War sucks

November 17, 2011
By sexy beast BRONZE, Coolstown, Other
sexy beast BRONZE, Coolstown, Other
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Jason stood in the front lines of the rebellions ranks. They had fought for months, and finally the last of the wars was about to begin. Jason couldn’t keep straight or hold still like his fellow soldiers, but because of his amazing talent in combat, no one seemed to care about his posture. The trumpets sounded off in the distance. The final strike had begun. The rebellion ranks started running at full speed towards the gates. Arrows whistled through the air and soldiers all around Jason began to fall in their tracks.

The gates of the king’s fortress opened revealing legion upon legion of battle ready soldiers. They came at the rebellion at a slow and steady pace, friendly arrows now started to pick off the enemy soldiers.

Here we go. Jason thought, as the sound of metal upon metal filled the air. Then all hell broke loose. The two lines of men collided into each other. Black and gray armor mixed and blood stained the rocks.

Jason charged in and joined the battle. He dodged the first mans swipe, and cut of his legs. Then he twirled around and stabbed another through the chest. He finished his combo with a spin ending in the decapitation of two soldiers.

“Nice moves little bro,” Jason’s brother Seth called out from behind him.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Oh not much, I’m just here enjoying the ride.” Seth said sarcastically.

Soldiers surrounded Seth and Jason. “Back to back?” Jason suggested.

“Like old times!” Seth agreed.

Jason and Seth put their backs together and gave intimidating glances at the
soldiers that surrounded them.. The soldiers charged in all at once. Jason and Seth
became like one, they kicked soldiers aside and swung each other in the air to take out the
“STOP!” Came a voice from behind the enemy lines. The man was dressed in shining black and red armor. He must’ve been at least seven feet tall. His black hair was flailing in the wind, for he had no helmet. “Hello Jason and Seth, allow me to introduce myself. My name is General Notch. I have heard…great stories about you. It will be my pleasure to kill you!”
He unsheathed a long, grey two handed sword and charged. Jason and Seth both did an upward thrust at the man, but he deflected their blades and kicked Seth in the chest. Seth fell back against a rock, but quickly rejoined the battle. By the time he got there, the general had already kicked Jason aside as well. Seth surged with anger and attacked. But the general’s talent exceeded far beyond Seth’s. As Seth charged in, the man sidestepped and swiped Seth’s feet out from under him with the flat of his blade. Then in one swift motion he jumped and put all his strength into a jab into Seth’s chest.
Jason looked over at the battle regaining consciousness. He saw the man over Seth and blood spilling from Seth’s mouth. Jason reached into his quiver. He had no arrows left. He looked left and right, and finally saw an arrow sticking out of an enemy lieutenant’s leg. He ran to the man and plucked the arrow out. The man groaned with pain. Seth notched the arrow on his bow and fired. Then seconds later the man fell over, dead.
Jason ran to his brother’s side and picked him up in his arms. “S-s-save the k-kingdom,” he said weekly, and then his brother went limp. Jason knew he was dead.
“Nooo!” Jason screamed shaking his fists at the heavens. How could I have let this happen? He thought to himself, as a tear made its way down his face.

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