The missing case

November 8, 2011
I stepped into the room and noticed a picture frame tipped over. No one else should have been here. I looked around. I am a private detective that had just finished a case. I had just got back home. I am a single woman with no kids or pets so I got suspicious. The window was locked and closed as was my door. I lightly set down my purse and slowly looked around the room again. I live in a four room apartment on the fourth floor. I was in the main room with my eyes scanning for some sort of another sign that someone was here. In one corner, the kitchen looked clean like I left it. I was about to look away when something catches my eye. A drawer open. I walk over on the balls of my feet ready for if someone jumps out at me. I look inside the drawer. Someone was definitely here I thought. All the silverware in the drawer was a big mess with everything in the different places and spread around everywhere. I always leave it organized. I hate it when things are unorganized. I click the drawer shut. I look up again and see the TV was moved. It has ts own table with a coffee table and a couch in front of it. Instead of the TV being centered like always it was moved over and sideways like someone bumped into it. The magazines were cluttered and open with some on the floor. I picked them all up and pushed the TV back in place as quietly as I could. I go over to my desk and gasp. Someone was obviously looking for something I thought. My drawers were taken out and all my files opened and spread around. My drawer with a lock on it was smashed. Luckily I never kept anything in it though. I look through my files and put them back. Once I am done and have everything organized I put tue drawers back in. 
" Hello Jessica Arscital."
I jump up and turn around, startled. There was a man standing in the doorway go my room. He is tall with medium build and very muscular. He has short brown hair and green eyes mixed with hazel. He has a tight white t- shirt that showed his muscles well and jeans. He has a gun in one hand. I think about what he is doing here. What could he be after? Then I realize that there WAS something in that locked drawer! I had put in the file from my last case. I knew that this case Isn't over.

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