A Zombie Day in Savannah, GA

November 5, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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Act I, Scene I
(The room is small and dusty with boards over the windows. A heavy thump can be heard outside all day and night and moans are heard from windows. Three men are inside, their clothes bloodied and tattered. A skinny, broad shouldered man with a shaved head and a goatee has a broken leg and several scratches over his body. A bit larger man with dark, tan skin and dark brown wavy hair carries a bloodied and battered up piece of wood. A larger man, with broad shoulders and pale skin with long hair, pulled back carries a rifle, running low on ammo. A woman sat with them, her hair pulled back with blood coated on her clothing and a dagger in her hand.)

I don’t still understand how did any of this happened and so quickly. We were just in our dorms the other day girls and next thing we know, we’re running downtown for our lives from these zombies! How did this even happened?

The important thing is to calm down, Makeyah. You know that as well as any of us, especially since those walking dead can hear us! We don’t need any more of them trying to take us and eat our brains.

No, but we do need to get out of here. Now. Look, we’ve been in here for several days and the zombies know that we are here by now, they can smell us. It’s a matter of time before they invade us. And also, we’ve run out of food and ammo. I know that shop in Savannah Mall carries more ammo then we need.

How do you expect to get all the way there with zombies and I’m sitting here with a broken leg?

I told you I will set it for you if you hold still long enough, idiot. I didn’t stay in college for 5 years to be a doctor for nothing.
(She grabs extra pieces of wood and rips a stained cloth that was hanging in the window to start setting Jon’s leg.)

How are we to even get out of here? The zombies are always by this d*mn factory day and night. There’s no way we can get by without a risk. And you’re talking about more than a little walk, Eric. That’s nearly a 12 hour walk to this place. How do you expect any of us to do this?

It’s not a matter of if here, it’s a must. I rather die fighting out there then being invaded in here in our sleep! There’s nothing we can lose. I’m sure you want to find your family Mez and the rest of us just want to find some civilization, besides Jon who wants to just kill the zombies. We’ll sneak out of the roof by tonight. Two of us can pick Jon up through the exit and we’ll make some kind of lift for him. There should be supplies up those stairs.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll go search this place again to see if there’s anything else we can use.
(He shrugged, like it wasn’t important)

Act I (Scene II)
(Night has fallen and they managed to set a makeshift splint for Jon’s leg. They found poles to make him crutches. They used the rest of the poles as weapons. The zombies moans could still be heard as the night fell.)

All right, Makeyah, lower Jon down with a crutch and Mez catch him and fix him on the crutches. It’s the best we can do until later. I’ll go around and deal with these zombies myself.
(He placed the pole under his shirt and spun his rifle in hand, grinning. He ran around the corner, yelling at the zombies.)

That kid is going to get himself killed if he continues to do this. Jon, brace yourself.
(He grunted as he caught Jon, his knees buckling under him. He lowered the man to his legs and gave him the crutches)

I still would want to know what caused all this. I would love to take a specimen, but there isn’t enough time. We can just hope there is still civilization in Savannah.
(She kicked at the head of a zombie, watching as it rolled off and into the river.)

There was population to start with? As far as I know this was a dead town, even for college students. There are only so many girls and drinks a guy can take.
(He grinned at his own joke, but scowled when no one laughed at him)

Not funny, Jon. Besides, I think our dear friend is done with his rampage.

At least he gets some fun.

(They walk to the front of the building to find Eric stand there, out of breathe with the metal pole in his hands. He was covered in blood, but smiling.)

Well, that was some fun. I still have my gun though. It’s more fun to whack them with a pole. I suppose we better get going before more come.
(He swung the pole and gripped his gun again. Walking ahead of the group.)

Act I Scene 3
(They walk close together with Jon in the middle. They’re silent, weapons at hand, waiting for any sounds. They walked for nearly 4 hours in silence with a few zombies around them, all dead by the time they leave.)

I wonder what it would be like to be a zombie.
(She looks up from the ground, hearing a heavy shuffle that sounded close. They ran down the hill, Jon finding it difficult to keep up.)

I think we are about to find out!
(He cocks his gun and turns around, gapping at the sight of the mass of the zombies.)

Great, we’re so f***ed!

Eric, quick. Pull Jon on your back and we’ll run on Abercorn. They can’t follow us that car.
(Eric quickly did as Mez said holding onto both Jon’s legs and his gun tightly.)

Or they can lead us into another trap.

No other way, but to find out now. Let’s go!

(They ran through the destruction of cars and buildings, bearing closer to Forsythe Park. The zombies still chased them, the smaller ones coming closer then the bigger ones. Mez kept those close off by patting them with his pole, knocking their heads off.)

