October 5, 2011
By Oliviam BRONZE, New Fairfield, Connecticut
Oliviam BRONZE, New Fairfield, Connecticut
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Emily looked anxiously out the window waiting for Danielle's mom's car to pull into the driveway. Then she saw them. Out of the corner of her eye Emily saw a silver Honda pull into the driveway. She ran as fast as she could to the door and whipped it open.
“EMILY!!!!” Danielle screamed from her moms car as she opened the door.
“DANIELLE!!,” Emily screamed still standing at the front door.
“Bye mom I'll see you tomorrow,” Danielle said as she waved her mom goodbye. They both walked inside and closed the door quickly.
“So what do you want to do,” Danielle asked when they got to Emily's room. Suddenly there was a crash.
“W-w-w-w-a what was that” Danielle said in a worried tone. Emily looked out the window only to see two men standing in her driveway one with duct tape and the other with a rock. He threw it and they heard another crash.
“Danielle I think there are people here to take us and I need you to listen to me. I need you to go hide in my closet while I go out of the room to see what's going on and if you hear me scream then you will know that they took me. They will most likely take me into the room while looking for you I will try to kick something out of the way so that you know I'm with them. At this time you will open the door and kick the one who is not holding me. Hopefully this will get the other one to let go of me and come after you. If this happens then I will grab my lacrosse stick and hit him in the head. If this doesn't work we will be taken, but I promise I will stay with you the whole time until we escape.” Danielle looked at Emily with this look of terror but she knew Emily was right so she ran and hid in the closet.

Emily ran out to get the phone but was soon grabbed, “DANIELLE HELP DANIelle.” soon her screams became muffled and then everything became silent Danielle waited in the closet waiting to hear the chair fall but it never came. Suddenly the door opened and a man was standing there and behind him was another man holding Emily with his hand over her mouth. Danielle kicked the man but the other man did not release Emily like he should of,he just threw Danielle against the wall which kept her in pain long enough for the other man to get up and grab her.
“EMILY PLEASE DO SOMETHING,BITE Hiss....” soon Danielle's screams became muffled too. The two men struggled to get the girls to the car but soon managed. The man holding Emily pulled out a gun and held it to her head.
“Tape her hands together now,” he said to Danielle and threw the tape to her. Danielle hesitated at first but when the man cocked his gun she quickly taped the hands together and while doing this she mouthed the words IM SORRY to her. The man who was holding Danielle grabbed the tape turned her around with the gun now on Danielle's head.
“Hold your hands out and stay still,” as the man said that he taped her hands together. Then when they were both restrained the men put them in their white van and taped them together leaving their mouths free.

“I'm so sorry Danielle I messed up but he had the gun to my back and I couldn't do anything but you were smart to react that way. When that man pushed you against the wall I thought you would just give up but you fought back. And by the way I did bite his hand but it didn't work.” Emily said that in a way that said that she wasn't scared at all. But she should be in the situation that they are in right now. They were in the back of a van with their hands tied and on top of all that they were literally taped together.
“Emily im really scared what do you think they're gonna do to us. I mean I've heard about people like them they hurt kids like us. They do things to girls. I mean what do you think they want. Money. Revenge. I just really don't want to die.” Danielle said and even though Emily couldn't see her face she knew that she was scared and upset.
“Danielle don't worry we're not going to die that I can promise. These people probably work for our dads and might be some of the people that got laid off but I swear I will get us out of this no matter how bad we are hurt we will live and escape.” After Emily said this they both started sobbing and didn't speak the rest of the ride.

The car stopped and the two abductors came out. The back doors opened up revealing both Danielle and Emily asleep faces wet with tears. The two men took the tape off that binded them together and each of them took one girl. They opened the door to the house and dropped the girls on the couch while they went into the kitchen and talked.
“ This is a bad idea were never going to get away with this. Just because both of their fathers are rich doesn't mean that they will pay money to get them back.”
“Don't talk like that they will pay ransom trust me after the note we left the girls mother's they will be begging to have their little angels back home safe. If the ransom doesn't come in a day we will start sending them videos and if that doesn't work we will just kill one to show how serious we are.”
“ Fine if you say so. Lets just put them downstairs but leave them untied including hands I want to see what they do.”

The men each grabbed a girl again and walked downstairs. The man holding Emily put her down gently on the floor leaving her hands tied except this time behind her back and then the man holding Danielle put her down untied her hands and laid her on the cold hard floor.

