Sweet Victory

October 30, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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The muggy air made Rosie’s hair and shirt cling to her skin. For the hundreth time, she sighed heavily and pulled the shirt off of her skin, trying to calm and cool herself down. It must be the room, she thought with another sigh. She paced her small room, looking out the, open window. It was a dark, hot night with the clouds covering the sky. Or the fact I live in Georgia and the humitidy kills me. She started to pace the room again, worried. She looked at her phone, wondering when he would call. She sat back down on the bed, her arms wrapped around herself. She found herself staring out the window, looking at the moon. It’s full tonight. Just like the night we met, one month ago. Her eyes closed, the heat making her a bit sleepy as she fell back into memories.

She staid in a single-bedroom aparment, often sharing it with her only friend, Jazzy whom slept on the couch. She worked hard at her job, pulling extra shifts to pay for college. If she wasn’t working or at home, she was found in the late-night library on campus, studying. It was long past midnight, the Witches Hour she liked to call it. She was still up, the only person still awake in the building, studying. She had a test the next day and needed to pass. Her nose was buried in a book, her notepad right beside her. That’s when she heard it, heard him. A slight shifting noise was before her, making her look over the book. Sharp, bright green eyes met her own, making her gap. She tried to look away, but his gaze was holding her in place. It seemed like hours later, he finally broke the gaze and smiled. She blushed, hard and looking at him, trying to avoide his eyes. Blond, curly hair fell to his broad, strong shoulders. Light tan skin that seemed to glow in the light. A strong, heartshaped face with that devilish smile. Tall, strong body, wonderful body. He wore ripped up blue jeans that hugged his legs and a black dressshirt that hugged his form. And of course, those eyes. She manage to meet his gaze again and he flashed another smile at her. She fumbled with her notepad and books, pushing them into her bag. She knew he watched her as she picked up the bag and quickly walked out of the library. She could have sworn that he whispered a ‘Hello’ to her as she walked out. She quickly walked home, sticking away from the shadows. She knew no one was following her, but she often glanced behind her, expecting his shadowy figure. Once home, she woke up, Jazzy who past out with her notes all over the floor. ‘What’s up, chick? You look like you’ve seen your mother’s ghost.’ Jazzy said this to her as she sat up, looking over Rosie before she started to pick up her notes. Rosie had set her bag down on the table, starting to pace again. She knew she often paced when she was upset or worried, but right now she was deep in thought. Jazzy will understand, she’s my closetest friend, but still I worry. This guy! I don’t even know his name or anything of him, but yet my heartbeats from him. ‘Girl, speak up or I’m going back to sleep,’ warned Jazzy, smiling. Sighing heavily, kneeling down in front of her bestfriend, she told her everything that happened.

And after that night you were in my every waking thought, every dream. The more I dreamt of you, the more I thought of you, I wanted you. As well as after that, I took less classes, less hours of working and spent more time in the library and the park to just get a glimps of you. And it worked. I think the first time I saw you, I fell for you, she thought with a sly smile, And then…I started to learn about you. You talked to me, your voice intriguing and interesting. I followed every word, gaining deeper into the story, deeper into you. Then…weeks after my first sight of you, you kissed me. Oh, Kovu I love you. She jumped at the sound of her phone ringing, making her heartbeat. She quickly picked it up, seeing it was Jazzy. Of course, it’s too early for him. “Hey, Jazzy. What’s up? Don’t you have class?” she asked, sitting back onto the comfortable bed. ‘Rosie, Rosie! You've got to come to the library! Quick!” yelled Jazzy into the phone, frantic. Rosie sat up, heart beating heavily. “Why Jazzy? Are you ok?” she whispered, her heart beating with worry. “Wha-no! Rose, come now! I’m sorry, so sorry.” She sounded like she was crying when she hung up. Rosie quickly threw on her shoes, tearing out of the house. She slammed and locked the door close, tucking her key under her shirt on the silver chain around her neck.

She ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the library. The beaten path was worn out, but the journey seemed so long. She prayed for whatever reason that Jazzy was okay, that she was alive. Her thoughts turned to Kovu as she skid along the rocks, her shoes making her slide in the dark green grass. She remembered the times they would lay there, kissing and looking at the stars. Somehow this gave her hope as she looked ahead. Almost there, almost there. Jazzy has to be safe, she has to be okay. She broke into a heavy run, slipping on the wet dew. There was no light shining in the library, meaning it was close. No figure was outside of it. None that I can make out, she thought in the back of her mind. She ran to the door, trying to push it open. Locked from the outside in. No one is inside anyway. I have to find Jazzy, she seemed upset. She called Jazzy’s phone, but it went straight to voicemail. Crap, her phone is dead. Her mind returned to Kovu, making her body shiver. “I knew you’re mind will always return to me. It always does,” she heard his voice behind him. A deep, rough accent of some strange land. She smiled, turning around to see Kovu behind her. He appeared from the shadows, his eyes glowing. “Ever since I first laid my eyes on you,” she whispered, slowly moving to him. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist. Kovu, my lo-Jazzy! Wait. What about Jazzy? She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She saw Kovu watched her, his eyes on her. “Kovu, have you seen Jazzy? She called me, crying.” Kovu only smiled and pulled her closer, the smile turning into a grin. “Why yes. I have. Would you care to see her?” His voice was nothing, but a purr. She nodded, finding herself lost for words. “Very well then. Do not judge upon what you see now, Rose.” She shivered at his words, lost in his voice. He smiled at her, nodding at the deed that was starting.

