Unveil The Truth

October 4, 2011
By ikeidar BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
ikeidar BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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It was the year 2012, Detective Dwayne Carter was chasing down Francisco Lopez, the brother of a drug cartel leader, Dwayne Carter was hit by a van and went into a six month coma. Now it’s 2013 and Dwayne has just woken up from his coma and is now back into the police force. He was awoken with terrible news; the police chief was waiting in Dwayne’s room.
“Dwayne, Lopez killed your family,” said the chief coldly. Dwayne burst into tears, the chief simply left the room as if nothing had happened. Dwayne packed up his belongings and went home. He opened the door and instantly felt something difference. The place seemed dead, without the laughter of his twin daughters, without his wife waiting for him. He was now alone, no family left. All he had was his daughters and his wife, but now they were all gone. Dwayne smashed the door close and went back into his car. He went out to the nearest bar and drank all night until he passed out. He was woken up by the image of his partner, Darrel Phyllis.
“Dwayne, they’re gone, drinking is not going to fix your problems and all you can do now is moving on, we’ll get Lopez someday” said Darrell trying to comfort him. Darrell got Dwayne out of the bar and drove him to the station. Dwayne went into the chief’s office.
“Chief I need the latest intel on the Lopez case.” He said.
“You are not going back on the Lopez case,” said the chief, “the Lopez case is bigger than you imagine, all the clues points towards the force, someone is working with Lopez.” “You’ll be put in the bank robbery case.” Said the chief firmly.
Dwayne felt like he was about to explode, he decided to leave the chief’s office to avoid any problems. “Darrell, let’s go,” said Dwayne, “chief got us a new case.” Darrell saw the rage in Dwayne’s eyes, after 10 years of working with Dwayne, Darrell knew his partner has up to no good. They got into the patrol car and drove to the bank. There was a very awkward silence throughout the whole drive. Dwayne saw people spray painting, beating each other up and even people doing drugs in the streets. How had his beloved hometown, Detroit, become this horrible, now it seemed like if everywhere you looked you would see something bad. The atmosphere now reeked the smell of blood and drugs.
“What are you thinking about, Dwayne” said Darrell breaking the silence, “I can see you’re up to something, I feel the rage and determination in your eyes.”
“I’m thinking about our city, it used to be beautiful, the industrial capital of the country was at its peak.” As soon as Lopez set foot on Detroit, it changed, now everyone is involved in the drug business.” Dwayne was right, very little people still had the honor to make a living honestly, but he was willing to change it, he was willing to kill Lopez, even if it put him in jail, he’d do it for his beloved city.
They got out of the car, the first thing they saw was the lifeless body of the bank cashier. They asked the forensics officers if they found anything important. The forensics officers told Dwayne that he found a small duffel bag filled with cocaine and ecstasy. The forensics leader approached Dwayne.
“We think it may be connected to Lopez.” Dwayne already knew that, Lopez was the only cocaine supplier in the Detroit area. Dwayne got out of the bank, that’s when he saw a man running away from the crime scene. Dwayne felt something very strange, he looked around and he saw different surroundings. He looked back and saw himself. Dwayne had changed bodies! He had dreams where that happened to him, apparently it was reality since the beginning. He focused on his original body and in a split second he was back. He ran and told Darrell what had happened, Darrell believed Dwayne as he already knew of Dwayne’s strange dreams.
“Darrell get in the car.” Said Dwayne
“Where are we going Dwayne?” asked Darrel worried
“We’re going after Lopez, I’ll use my body changing to get undercover” We’re going to the station to get one of Lopez’s henchman, get into his body and using his body get into Lopez’s gang.” Dwayne knew he had Darrell’s full support, ever since their childhood they had always t had each other’s back and this wouldn’t be any different, but Dwayne insisted that Darrell shouldn’t go with him as he would get kicked from the force. Darrell didn’t care and Dwayne knew it.
