The Darkyn

October 14, 2011
I smelled the blood pulsing throght her viens, as I followed her out of the theater. I couldn't stop myself from imagining her warm fresh blood streaming into my mouth.Just the thought of it made my fangs shot out.
I have been watching this young woman for a solid month. Just waiting for a perfect moment to catch her.ALONE! Her name is Minerva Rae Nix. She is currently a freshman in college. Her major is acient history. She drives a Ducati Monster. Her favorite band is Bulet For My Valentine. Her favorite color is sapphre. The girl was very dull, but for some odd reasonmy enemies wanted her. But why? What was so special about her?
"Excuse me.Why are you following me?" Came a voice.
Damn! She caught me. "I have noticed you following me everyday for the past week.Why?"
Oh.She was good."Well let's just say....I need you." More ways than she could count! I haven't fed in about four, starving ,days.
"What do you need me for?" She was getting scared. I could practically feel her heart beat, as if it were my own.
"Sweet-heart, I really don't think your in the positiont ask questions. Your coming with me wehter you like it or not." I gave her a cocky smile. The fear was radiating off of her body. I could smell it already. I could already tell she was a screamer! I grabbed her jaw and squezzed it. " Listen here girlie.I've been through HELL and back trying to find you. And now that I've got you, I'm not letting you go. You are coming with me. If you so much as scream, I will snap your little nack and drain your body of it's viatl essence.Don't f*** with me!Got it!" I said it all through clenched teeth.
"Y-Yes." She started to sob.
"Mmm.Good girl.You will do exactly as I say.Do you see that black Lamborgini over there," she nodded, "good.We are gonna walk over there arm-in-arm, as if we were old friends. I want you to go to the passenger side and get in, when we reach the car." She nodded again."good.Now let's go."

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