He led her away from the library and the campus, deeper into the woods and mountains that surrounded them. She followed his voice, following his body. She was lost into him again. He smiled at her often, looking her over. She thoughts nothing of it, used to his ways by now. When the ground grew too steep for Rosie to walk upright, he carefully picked her up and carried her to the mountains. Within the next hour, they reached a small cave, hidden behind some hills and trees. It seems like a good place for one to hide, thought Rosie, slowly coming to her senses. Kovu placed her down at the base of the cave, telling her to stay there. She watched him walk away, looking around at her surroundings. She picked at her shirt, feeling the humitdy press down on her again. She was about to step deeper into the cave when she heard a small, frightening scream deep in the cave. “Kovu!” she screamed, finding herself afraid. She heard a slight shift behind her, seeing Kovu standing there. “But-I didn’t see you-how?” she asked, finding herself confused. He looked at her, trying to meet her eyes, but for some reason she refused to. “No, of course you didn't. You asked about your friend Jazzy, yes?”-she nodded, still looking down-“Well then, why don’t we go see her?” He took her hand, walking her into the cave slowly. “She’s here?! In the cave? Why?” Her voice was pitched now, making an echo. He looked at her, a shy of alarm in his eyes. “Calm down, dear Rose. She’s here, she’s safe.” His voice was calming, but it somehow left the sentence unfinished. She took a deep breathe, trying to calm down. “Okay, okay. Fine. Just take me to her.” He grinned now, picking her up again. He walked with a purpose now, a purpose Rosie couldn’t see.

When they reached the back of the cave, Kovu had set Rosie down, looking at her. “Stay here,” he whispered to her, “Jazzy! Come forth, girl. Yes, that’s it. Like a good girl.” Rosie’s breathe caught in her throat as she watched the figure in the back limp towards them. It was moving slowly to them, as if it was in pain. When the figure finally came into the moonlight, Rosie gasped. She ran to her friend, hugging her and crying. Jazzy was covered in bruises and scratches. Her black, curly hair was pulled into a bun, but it was messy and full of twigs and leaves. Her pale skin held numerous bruises and scratches as if she put up a fight. Her eyes were black, once full of life, but now they were dull, holding no life, no hope. Her skinny body, looked weaker then before as if she wasn’t properly fed for many days. Her usual outfit of a firly black skirt and a bright, hot pink shirt was ripped up. This can’t be right. I haven't seen her since…last week when she called me to say that she’ll be at her boyfriend’s house to care for his sick mother. “Jazzy! Oh, Jazzy! What happened?” she asked, her tears running down her face. Jazzy didn’t even look at her or hug her, her arms hanging down by her side. She simply stared at Kovu. “That’s useless, Rose. Your questions won’t be answered. In fact, she won’t do anything you say.” Kovu growled this, making Rosie shiver. She heard him, but didn’t understand, shaking Jazzy still. “Jazzy. Come on, we have to get out of here. I’ll take you home, we can patch you up.” She tried to talk to Jazzy, but all she did was stare at Kovu. “Stupid girl. She won’t do anything you say. She listens to only me!” She turned around, looking at Kovu. “What do you mean Kovu?” He only smiled, his eyes gleaming with lust. He snapped his fingers, laughing a deep laugh. Rosie found herself being pressed into the wall, her throat gripped by Jazzy. She started to struggle, gasping for air. “Now, now Jazzy. You know that if you kill her, there will be nothing to drink.” Kovu laughed again, grinning.

Jazzy loosed her grip a bit, enough for Rosie to breathe. “What have you done to her?” screamed Rosie, sputtering. Kovu slowly walked up to her, his walk reminding Rosie of a panther on the prowl. “I’ve done nothing, but by my nature, Rosie,” he said, peering at her, grinning, “She found out what I was before you did. She was going to tell you, but I got to her. Now she’s mine. She’s nothing, but dead.” Rosie screamed, struggling harder against Jazzy. “Now, now that won’t do anything. I’m surprised you didn’t see it before her. I mean, Rose the facts were out there! I guess once stupid, always stupid, eh?” He laughed, walking around her. The moonlight was pouring deeper into the cave, lighing it up. She looked at Kovu, still struggling against Jazzy. He was walking around her, looking her over. I’m something to eat! He’s going to kill me. “I might,” he said suddenly, looking at her, “Yes, yes I can read your thoughts. Some things of what legend spoke of was true.” She stared at him, trying to get out of the hold. “Legends?” she sputtered, gasping for air. She was becoming hotter and weaker. Yet, she refused to give up. “Yes, legends.”-he turned around to look in her eyes-“You know that we die by the sun or fire, that garlic repels us, cruxifixes may save you from us, that we can turn into bats or fog? Old silly things that make mortals feel safe. Now what is true…fire and the sun may kill us, cursed beings we are. We are faster, stronger and have senses beyong mortal’s capablity. Pure silver may burn us. We can read minds of our kind and mortals. And of course, the oldest one…blood is what we hunger for!” He laughed his cruel laugh, making her shiver again. “Vampire! You’re-vampire!” He smiled, his fangs suddenly showing. “Now the stupid b**** catches on!” He laughed again, the sound of pure evil, of lust.

