November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Scene 3
After my trainer have died things started to go better. I had been in to different teams. One was the Manchester United, in which I got lots of attention from Managers in Europe. And the other one, in which I am now, is the Real Madrid one of the most successful clubs in the world and it has my idol Cristiano Ronaldo. It was hard at the beginning because he is used to be the main scorer in the Real Madrid and when I came he had some one to wary about to win him that place, but now we are okay because the first time a told him that he was my idol and asked for his autograph we started to be friends, he is a very cool person. I had become the person with most goals in the BBVA (the league of soccer in Spain). Today I was going to play against the Real Madrid rival the FC Barcelona. My team had not beaten the Barcelona since the time of the Copa del Rey. But I wanted to change that.
On the bus, to the way to the stadium I was thinking what I was going to do when the time of the game was going to be, the defense of Barcelona was very solid, I could say it is the hardest I can every will play against I think. My main preoccupation was Pique one of the best defenders on the world. He was tall fast and very agile. Then Puyol he has lots of experience and if I want to talk him I will need to do something he has never seen. Then the Goalie Keeper Valdes he players very dirty and should never loose my eye of him.
When we were in the tonal to get to the field you could here the sounds of the cleats hitting the floor making a hollow sound. You could hear your followers cheering your names and singing. Then to my right was the outher team I had always thought how would it feel to be here playing with, and against the best playes of the world in the best stadium of the world with the best followers of the world. Thies is the best time of my life. The team to my right did not set an eye on any of us, I was like if they had never seen us. When we got to go in we were standing up in a side ways line, one team to the left and the other one in the right, the referees were in the middle with the soccer ball in there hands. We sang the Anthem of Spain. I could see the drummers in the far left, the people jumping around to the right. Half of the stadium was weight and the other one was read. The left I could see my face and my teammates faces in posters carried by our followers. I felt my adrenalin throw my spine, while we waked to our places, into the field, I started with the bale. Because we were at home. The referee blew his whistle and the game. The first minuets were very calm and nothing really happened, every time I got the ball some one of the other team, got it from me. Then I decide that when I got the ball I would pass it again instenty and run to a opean space sow they would pass me the ball and out run every one with the ball and shoot, sow I did. And when I had the ball after pasing it and running to an open space. I out ran every one, and when I got to the area, I was almost going to shoot, and I felt some one hitting me in my legs, and repently faling to the ground. It was Puyol he had taked me from the back. I herd the Referie blow his wisel. I was a penalty Thhey were going to make me do the penaly. I had all of Real Madrids followers in my sholders. I standed into position. And when the referie bloue his wisel. I shot to the far right. The ball hit the post and went in it was a goal. The croud burst into screems, and I went to the corner pass to selbrat my team was behind he. It was the best time of my life.

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