Trouble In Transylvania

October 9, 2011
By Gonzo BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
Gonzo BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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“You hear that? Something is following us,” said General Don.

“What are you talking about, General?” asked Lieutenant Rob.

The small, elite squad of Navy Seals continued cautiously as they entered a large cathedral. They were in communist Transylvania, Romania searching for a notorious communist leader by the name of Vladimir Lenin IV, the great grandson of the infamous Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was the first to establish communism in Russia and at the end of World War II communist forces had seized the whole eastern half of Europe until 1991. In the year 2014, communism was on the rise again. Russia had been taken in a bloody revolt and soon many eastern countries began to fall as well. Romania fell to communism in 2012, after a peaceful takeover without bloodshed. The people lived in fear each day, afraid of what the new and improved SECOND Red Army might do to them. American spies had obtained Intel, which mentioned Lenin IV’s trip to Transylvania with the purpose of meeting with an important Romanian official.

The Seals proceeded into the cathedral and saw it was dead empty. As they walked around, the beauty of the structure captivated three of the men. General Don was unfazed and focused on his one goal of killing this guy then getting the heck out of this communist wasteland. He suddenly heard something outside and told his men to take cover. Everyone ducked behind the pews and waited as the doors were kicked open. Lenin IV, with his entourage of personal bodyguards who were carrying machine guns, entered the cathedral and began walking down the aisle.

“That storm outside is brutal,” began Lenin IV in his poor English accent. “We will wait in here till it passes.”

“But sir, what about your meeting?” said a bodyguard.

“I am head of Communist Empire, I think being late for meeting with insignificant official is okay,” barked Lenin IV to the guard.

General Don signaled to the rest of his squadron and they all received his message. Before Lenin IV could take another step, the four Navy Seals sprang up from their hiding spots and blasted him with machine gun fire. Not only was Lenin IV hit, but his bodyguards as well. The communist psychopath was killed and the Seals cheered.

“Now we can get out of this forsaken place,” said Don with a grin.

When the general called for a helicopter pick up, he was told it could not happen because the weather was too bad. He and his crew were advised to wait it out till the morning. With no other options, the Seals set up camp in the cathedral. Every Seal but Don was at ease. They had exterminated their target but he felt an eerie aura coming from the cathedral and Transylvania itself. Finally, when he heard a screech outside, he said to his men, “Do you guys believe in ghosts?”

Immediately they all started pointing and laughing at him.

“That’s a good one General,” said Rob. “No, I don’t believe in ghosts.”

“Why not?”

“Because we are Navy Seals. We are trained not to fear ANYTHING.”

“But don’t you get a spooky vibe from this place?”

“Oh heck yeah I do! I’ve seen the movie Van Helsing and heard the folklore! Some strange stuff goes down in this place, I’m telling you.”

“I agree with that,” said Admiral George. “I saw a guy digging a grave with a shovel a few nights ago. The dude was the sketchiest guy ever! He had some type of mask and a top hat on. And his skin appeared to be almost grey! There are some strange folks around here!”

“I didn’t want to alarm you guys. I just wanted to warn you all.”

“Of what?” asked Rob.

“I don’t know. Just be alert. Now good night!”

General Don got into his sleeping bag and started to drift off to sleep. The other three were left awake and concerned that Transylvania might be haunted as stereotyped.

“We have to get out of here!” said George to the other three in a whisper.

“We can’t leave the General!” said Admiral Louis.

“True,” said George. “I don’t know what I was thinking. We’re Seals. We stick together no matter what!”

The three Seals decided to set up watch shifts that would ensure nothing would happen to the group while they were sleeping. This system was a failure as the men were knocked out by 1 a.m. Romanian time. As they slumbered peacefully, something was watching them through the cathedral windows. Beady, red eyes honed in on General Don and it disappeared from the window. Louis awoke suddenly and got up with his gun in his hands.

“Everyone, get up!” he ordered. “Something is here with us!”

“What are you talking about?” asked George rubbing his eyes as he awoke.

“There’s something out there!”

“You’ve already said that!” said Rob. “It’s probably some communist soldiers. I’ll go teach them a lesson!”

As Rob loaded his gun and prepared to head outside, Louis said, “No Rob! Don’t open those doors!”

“Why? It’s not like some creature is going to attack me or something.”

He opened the door and everyone went quiet.

“See?” said Rob.

Then, chaos ensued. The power in the cathedral went out and Rob was swept away by a fast moving creature. Gunfire and Rob’s terrifying screams were heard for a moment, then nothing. The remaining three Seals stood in shock and awe. Don’s primary premonitions had been right. They pointed their guns at the doors and waited for the creature to enter. They saw a figure step through the entrance and fired instantly. When they went to scope out the body, they realized they had just killed a Transylvanian priest.

“Great, we killed the wrong guy!” said Don.

“But what’s a priest coming in here at one in the morning anyway?” asked George.

Suddenly, a crashing sound was heard and the men shifted their attention to the darkness that lay behind them in the cathedral.

“What was that?” asked Louis.

“I…I don’t know.” began Don. “But we’re going to find out.”

They activated the flashlights on their guns and began to scour the building. As they walked in a single file line searching for this creature, Don heard something peculiar.

“Stop,” he said swiftly. “You hear that?”

Everyone stopped and listened. They heard what sounded like heavy breathing.

“George, please tell me that’s you.”

“No sir,”


“That’s a negative sir,”

“Then if it’s not me and not you guys then it must be…”

Don turned around and shined his light on a seven foot, black haired, gruesome werewolf.

Instinctively, Don shot at the beast but his bullets were futile. Realizing the bullets couldn’t harm the werewolf, he ran. Louis took off running too, but George wasn’t so lucky. The werewolf grabbed him and dragged him into the blackness. Louis sprinted out the front door and happened to catch a Red Army supply truck as it was passing by. He ran in front of it yelling, “Capture me! Make me a prisoner! I’m begging you! Get me out of here!”

The communist soldiers jumped out of the truck and shot the Seal dead in his tracks. When they heard the howling, they spoke some gibberish in Russian and sped out of the area.

With his team gone, Don sprinted toward the graveyard behind the cathedral and hid behind a tombstone. He clasped his gun tightly as sweat ran down his face. The raining had ceased and it was wet and muggy outside. He heard the splashing of puddles and knew his death was imminent. Realizing he was running out of time, Don saw a lake not too far in the distance. If he could make it there, maybe the werewolf wouldn’t follow him. He sprinted toward body of water as the werewolf began to pursue him. Halfway there, Don slipped on a puddle and went down to the ground. He tossed his gun aside and reached for his silver knife. It was his last option. The werewolf came at him and Don stood there waiting with his knife drawn. When the werewolf was in striking range, Don plunged his knifed into the monster’s heart and watched as it slowly died in front of him.

“Keep the knife, you vermin!” he said as he took up his gun and began walking away.

As he walked off into the distance, Don said to himself, “I told them to stop giving me these missions ever since the Bigfoot incident in Australia.” He sighed and continued. “Maybe they’ll learn one day.”

The author's comments:
The movie Van Helsing inspired me to write this! I hope you all enjoy!

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