The minuets slowly passed and Rosie stopped struggling, finding it useless. She didn’t know how long it was until the sunrise, but she had to stall until the sunrise. “Wha-happen-Jazzy?” she managed to get out, still trying to breathe. Kovu was staring at the moon, suddenly turning to her. “Oh, her? I had her call you that night, telling you that she was at her boyfriends. I acted as her friend, telling her that we needed to talk about you. She thought you might have gone back on your habits of drinking. I brainwashed her-yes, as I do you-and brought her here. I hungered deeply, I wanted her blood. I didn’t drain her, but drank as much as the healthy amount for her to live. She tried to fight every night that I did this, but lost. When I finally drained her of every last amount of blood, she became like this. It’s a zombie state meaning that I put very little of my blood into her. She’s my tool now and she’s quite useful,” he said, smiling. He seems quite proud of himself now. Kovu smiled, nodding. “I am actually. Now…the moon is in the right position.” His attention turned to the mood and he smiled, letting out a laugh. He stretched, still laughing. He snapped his fingers and Jazzy dropped Rosie onto the ground. Rosie quickly stood up and ran to the mouth of the cave, gasping and sputtering. She rubbed her bruised throat stumbling as she ran. Kovu was suddenly there, slamming her onto the wall. “I can’t have my meal running away now can I?” He said this with a sick grin. Jazzy slowly walked to them, the zombie state terrfying. “I thought you loved me, Kovu! All this time…you wanted my blood.” Kovu grinned, kissing her throat. “It’s a sick game I love to play, yes. The outcome is so delicous! My victims never win.”-he glanced at the moon-“I can feed once a month and live, I don’t need to feed every day. Your friend here was just a small snack compared to you. You see, Rose…I love girl’s blood. It’s so tempting, so delicous! I can feed on guys, but they are not so fun to play with as you girls are. I make my victims fall in love with me, often by brainwashing, but you required so little. I play with them, feeding from them once to just taste them. And you, my dear tasted so good! I play the game until the full moon and then I lure them alone and feed until I have drained every last drop. It’s a fun game, Rose.” He turned to Jazzy, smiling. “What of Jazzy?” she asked, trembling. I love Jazzy to death, but she is as good as gone. She’s nothing, but a damnless soul. Just like Kovu! I was a fool to fall for him, to not heed the librarians warning! “Yes, you should have, but you refuse to listen to anyone, Rosie. Not even yourself.”-he placed one hand on Rosie’s chest to hold her in place-“You’re right, though. I can’t have Jazzy here anymore. She’ll be nothing, but a bother.” Rosie watched in horror as Kovu struck Jazzy in the chest. She made no sound, but opened her mouth as if in pain and fell over, dead. She was my friend, my only friend. Even though his monster got to her before I could save her. Kovu chuckled, watching Rosie’s reaction. “Vital point. It’s quite usful when dealing with those so-called vampire hunters.”-he grinned, looking back at Rosie-“Now, where were we?”

The seconds trickle down as Kovu slowly moved to her neck, first kissing her lips. He forced past the weak, mortal guard in her mind and wrapped his around hers. Do not speak or you will ruin this wonderful process. You are full of fear, fear of death. But don’t worry you will see your little friend Jazzy in no time, he said, deep in her mind. He chuckled and forced her head to the side, his fangs at full extent now. They glittered in the full moon light, making Rosie shiver. She wanted to close her eyes and forget everything that happend. She wished against all hope that she never met Kovu, that she had listened to what everyone had told her. Too late for that now, deary, he said in her mind again. She forced her eyes closed, praying that it would end soon. Within a matter of seconds she heard Kovu’s scream of pain and felt herself being gripped tighter. “You-b****!” he screamed at her, his mind ripping from her own. He tore the chain off of her neck, leaving a burned mark onto his hand. He flung it across the cave, having it hang near the mouth. “I was going to be gentle, having you filled with pleasure instead of pain, but I change my mind,” he snarled at her. He bit into her neck, breaking the skin. She screamed from the terrible pain that he forced into her mind. She tried to struggle, but he was stronger then her, stronger then she could ever be. Stupid little girl, he forced into her mind. He drained her blood and with each minute that passed she found herself weaker and weaker. Her eyes closed and the pain was started to dull. It’s almost over, almost over, she thought struggling to keep her eyes closed. She was becoming drowsy and hot. She felt her body being tossed down, her head rolling. She slowly opened her eyes, finding Kovu above her, smiling. She smiled back, closing her eyes as the world slowly faded and her heart struggled to beat. Good bye, my dear Rosie, you were a sweet, sweet victory.

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