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October 16, 2011
By ssuma SILVER, Teaneck, New Jersey
ssuma SILVER, Teaneck, New Jersey
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"the fundemental principal of the art of war is deception, when capable appear incompetent ,when active appear inactive ,when near appear distant ,when distant appear near ,use bait to lure them use confusion to take them (sun tzu)"

My name is Paco I live with my wife Martina in a nameless city and a dateless time. Our lives are fraught with danger and mystery as such you shall only know us as Paco and Martina. we are at war with the “dragon lords” a group of military men gangsters and politicians who want nothing but to control the world and we are all that stand in their way. at their disposal is magic like any weapon it can be used for good and evil as it is neither. They have attacked us more than once threatening our lives and this is the story of how we fight back. I look at the clock and see the time in its bright red digital font 5:00. I hear the hum of a car engine as it comes closer and closer the runes across my body flared bright a deep dark sanguine. it bathed the walls in dark light, the car pulls up into my drive way a black Mercedes by the look of it. the engine dies and the doors open through the blinds I see the mark a tattoo of a black dragon coiling and making its way up a finely sculpt tan arm the mouth of the dragon opening at the shoulder the mark of the dragon lords . I feel a warm hand on my back caressing and smoothing out the knots in my back then out came a billowing scream “magic” I thought. “Get out of the way Martina” I yelled as the ground began to shake. I erected a magic shield as bolts of ice and balls of fire began to zip around amidst bullets and grenades. Soldiers ran into the chaos of the house Martina summoned a fire golem whose flames burned through anything in its path. I dropped my shield and began to cast bolts of lightning .this chaos broke through the peace of the neighborhood like smashing glass. Then a bullet sped past all the rest and embedded itself in Martina’s chest shredding her pajamas. My whole world stopped she was dying gasping her life away. I was over taken by rage an undeniable, inescapable rage it gripped me, clawed at me, and split me in two. I let out a primal scream I grabbed two frying pans from the kitchen and beat anyone in my path, splitting skulls and cracking bones. I bathed in their blood and reveled in their death. I would rip from the from the dragon lords everything they love, everything they want, everything they need as they have done to me. I grabbed one of them by the neck and beat his head in with my bare fists till he died. I ran to Martina my wife my love my hope and as she died so died with her any hope of returning to the life we had I intent to crush dragon lords and break them and leave them crawling in the mud gasping for air and begging for death.

The author's comments:
i think the title is irrelevant we had to write a piece and this was to be the title the names and certain things had to be used and then this came to me

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