Keep on going! I’ll hold them off as long as I can. I’ll meet you by the hospital!
(Makeyah looked like she was going to say something, but instead she looked in Mez’s eyes and nodded. Mez raised his pole higher, hearing his group running off.)

There’s no way you scum are taking away my friends away too.
(He charged into the zombies, swinging the pole.)

Act I Scene 5
(The group managed to run on Abrecorn, running towards Memorial Hospital. There were very little sounds of zombies, showing some signs of civilization. The hospital was torn down with cars and bodies littering the place. There were very little bodies compared to downtown)

I can’t believe he was this stupid to charge into the zombies! Why the h*ll would he do that?
(He dumped Jon on the back of an ambulance, ignoring the man’s protest)

He did it to save us. You didn’t see how close they were to us.

I couldn’t with that heavy load on my back!
(He glared at Jon who was rubbing his leg)

Hey! I didn’t ask to break my d*mn leg! You know if I could, I would still fight these zombies!

(Rolled her eyes and sat down on an overturned tire, playing with the dagger.)
Well you shouldn’t have jumped from the SCAD building, you idiot. None of us asked to Parkour with you! Instead you go off to jump off the building!

It looked closer then it was. Besides you were the one telling me you wanted to learn!

(He glared at both of them, his hands tightly around his gun)
Shut up, the both of you. Before you attract any more of these living dead!
(He kicked at the tire, snarling) I HATE zombies! Everyone think it’s easy to survive, that you can just kill these beasts and go on with your life. No, you don’t know what you lose until it’s GONE!

We all know what we’ve lost and what we are losing.
(She looked over, past the bushes)
I hear something.

(Eric looked up and Jon bit his lips to stop the painful moans. Makeyah stood up, gripping her dagger. She screamed and jumped back as figure shot out of the bushes. Eric threw her back and aimed his gun at the fallen figure)

Don’t shoot, you idiot! That’s Mez!

(Eric still raised his gun, edging closer to the body. He let out a soft sigh of relief, seeing that it was Mez, fallen and bloody. He looked okay, just covered in blood. He placed his gun up, pulling Mez up.)

We better keep going. I killed as many as I can, but more kept coming. We’re still hours away.
(He wiped the pole on his pants and smiled softly)
Jon, you can walk now. As far as I know and as far as we see, there aren’t any zombies.

As far as we know.

Act I Scene 4
(They walked on down the road, listening for any sounds of the undead. As they came up to several run down stores, they spotted a limo, dented, but still in good use. They found that it has enough gas to last them to their destination. They placed Jon in the back and they crowded around him with Eric driving.)

Guys, we’re here. Mez stay with Jon, me and Makeyah will scout the area.

Great... This should be fun.
(Both of them quickly ran out of the limo, looking around for any signs of zombies. They quickly scouted the area, finding no signs of zombies, but more signs of civilization. With an agreement that there were no zombies around them for now, they quickly got the others out of the limo.)

There are no signs of zombies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be careless. I’ll stand out guard here. Mez, Makeyah, you go inside and get what we need. Jon go with them, but rest. You look like you are about to vomit.

(They all quickly ran inside, Makeyah and Mez quickly grabbing what they need. Makeyah stopped by a section of a wall, noting the blood and engravings on it.)

We might not be alone.

(He looked up from holding another rifle to him and picking up a crossbow)
What do you mean?

Look here, there are marks on here. They look like they were done only days ago.

That’s just blood, Makeyah! Someone was eaten here! It means nothing! Doctors! Always thinking there is something wrong when there isn’t!

(She picked up the bloody pole off of the floor and swung it at Jon’s other leg. She smirked as he fell down, screaming in pain.) There. Now you have something to whine about!
(She turned to Mez, accepting another gun from him, holding it close) You see it don’t you?

(He looked closer at the markings, seeing that it was shaped like a cross and the word St. was under it)
I do…it seems so similar. But we don’t have time to figure out riddles. Pick the pathetic fool off of the ground and we’ll go see if they have food.

(She dragged Jon up, throwing him his crutches before turning back to the markings one last time. She stared at them hard, knowing that it seemed filmier.)
Wait, Mez…I think I know what it means. You know the hospital near here?

Of course, St. Joseph, I’ve been there plenty of times. Why do you ask?

I think this is what that means. That there might be civil-
(She stopped talking, hearing a heavy scream from behind them)

(Eric ran at them, catching two fully loaded guns Mez threw at him. He was pale and panting.

Zombies, a huge hoard of them. Get out of here now. I’ll hold them off as much as I can.

