Past Dreams

October 24, 2011
By Violabookworm BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
Violabookworm BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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I was running through a maze of corridors, looking for a place out. But every time it seemed that I was getting to the end, I would end up in the same place that I started from.

I could hear them coming for me, running after me, following my every move just looking for a way to capture me. I could feel them right behind me, but every time I looked, they vanished.

I tried to stay calm but I could not understand the fact that I was being hunted down just for their stupid experiments. I started to think about it more and more until the thought was so overwhelming that I had to sit down to calm myself.

I sat down, but there was no change in my emotions. I started to think about my family, but I could not recall their faces or, for that matter, anything about them.

CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP. I could hear them. They were coming. I got up and ran as fast as I could, twisting through the maze of corridors. I ran and ran until finally; I came to a dead end. CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP. The footsteps were getting louder. CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP. I could hear them advancing closer, getting ready to seize my weak and frail body and bring me back to their cruel experiment lab.

MANDY! MANDY! They were calling my name in a cold, cruel voice. I could not take it anymore. I covered my ears to block out the voices, but it was useless. MANDY! MANDY! I could hear them in my head. It was as if I was the computer and they were the hackers, trying to get inside my brain and control me.

CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP. MANDY! MANDY! They were almost here. I closed my eyes and screamed. I knew it was impossible, but maybe someone would hear me, rescue me from this torture and bring me home to the security of my family.

Suddenly everything stopped. I uncovered my ears but I kept my eyes shut. I listened and deemed it safe, for I couldn't hear their calls or footsteps.

Slowly I opened my eyes. I gasped. They were standing right in front of me.

There were about ten of them staring down at me with cold expressionless eyes. They were wearing pale white lab coats that were worn from years of use, the corners frayed, the material stained yellow and brown. On their hands were tight, rubber gloves with dried blood running down their arms from their fingers. Their feet were bare, save for their long, yellow, curled toenails. What caused the clanging footsteps, I could not guess. The worst of all was that their faces all looked the same. They had cold, deserted eyes and thin smiles upon their lips. Their skin was the color of translucent parchment, their veins prominent on their gleaming skin. Their head had a few patches of hair on it or strands like the fraying of strings. In their hands they held equipment that resembled mini saws or giant scalpels while others had specimen jars and tubes big enough to hold a rat.

Suddenly they were coming toward me, holding up their equipment smiling. They were getting closer and closer, until their putrid breath was hot on my face….

I woke up screaming, drenched in cold sweat. I was breathing so hard it felt like I just ran a marathon and my knuckles hurt from clutching the bed covers too hard. I looked around, but only saw the endless depth of darkness. Everything was clouded from my vision.

“Mandy?” I heard my name being called.

“Who's there?” I answered back in a frightened voice. I frantically turned my head every direction to identify the speaker.

“It's me. Tabitha.” replied the concerned voice.

I breathed a sigh of relief realizing who it was and most importantly, that I was safe.

“You were having nightmares again Mandy. You were tossing and turning in your bed so much I thought you were going to hurt yourself. I got out of bed and tried to calm you down but all you did was toss even more and scream.” she said in a worried voice. “I was so scared Mandy.”

“I’m sorry Tabitha. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” I replied. “It was just…” I faltered, “a nightmare. It’s nothing to worry about I promise.”

There was a pause. “Was it the same dream? About the people chasing you?” Tabitha asked in a hushed voice.

Another pause as I thought of what to reply. “Yeah, it was, but it was worse this time. It was so much more graphic.” I thought of the blood on the “doctors” hands and the cruel looking medical equipment… “Ugh.” I said shaking, as if I could just shake the feelings off of me, “I just hope that they never take you or me. I do not know what I would do if that happened.” I said almost in a hoarse whisper.

“Let’s stop talking about it. It’s giving me the creeps.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Come on let’s get some rest. After all, it is only five a.m.; we still have two hours to sleep off.” I said jesting.

“Yeah, Goodnight.” Tabitha replied back. But the way she said it made me think that we would not see the dawn of tomorrow.

The author's comments:
Just a little piece I wrote in Middle School and decided to pick it up again. Of course I revised it a little bit, but I didn't want to change too much since it means a lot to me and it was the first story that I ever wrote. Hope you enjoy it!

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This article has 2 comments.

on Oct. 30 2011 at 9:27 pm
Violabookworm BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
4 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda

Awww shucks. Thanks. :) I really appreciate it. Yes, it was my first story, but I did change a lot of wording and sentence structure in it to make it a little more presentable. It almost pained me to read it the way it was before.

on Oct. 30 2011 at 12:49 pm
Randomreality13 SILVER, Havre De Grace, Maryland
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"I am me and no one will change me"

Wow. Are you sure this was your very 1st story??? This was REALLY good :)


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