The Room

October 22, 2011
By pennytime101 BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
pennytime101 BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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The single light in the room grossly magnifies the shadows of the curtains and the slightest wind from the dark outside cause the shadows to dance across the room. The room is large and packed with dark heavy furniture coated with dust from underuse. The shades are pulled and only the single lamp dares flicker feebly. The only person is the room is a small baby who cries as the shadows creep. A man in a black coat enters, his presence intense and domineering. He searches the room, picking up a small bow before bending over and scooping up the baby.

The curtains are drawn and lights turned on by dainty gloves. The furniture is brushed off and a large brown trunk is laid on the floor. A dress too pretty for such tasks, drops to the dirty floor, searching. A portly figure enters the room, twisting her uniform skirt in anguish. This new presence is shoved aside by a man who grabs the slim women from the ground. He holds her in his arms as she cries but his gaze is fixed on the wall blank and unquestioning.

The room is spotless, clean and perfect, everything in place. A lone figure looks out of place, a woman with a tattered dress and drawn features. She sits in the rocking chair by the window and looks out to the world. Wind blows in and the curtains movement knocks a small bear from his place. She looks down suddenly and picks up the bear willing him to be safe once more. She places him back on his shelf and resumes her spot in the chair.

The room is empty, in transit as the last of the old furniture is carried out. A woman enters, in a clean simple dress gazing about the room as if expecting to see something that wasn’t there. A tall man enters and crosses to the woman. He points to different spots as new furniture is carried into the room. The woman sits, closes her eyes, and the man walks out for a brief minute before coming back in. He hands her a small bear and she holds him gently. She takes the bear and puts him on the shelf, where he belongs.

The room is busy, filled with gentlemen. One small fellow sits beside the widow, another jolly in the corner smoking, and one more on the sofa all gazing at the two standing men. Each a powerful presence and each with stern expressions. One holds up a paper pointing. He reads it smug. The other man, more intense than the other, looks angry and worried. There is a knock at the door and an officer of the law comes in. He glances and the paper and looks up questioning the intense man. He points to the jolly man’s cigar and then to the paper. The intense man turns out his pockets and hand the officer a small card, which is examined. The officer grabs the mans arm and leads him out leaving the other men aghast.

The room is calm, a woman and a man sitting across from each other, both peaceful. An officer is let in and shakes their hands. He shows them pictures of an intense looking man. He has several more pictures of a house, a room filled with cigars and of a baby. The man and woman’s eyes widen as they look at the photos each shown to them in turn. When the picture of the baby is shown, they start to cry and look up onto the shelf where a bear lays.

The room is happy; a small child sits happily on a woman’s lap bouncing. A man sits across from them, peeking over the top of his newspaper. The wind blows in ruffling the newspaper and sending the child into fits of laughter. The child looks up and points to a bear on a shelf. The woman obliges and hand the bear to the little girl. Before picking the child back up, the woman reaches into her pocket and fastens a bow onto the bear.

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