No Sudden Moves

November 7, 2011
By , Bellingham, WA
You walk into a car rental establishment. You look at the many cars on display. Then you see it. You see the wonderful red convertible. That would be perfect for what you had in mind. It looked fast, admittedly it wasn't inconspicuous so it wasn't perfect, but it would be fun. You drive off to meet your partner who has a bright blue cooler. Inside the cooler are- "Where are they!" you scream.
"I took the precaution of using the soda and ice as a camouflage," he answered. Who is this guy anyway. Oh no you you don't! I'm going to say what you said and if you don't like it you can say it the real way in your confession although I might add what I think happened where you shut up. Oh, and just so you know I am recording my version and using it in evidence. Oh,f**** is this thing still on!
"Is it the right amount?"
"Of course. Well maybe a little extra." With a flourish he pulls out the tray and you almost twice the amount you'd asked for.
"Will I have to pay for the extra?"
"No, I've got a friend in narcotics and they made a big bust. They got this on a second sweep and don't need it for evidence." That's the conversation as you remember it.
Without a word you hand over the money and grab the odd cooler, stuff it in your trunk and drive off. After five minutes at the speed limit on the freeway you find out why you weren't charged for the extra. Squad cars were coming from two directions. An exit was coming. You accelerated toward the exit and just made it. You got a pistol out and set it on the dashboard. The squad car coming the wrong direction didn't make the turn but the other one did. You reached the handgun out the window and fired at the wheels and radiator. since it was a smooth road your shots hit. And then your car gets hard to control and slows
"Hands in the air! Drop the gun! Get out of the cars without any sudden moves!" yelled one of the cops.
You realized that you were on a hill and one good shove would send your car into the cop car. As you get out you kick it and drop so that the gunshots miss. One cop drop their gun as they leap away from the oncoming car. You pick up your gun and the other cop drops his when you tell him to. You exchange clothes with one of the cops and throw him in the back of the squad car. You put the other cop in the convertible with a half bottle of vodka.
You then drive off in the police car. Half-way from the Mexican border to Las Vegas you realize what you forgot in the old convertible. The cooler. The cooler worth thousands of dollars. You do a U-turn on the highway to go back to the last exit a quarter of a mile away. The last drug you had is still keeping you high which helps with the insane to drive the wrong way on the highway but not with your driving. Since you're a pretty good it is a challenge but not impossible. Especially with flashing lights and a siren.
In a coastal town seven miles north of Mexico whereyou got the car you see cops all around and people searching for clues to how he died. Since they were searching they'd recognized him as a reliable cop or else they would have ignored it as a crazy drunk driver because of the vodka. You say walked casually up to me and my partner, although I think you ran, to say that that was your rental car until he stole it.
You know what I think? I think your story is BS. You probably don't have drug dealer contact to buy more to sell to me. I bet the only real part of your story was killing the cop, covering it up, and coming back for the cooler with drugs. You're a lying bas****. However if you write a confession to murdering the cop and possessing drugs I will forget the personal wrongs against me.

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