Dwayne got into the body of Hernan Rivera, he was Lopez’s best friend and he managed all of Lopez’s businesses. Darrell had gotten information on Lopez’s latest hideout. They had to steal a car to avoid being linked to the police. Darrell followed Dwayne at a two block distance to keep an eye on Dwayne. Dwayne got to the warehouse, as soon as he got out of the car he was stopped by 5 heavily armed men.
“It’s me, Hernan,” Dwayne said, “ tell the boss I escaped jail a couple of days ago, I just found out of this new hideout so I came back to see if it was ours.” Two of the men went inside the warehouse about five minutes later the men came back and took Dwayne into the warehouse. Dwayne was greeted by a tall man, it was dark so he couldn’t recognize the figure, but it seemed very familiar. One of Lopez’s men turned on the lights and Dwayne immediately recognized Lopez, it was the chief! Dwayne was shocked, but he had to keep his calm or else he would be recognized.
“Anything wrong amigo,” said Lopez “you look nervous.” Gunshots were heard and everybody rushed outside. A man was holding the wounded body of Darrell.
“Boss, this man was spying on us.” Dwayne screamed in rage. He knew he had blown his cover, but he couldn’t control his rage.
“Anything wrong, Hernan, or, should I say Dwayne,” said Lopez, I know it’s you Dwayne, I but a microphone on you since you started to wake up from the coma, I knew it was you from the beginning.” “I told you this was bigger than you imagined,” he said laughing “you were always my favorite detective, when your parents were killed, I took you out of the streets, I gave you an education, a home and I made you detective as soon as you turned twenty one,” “but now, you disobeyed my orders and you got into something bigger than what you could handle, now I’m going to have to kill you.” Lopez pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger. In a blink of an eye, Dwayne was back in his body back into Darrell’s car; he started the engine and ran away as fast as he could. He had nowhere to go, Lopez ran Detroit, Dwayne couldn’t hide anywhere. He raced to his house; he went to the basement, picked up his assault rifle and went back to the warehouse. He stopped the car about a block away. He took out 5 guards from a distance with his rifle. He ran into the warehouse, killing anyone he saw. He was filled with rage, it was like if he was a different creature, not human, but instead a sadistic, revengeful, blood thirsty killing machine. He ran out of ammunition, he didn’t care. He ran towards a guard and killed him with his bare hands and took his rifle. He had killed most of the guards, only Lopez and his personal guards were left. Dwayne went into the warehouse, he saw one of Lopez’s henchmen and tried to get into his body, he couldn’t, he tried again and he couldn’t, Dwayne had lost his ability. Dwayne shot down all of the light bulbs in the warehouse down and used his thermal scope to shoot each one of Lopez’s guards one by one. After five minutes all of Lopez’s guards where dead, Lopez and Dwayne were one on one. All of a sudden all of the warehouse doors were open, sunlight went into the warehouse, and Dwayne had lost his advantage. Dwayne and Lopez had one last gunfight. Dwayne had hurt Lopez who was on the floor slowly dying. Dwayne peeked out of his hiding spot and saw Lopez on the floor; Dwayne got out of his hiding spot and faced Lopez. He jumped on to Lopez and started recklessly beating him, Dwayne was enraged. Lopez seemed to enjoy Dwayne’s anger.
“Do you know what I did to your wife, Dwayne” said Lopez, barely able to talk, “I made her suffer, I wounded her slowly and let her bleed out, slowly, and I watched her suffer, and I enjoyed it.” Dwayne stood up and pointed his gun at Lopez. “Go ahead, shoot me; I know you won’t kill me.” Dwayne wanted to kill Lopez, but his muscles wouldn’t move. Lopez took advantage of this and pulled out his pistol, he shot Dwayne in the head. In a last attempt to kill Lopez, Dwayne managed to switch into Lopez’s body and shot himself in the head.
Soon afterward the authorities came to the scene they found the lifeless bodies of Dwayne and Lopez who to them was the chief. Lopez was buried as a hero and the mayor even built a monument in his honor. Dwayne was considered to be the worst scum Detroit had ever seen. If only they knew what really happened.

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