Coffee from the Renegade

October 20, 2011
By s-money BRONZE, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
s-money BRONZE, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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Mr. Landers took an uninterested sip of his coffee. He failed to remember the important meeting from a few hours ago, supposedly because he had fallen asleep. This seemed unlikely considering that today was a break from the tepid misery filling his average days.

Hazily his memory met him again. Mr. Bernard, the polar opposite to Mr. Landers’ calm disposition, offered to bring him a hot cup of coffee before the meeting commenced. Strangely, but politely, he accepted his business rival’s offer. Instantly the idea lit up his mind that Mr. Bernard had frequently attempted to arrange the termination of his employment by killing him. It all made sense. The time his assistant looked menacingly different like an MMA fighter, that time Mr. Bernard “mistakenly” told him their boss wanted him to jump out the 20th story window…

Reality attacked him like his crafty rival. Simultaneously, confusing flashbacks argued with equally confusing ponderings of where he was. He lay on a sterile, barren bed instead of sitting diligently at his desk. Replacing his robust Colombian coffee was the tacky, slightly cold blend in which the nurse had mixed his medicine. Familiarly computer screen whiteness generically greeted barely green floor tiles.

“No”, Mr. Landers mumbled at last, “I can’t let you keep me here. There’s this guy I work with who’s trying to get rid of me and-“

“I know. Mr. Bernard, a.k.a. Agent 367.Welcome to the CIA Reserve Hospital, where we treat victims of agency misconduct. “

Back in the bustling accounting firm, Mr. Bernard plotted to overtake another innocent business. Just when time took the other side, he had them ready. A squadron of Mr. Bernard’s fellow agents captured his boss, refusing to set him free unless he handed over the company’s vast wealth. The renegade Agent 367 could have made his current boss his latest victim of successful monetary blackmails, but one unknown thing stood in his way.

His boss knew the whole time. He was the one who sent Mr. Landers to the hospital, with the addition of calling the police.

“The only reason I let this happen was to catch that renegade Agent 367. I knew how quickly the Reserve Hospital would respond, and I got them in on my plan as soon as I knew about Mr. Bernard”, he explained to the police. “I wanted my best employee to be safe from his evil scheme.”

After a unanimous trial at the local courthouse, Mr. Bernard was sentenced to 17 counts of kidnapping, blackmail, and attempted homicide to start his new life in prison.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this, I was inspired by something I read for school. I wanted to write something that was as good as something published.

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