(They ran out of there, Jon last. Mez was just at the door when Jon fell over a piece of board, landing hard on his side. Makeyah franticly tried to pick him up. She looked past Jon for a moment and let out a small moan of horror as she saw the hoard of zombies, all clawing and running towards Eric. She watched in horror as they surrounded him and he fell down, screaming, yet with laughter)

Oh, h*ll no! Makeyah, take Jon. Go to Spencer’s and wait for me in the back.
(He shoved Makeyah and Jon ahead of him, running to Eric.)

Act I Scene 6

(Eric died a horrible and bloody death. The group decided to leave his body there until the zombies left. With Makeyah’s hunch. They started to walk towards St. Joseph hospital, all of them depressed and even more exhausted. Mez, keeping his hand wrapped up from one of the zombie’s biting him)

There has to be a cure. There has to be one.
(She glanced nervously at Mez; as if afraid he would turn to a zombie.)

You know it takes at least a week for the virus to fully take over. We have time.
(He smiled nervously)

There isn’t one. There never is one! You know that, we all know that. We don’t even know what caused this virus!
(He limped after them, having lost his crutches to the zombies.)

Actually, since the virus has started, I’ve been thinking of that for a while. Even before the virus struck. I researched it for a while and I think many doctors will agree with me.
(She was silent, looking into the bushes as they crossed another empty, silent street)

Well? Are you going to tell us or not?

Oh, yes. Sorry. The zombie virus still dates back to the medieval times, the living dead. Do you remember the Black Plaque? How the rats carried it over on ships? Well that’s the same thing here, with the zombie virus. We still have the Plaque, but it isn’t nearly that severe thanks to modern medicine. It took centauries for it to develop like this, and it stuck Savannah so bad since we are on the water.
(She glanced back at them, noting that the sun was starting to rise)

Makes sense. This Plaque, is there a cure for it?

Not yet. If we make it to St. Joseph’s by dawn, I can guarantee you a cure by the next day.

Act I Scene 7
(They kept in silence again, running to the hospital. Once near the hospital, they saw that several tanks and other military vehicles were by it. The windows were boarded up and the doors were locked. They banged on the doors, but no one came. Mez took his gun and beat against the window until it broke. They managed to get through the window, calling out to others)

I swore that the hint was pointing to here. It seems to make sense.
(She glanced back at Mez and saw that the wound had started to bleed through the cloth)
We have to get you help soon… Or if I can find you supplies.

(He smiled softly as he swung a door open for the stairs)
It’s okay. I’ll last. Let’s check to see if they’re up stairs.
(They ran up the stairs, having to drag Jon behind them. On the 7th floor, near the back they heard soft muttering. Makeyah took her gun and banged on the walls, creating noise)

Hello? Is anyone here? We’re injured and tired and our friend has been bitten.
(A doctor came out, one Makeyah worked with before came out of the rooms, looking the group over.)

Makeyah, Mez, Jon? We got word that you guys were travelling. But where’s Eric?
(He saw their faces and his face fell) Oh…he fought a brave battle then.
(He looked at Mez’s hand and Jon’s leg)
You did a good job, Makeyah. You couldn’t make a doctor more proud with your friend’s legs. But your friend here, Mez, we can’t do anything. We have tried so hard, but there seems to be no cure for this virus. I’m sorry; he won’t be able to join us in rejoining civilization in New Orleans. He’ll turn by the end of the week.

Wait, he will be able to join us. There is a cure and I know it. Just give me time, a day. Give me your best doctors and have them come with me to the lab. Mez, I’ll need your blood. Have someone set Jon’s leg.
(She grabbed Mez and ran off through the doors, a smile on her face.)

Well then, she is one of my brightest students. Come, sir, we’ll set your leg and then you can join the Resistance.

(By the end of the night, Mez was resting in a room with Jon. Makeyah had taken a large sample of his blood and demanded that her friends ate and rested before going back out to clear the area with the military. Makeyah, herself was working on a cure, even if it took all night. They were told that the military was aware of the situation and was working on a way of getting everyone who was still alive into New Orleans by the end of the week. The dead would be burned and the ashes scattered around Savannah. The zombies’ population started to decrease as Mez and Jon-even from a wheelchair- were fighting with the rest of the population.)

(By the end of the week, Mez had heard the news that his family was still alive and well in New Orleans. Jon’s leg was healing quickly and he was able to fight the zombies around Savannah. Makeyah had found a cure for the virus and was promised a role in the hospital when things got better. The military promised by that Monday, they would be in New Orleans with their own family. The zombie’s population was dyeing down quickly and their bodies was burned and scattered. Some families were able to get to their homes and their dead. They buried their dead with the best of the ability and save what they could from the homes. Savannah was starting to work on repopulating the town)

The author's comments:
This is a script I had to do for Drama.

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