November 13, 2011
By Randomreality13 SILVER, Havre De Grace, Maryland
Randomreality13 SILVER, Havre De Grace, Maryland
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"If it doesnt kill you it makes you stronger"
"I am me and no one will change me"

The man walked into the prison with his head lowered. This man didn’t feel guilty for his crime. He did it because he wanted to. He had that entire buildings blood on his hands and it made his mouth water with delight that so many had been sent to a better place. . .so had this man in his opinion. He was in a place that he would rule soon and they would learn to bow to him and fear him or never leave his kingdom. But he would give them mercy and let them leave because human life was meaningful. NO HE WOULDN’T! NONE WILL LEAVE HIS KINGDOM! Just like those people in that building they hadn’t left as the walls crumbled around them. But he had tried to open the doors to freedom at one point and let them out but didn’t at the last second. He was taken to his new home and they even closed the door for him. They were so nice to do that for him. Maybe they’d die quicker than the rest. Maybe they can just leave for their kindness. NO THEY WILL DIE!

A week passed in the man’s new kingdom as he planned on how to take over and finally he decided to let it loose. All that we people had asked him things that sounded like another language for all he cared. The man walked into the middle of the dining room, the biggest room in his new kingdom, and yelled out.

“Hello, my new victims! The first 25 that bow before me may have the honor of being my servants till it is there turn to die.”

Every single prisoner came to their feet and with death in their eyes ran at him with any weapon they could find at that very moment. The man laughed like he had lost his mind all over again and let them come to him.

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