October 14, 2011
By angiebabyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Their mission is simple. Stay alive and stay hidden.
A black van sits in a parking lot on the base ground of the station. The FBI headquarters sits in the middle of a desert. This area is so hot the sun cannot even survive there. Nothing grows or lives in this area, just a road that goes one way and one way only.

Two of FBIs top trained and dangerous agents are about to go on a mission.
“Ready?” Jack asks.
“Yeah, I just have to call the nanny,” Fawn responds, pulling out her phone out.
Jack grabs the phone. “I let the nanny go.”
Fawn stares at him confused. “Why? Then who’s watching Cassie?”
Jack looks at her uncomfortable. He knew she would react like this.
“Jack!” Fawn’s voice is harsher now, “Where’s Cassie?”
“They have her,” he whispers, not making eye contact with her.
“Who? Who has her? Jack, where is our daughter?!”
“I don’t know,” Jack replies, “The director thought it would be best to put her into hiding to keep her safe.”
“Jack, you know that’s not true.”
“What?” Jack looks at her puzzled.
“Don’t you see they are going to get rid of her? They get rid of anything that stands in the way of agents and their work, especially his two top agents. They are going to get rid of her!”
“No,” Jack’s voice is harsh and does not look convinced at all, “ the director would not do that.”
“Yes they will, they-“ Fawn starts, but Jack cuts her off.
“No they won’t Fawn.”
Tears stream down Fawn’s face, “How could you?”
“I’m her father I have to protect her, no matter what.”
Fawn stares at him furiously and then jumps out of the car. Jack gets out and follows her. She’s heading toward the main entrance to the building. Their is no one out, and for some reason the desert was unnaturally cool out.
“Where are you going?”
Fawn keeps marching forward, “Going to find our daughter.”
“No, Fawn don’t do it. You will make things worst.”
“You already did Jack.”
He grabs Fawn’s arm, “Stop, I order you.”
She pushes him aside and keeps going, “FAWN!”
She stops in her tracks and listens, “If you walk away from this mission, I will have to report you and you will die.”
Fawn turns around, “No Jack, your going to die.”
Fawn pulls out a gun and pulls the trigger. The sound of the gun going off fills the air and then dims back to silence. Fawn stares at her dead husband, and the wind starts to rattle the gates and it almost seems the winds actually took a change for the worst. Fawn can not turn back, she just killed someone. She has to find her daughter. Her phone rings and she does not recognize the number.
“Well, good show my dear,” the mysterious voice had a heavy British accent.
“Who is this?”
“I actually thought you were calling a bluff, but you proved to me you can kill a man.”
“If you don’t tell me who you are I’m hanging up the phone,” Fawn could not deal with an idiot right now.
“But don’t you want to find your daughter, Fawn? I thought that’s what you wanted.”
Fawn pauses, “Alright you have my attention, what do you want?”
“You my dear. We have been watching you and we are most impressed.”
Fawn turns around looking for anyone watching her or for any cameras.
“You could do so much better than the FBI. If you work for me then I’ll give you the location of your daughter.”
Fawn becomes unsteady for a moment. This was a complete risk; she had no idea who this person was. It could be a trap and lead to her own death. He knows though where Cassie was and if her daughter lived and she died she would take this chance.
“Fine, I will do it.”
“Congrats Fawn, your now an agent of Division. I’ll text you your daughters location.” The line goes dead.
She gets a text from her new master. It reads,
You were heading to the right place before. But hurry you don’t have much time.
She grabs the gun and runs inside; bolting through the door she heads toward the elevator.
Some people try to stop her, but she punches and kicks her way through. She’s definitely an agent you do not want to mess with.
She sees a security monitor and with two gun fires the pad explodes and the door opens. She hits the button leading to the sixth floor, and the door closes as more agents try to reach her but fail.
She stands in silence, and starts to rub the blood from her lip exposing an open cut. She can feel her eye throbbing and she new it would become a bruise. She could careless; she just hopes her daughter does not take in her punishment. If she did, Fawn would eat herself alive with guilt for the rest of her life.
Fawn arrives at her destination, she marches down the hallway, gun in hand ready for anything. Her hand reaches for the door when her phone vibrates. She reads the text message from the master:
First mission: kill FBI's director
Here’s the challenge, getting out alive with her daughter. She try’s to think of an escape route when another text comes in. the message reads:
There will be a car waiting for you outside.
She puts the phone away and kicks the door open. She points the gun at the man behind the desk.
“Hands up now!” Fawn demands.
The director looks up slowly. He did not look surprise at all to see her. In fact he surprisingly looks relieved. His eyes move from her to the phone then her again.
Fawn releases a bullet the shoots pass the directors head and misses by an inch.
“Don’t even think about it.”
“I knew you would not take the news easy. Your daughter is getting in the way, she needs to go. It’s for the best. You’re my top agent Fawn; I need you to not be distracted from your work. You should have known what you were getting into, your daughters life was at risk since day one. You work for us Fawn, and we need to do what we need to do for this organization.”
He sounds as if he is trying to convince Fawn this is all her fault and she should just give up. Fawn does not move though, in fact she seems rather calm and she needs to complete her mission.
“Where’s my daughter?” Fawn says in a stern voice.
The director’s eyes move from Fawn’s face to something behind Fawn, then back to her. He does not move or say a word.
“I’m giving you until three,” Fawns finger runs against the trigger.
The director still does not move.
“1...2...” Fawn warns. The director’s eyes move again to the side and right when Fawn was ready to pull the trigger.
“Mommy?” a small angelic voice comes from behind her.
Fawn turns and tears come to her eyes.
“Cassie,” she whispers with a sigh.
She grabs Cassie into a hug and Cassie jumps into her arms. This happy reunion did not last long when Fawn heard mumbling from behind her. She turns around to sees the director on the phone calling for help.
“NO!” Fawn yells.
Fawn takes the gun and aims it at him firing off her last bullet. The director falls and does not move, Fawn waits to see any sign of life. After a moment the only two living things in the room were Fawn and Cassie.

Mission complete. The director was dead and Cassie was safe.
Fawns phone rings and it is another text from the master of Division,
First impressions are always good and you did very well. We will make a great team. I am done searching for my partner in crime. Come home now Fawn and welcome Cassie to her new life.
Fawn stares at the phone and then thinks to herself,
Yeah, but I’m still searching for who I am.

The author's comments:
thought it would be cool to write a action fiction short story.

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