October 9, 2011
By MaximusMeridius BRONZE, Zebulon, North Carolina
MaximusMeridius BRONZE, Zebulon, North Carolina
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Once there was a monkey named Bobo-Geoff. He lived in an African jungle along with the rest of the monkeys in their treetop home. However, Bobo-Geoff was different. He was born with golden yellow fur. Soon, every monkey envied his fur. They banished him from the treetop, forcing him to hunt for bananas alone in the treacherous jungle. One morning, as he was looking for bananas, a python came to eat him. As soon as the python looked at him, though, he became blind and yelled, "The sun!" Bobo-Geoff was startled by this and decided to return to the treetop to tell the others of his new discovery. When he went to tell the other monkeys of his discovery, they would not believe him. As they were arguing, the evil orangutan gang attacked the treetop. Bobo-Geoff immediately swung out in front of the leader and blinded all of them. Bobo-Geoff was instantly declared a hero and given the most sacred job of all. He would now be the treetop guardian to always protect them from evil.

The author's comments:
Do not be quick to judge. Always look for a positive towards another person.

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