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October 30, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

The cold, silver tipped bolt brushed the back of my neck as I stood in line. Again, I adjusted my jacket to cover any hint of the crossbow. The line moved again and I looked up, closer to the door. I glanced down at my carefully planned outfit, to fit in with them. Black, laced corset hid the several, pure silver blades strapped to my forearm. Tight, black, short skirt hid the blades strapped to my thighs. A leather cord around my neck held the vial of Holy Water, I obtained days ago. My blades were blessed by the same priest that gave me the Holy Water. This time I was ready to kill these vile creatures.

The guard at the door looked me over several times before nodding. He met my eyes before gently brushing my shoulder as he opened the door. Once the door is closed behind me, I am on my own. None will protect me once inside. The door opened and the techno beat could be heard now. I slipped inside, the door slammed shut behind me. I heard the lock slide in place as I moved to the bar. Now none can enter or leave. This leaves me exactly one hour to do what I must. My time starts now.

Easily as I could I slipped in and out of the crowd and into the bar. The strobe-lights made it easy to spot those who I wanted. The bartender nodded to me as he handed me my drink. He left me alone then, eyes on some girl. He wasn’t the one I wanted.

A few minutes past and I finished my drink. I knew this wouldn’t be simple, that he wouldn’t be at the bar. I would have to play his game of search. And win it. With a sly smile, I slipped off the seat and into the dancing crowd.

My hour was nearly half gone and I worried that my time was wasted until I felt cold hands on my waist. A chill was around me and I smiled softly. My time wasn’t wasted after all… We danced for a few before he whispered that invite in my ear. We danced our way upstairs and into a room.

His back was to me as he slipped his layers of clothing off. At least this one looked decent… Silently as I could, I slipped my already loaded crossbow out. I aimed it at his ribcage and fired. The bolt buried itself deep in his ribs and he howled with pain. His howl nearly shattered my ears and I hoped those that could hear it would think that he reached his climax rather then in pain. I quickly loaded and aimed again. Before I could fire, the crossbow flew from my hand and he was on top of me, in deep rage. This time, I could be the one dead.

His hand clenched around my throat, cutting off my breath. I didn’t struggle or gasp, knowing I would need the energy for later. He pulled out his own, ivory blade and ran it along my wrist and throat-he didn’t cut, yet. It was cold and no matter how much self-control I had, I trembled at the touch. He seemed to smirk as he made a small cut on my wrist and let the blood seep out. Still holding me down, he tasted my blood. I trembled at his touch.

Soon he pulled away, blood on his lips. A tease of his meal. He pressed into me and let his grasp of my neck go. He forcefully turned my head to the side and bit into my neck. I would be his last meal!

He drank from me for a few more seconds before he emitted a painful sound. He hunched over and I pushed him away. He fell over, my silver blade embittered from his chest. But it wasn’t deep enough. I quickly moved from him and grabbed my crossbow. He started to come at me again, slower from the wound now. I aimed and fired as quickly as I could. He fell over, bolt in his chest. I loaded it again and walked to his trembling, bleeding body. I fired again into his chest and he embedded a painful moan. Why won’t he die? Is he this determined, this stuck on earth to die?!

I quickly gathered my blades and bolts. I uncorked the Holy Water and poured it over his body. I then turned away from the acid-burning body to rip the clothing he had taken of earlier. I used a few scraps to wrap up my wounds. The smell of acid was in the air, making me sick. I softly whispered a Latin prayer for his damned soul.

I knelt down by the dead body and using the bloodied knife of his, I cut open his skin and caught what blood was left in the Holy Water vial. Another one for my collection. I stood up and sheathed his blade while unsheathing mine. I stabbed it into his chest, leaving. They will know who I am.

I walked out of the dancing club and out into the brisk, cold air. None spoke to me, none looked at me. But I looked at them and wondered who of them will be after me next. Whoever it will be, I wouldn’t care. I was ready this time, I will be ready then. I was able to kill him and I will kill many others like him. I was ready to kill for my sister’s revenge!

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