“SLAM” Danielle awoke at the sound of the door closing. She noticed that her hands were free and then she saw Emily lying there on the floor,hands tied, her dark blond hair spread across her gorgeous dirt covered face. Danielle ran over to Emily and started shaking her,” EMILY WAKE UP. EMILY WAKE UP COME ON WAKE UP!!!” Then Emily slowly opened her eyes and Danielle sighed in relief, “ I thought you were dead.” “ I told you I would never leave you but could you please untie my hands the tape is starting to hurt.” Emily said in a weak but a very much alive voice. Danielle quickly pried the tape of her wrists and immediately hugged her crying all over again.
“ Emily I know you told me not to worry but I really am scared when we were brought inside I woke up on a couch and overheard what they were saying in the kitchen. They said that if they didn't get ransom in one day they would start sending video's of them torturing us and if they didnt get it after that they would kill one of us to show how serious they were. I think that they would kill me first because I gave them the most trouble in the beginning and I really really really don't want to die.”
“ Danielle you know your dad loves you and I know that my dad loves me so why are you worrying. And if they were going to kill anyone it would be me first because we all know that your dad gets the bigger half of the company. And so what if they torture us like I said no matter how hurt we are we will escape and we will get home and we will not die.” When Emily said this she had the most serious look on her face that Danielle has ever seen.
“ Just don't leave me alone I don't care if they take you make them take me too and if they take me follow if you can I don't like this I'd rather be at your house watching a movie and what if they don't give ransom then what. We both die?” Danielle said this with a complete look of terror in her dark blue eyes. Her blackish-brownish hair had little bits of dirt and mud throughout it. Her lips quivering with fear. Suddenly her eyes filled with tears and she started bawling. She ran towards the door leading upstairs and started banging on it. “OPEN THIS DOOR! LET US GO! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!”
Then the door opened revealing the two men. The one in front pushed Danielle back down the stairs leaving her sprawled out on the floor crying out in pain. With her head bleeding the two men dragged her over to Emily and put them back to back. The taller one took their hands and taped them together while the fatter one took another roll of tape and taped them back to back.
“ Why are you doing this,” Emily said in a calm but worried voice.
The fatter one took a step forward and grabbed Emily's hair and looked her in the face, “ We're doing this because your daddy's are rich and we both need money. So I suggest you shut up or your the one to go first.”
“Leave her alone. She hasn't done anything wrong yet. My dad's richer, I'm the one who kicked you, I'm the one who heard you in the kitchen talking about what your going to do, I'm the one who was screaming at the door, and I'm the one who just escaped from the binds and is about to kick both your butt's.”Then Danielle took the tape off of them,got up, and ran full speed towards the men. She threw her foot into the air but missed and the tall one caught her foot and threw it to the ground.
“ I wouldn't of done that if I were you. See there was no money sent yet and we were hoping that we would of at least gotten a phone call by now but since we didn't I think that you know what happens yet. Conway grab Emily I got this one” As soon as he said that Conway walked up to Emily, picked her up and dragged her up the stairs and out the door. Then the one holding Danielle threw her on the ground and just looked at her. “You realize that you may have just cost you and your friend your lifes so I wouldn't do that again or,” when he said that he slid his finger across his neck. Then he grabbed her and dragged her up the stairs to where Conway and Emily were waiting.

“ Which one are we doing first Keith?” Conway said still holding on to Emily with a death grip.
“ Were going to start with Danielle because like she said her dad is richer and she told us to leave Emily alone.” Then Keith dragged Danielle to a chair set in the middle of the room with a camera in front of it. He took the tape and taped her legs to the chair and her hands behind her back. Then he ripped off a small piece and put it on her mouth. All Emily could do was stand back and watch as her friend was about to be hurt and maybe even killed. “ Conway start recording I want to get this over with.” As soon as Conway pressed the button and the went back to grab Emily Keith started circling around Danielle slapping her every time he passed her face. “ Why hasn't you daddy come to save his baby girl yet. Maybe its because he hasn't seen the note yet or maybe its because he doesn't love you like you thought he did. Maybe he cares more about his money than he does about his iwn flesh and blood.”
Danielle grunted as he punched her and kicked her but she held back tears. Emily couldn't take it anymore she got out of Conway's grip and kicked him so hard in his stomach that he was down on the ground immediately. Keith saw this and just kept hurting Danielle hoping that it would stop Emily from hurting him too, but instead Emily Grabbed the chair besides Danielle and broke it on top of Keith's head. She pulled the tape of of Danielles Mouth and then got to work on her hands and feet. When both were free she hugged Danielle while Danielle was crying her heart out.
“ Come on we have to get out of here,” Emily said grabbing the chair that Danielle was just on and hitting it over Conway's head just to make sure that he couldn't get up and stop them. Then thye ran out the front door finding out that they were just a few blocks away from Danielle's house. They ran down the street as fast as they could and just ran into the house.
“Mom are you home.....MOM!”, Danielle saw her mom and ran toward her as fast as she could.
“ What happened to you two,” she said looking at our bruised faces and bodies.
“ Emily's mom didnt get the note that they left. Mom we were taken by these two men that live just down the street from here and whe they didnt get a phone call this morning they started to beat me and and we thought they were going to kill us if they didnt get a call sooner or later.” danielle said still crying form the pain of her injurys sooner or later Emily started crying too because of her arm that may have been broken when the first got them.
“ Alright firt things first you both have to go tob the hospital beacause I dont think you guys came out fine like you said.

The author's comments:
i have written many stories but this is the first oine that i am publishing!

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