Gagne BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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Early one morning I was freezing my butt off, sitting on the ground, looking for a deer to shoot to bring back to my family for food. It was 7:30 AM. I had been drifting off to sleep when suddenly a loud crash off in the woods, about 50 yards behind me. I grabbed my 30-30 Winchester and turned around fast. I saw the biggest deer at me. I stood still, not moving a muscle. I waited for it to look away. The moment it did, I took the shot and got him.

The deer just fell down. He didn’t run at all. I got on my horse and rode over to where he fell. I looked at him and thought to myself how lucky I was to get this animal. I prayed to god thanking him, and then I put the deer on my horse and started on my way back home. I came apron my big brother. ‘’Where in the he** have you been?’’ My older brother shouted. “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” I yelled back. “Left you a little surprise back at home.” Said my older brother. I think you like it he said with an evil laugh, giving me a dirty a look before riding off.
I hurried back to the house to find out what my brother meant. MY mom came running out of the house, crying her eyes out. I jumped of my horse, ran and gave her a hug. “What is wrong Mom” I asked sadly. “Your brother killed your best friend Johnny.” She replied.” No he didn’t!” He wouldn’t do that. Then it clicked, I remembered what he told me before he left me on the side of the road. “He said he shot fm for stealing cattle, Johnny never stole any cattle”. She couldn’t stop crying as she tried to stop. “Mom I’m going after him and I’m going to kill him, no matter what!” I followed him year after year and I never could catch him no matter how much I tried.
But five years later I was still on his trail. One afternoon I rode in to a town and immedily I saw a poster with the name Billy on it. The reward was 5000 dollars. “Wanted Dead or Alive” I walked into the saloon hoping to find out about the price of my brothers head. Before I could even get to the bar, the bartender shouted. “Hey you in the black hat, watch out for the guy in the back!” I looked up and saw a man drawling his gun. I dove drew my gun, and returned fire. He hit the ground yelling. My aim was true he was shot. I walked up to him. “Your brother told me you were coming here. He sent me hear to stop you from hunting him down.” “Where is my brother?” I asked. “He is in an old cave just south, right by Stone Brook Creek.”
I looked at him one last time and walked out of the saloon. I had the information I needed. Down the street I heard screaming and yelling, and then a gun shot. I turned around and saw two men fighting. I decided to help break up the fight. I rode at them full speed and kicked both of them, knocking them out. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” “Voice came from behind me.” “Get off your horse and turn around!”
I cautiously did I was told and was very surprised when I saw who held me at gun point. “Uncle Joe!” “How have you been Uncle Joe?” I said as I offered my hand to shake. “I’ve been pretty good, Bobby. “ I’m just worried about you.” “Why are you worried about me?” “Because he will kill you!” “He is evil, Bobby. He doesn’t care that you’re his brother.” I confidently replied. “No he won’t, I won’t let him.” Joe knew he would never convince me to give up my hunt, so he replied “Just be careful.” “Need to get you some new clothes and guns. Come over to my place.” I followed to his home where he gave me a black Duster, pants, and a shirt. “One more thing kid.” “Yeah Uncle Joe?” I asked.
“I want you to have my nickel-plated, Navy Colts pistols and my 30-30 Winchester rifle.” “Good luck to you, and try not to get hurt.” “I won’t, Uncle Joe, I promise.” We said our good byes and I headed for the cave where my brother was holding up. It was about 9 PM I arrived near the cave. I got off my horse, so I would approach quietly, grabbed my rifle, and went to take a look inside.
I saw him sitting with other men by a little fire, warning them “Come out here now Billy!” I shouted. “Who’s there?” “Its Bobby, I’m here to bring you in.” “I’ll never come out!” He shouted back at me. “That’s ok, because I got a little surprise for ya’ll,” I chuckled as I made my next move. I went back to my saddle pack, grabbed two skunk-scented candles, lit them and placed them in the cave. I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long. In about ten minutes, the first guy came running out, I hit him in the head with the butt of my rifle and knocked him out.
Soon the other guy came out, but he came out firing. I dropped to the ground and aimed for his foot. Shouting in pain he fell to the ground. I quickly leaped up and took his gun away from him. I placed a bandanna across my nose and mouth and I went in after my brother. I found him waiting for me. “I’m here little brother, now let’s finish this,” He coldly stated. We squared up and walked in a circle waiting for each other to make a move. He pulled his gun, but he was to slow. I shot him once in the shoulder, and he dropped his gun. In defeat, he hit the ground.
I walked over to him, picking up his gun off the ground. I looked into his eyes and said “ I was going to kill you, but I learned you’re not worth it. I’m going to take you into the law. “They can do with you what they want.” “Why didn’t you kill me?” I told him “you’re my brother, what you did was wrong, but I think the law should deal with you.” The next day I took him to the jail and got my reward money. “What are you going to do with that money?” asked the sheriff. “I’m going to give it to my mom, so she can fix up the place, and maybe buy a little piece of my own land.” I smiled and I proudly walked out and rode off.

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this is just somthig i wrote in class that i think yall might injoy

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