The Ouija Board

October 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Almost an hour ago all of our closest friends had arrived. And I looked around my living room as listened to the sound of laughter, and screams come out of my friends as we watched Mirrors. Kailee my cousin Maddies best friend, screamed and pretty much hid her face under a cover the whole movie. Erik, and Zach my two best friends loved the movie. And my cousin and her soon to be sister, were so scared they couldn’t take their eyes away from the screen. I on the other hand didn’t show any emotion at all. I was the calmest one in the room. Although I had seen this movie at least a thousand times.

As the movie came to an end, Maddie said, “So who wants to play with an Ouija Board, I got one for my birthday for my cousin.”

“You really brought an Ouija Board?” Kailee asked, “Do you know how fake but scary those things are?”

“Yes I do and because of me being psychic, I already know that it will work. I just don’t really know what will happen, when we call the spirits,” she said and laughed at the look on her two friend’s faces.

“Umm, Yeah I don’t think I’m going to participate in this little game,” said Kailee.

“Yeah, sorry Maddie but I agree,” said Selena as she went to sit on the love seat with Kailee.

“Well, I’m all for it,” I said and Zach and Erik agreed with me.

“Okay, well, sorry you two but majority rules and if you two don’t want to participate than you can stand in the back of the kitchen. Come on guys; let’s go in the kitchen where we can set this on a flat surface.” Maddie then got up and went into the kitchen.

The rest of us followed, and once the Ouija Board was set up Selena and Kailee were huddled in the back of the kitchen by the door that leads down to the basement. I went into the cuboard under the sink and got out some of my mom’s votive candles, and a lighter.

After we lit the candles I shut off the lights. Maddie pulled a piece of paper that said Ouija Board Rules.

“Okay well we have to follow these rules, or else it won’t work,” then Maddie read them all aloud.
Never play alone.
Don’t let the demon escape; don’t let the planchette count down through the numbers.
Place a silver coin on the Ouija Board.
Never ask about god.
Say goodbye.
Maddie then said, “Who has a silver coin?”
Zach pulled a quarter out of his pocket and gave it to her. She placed on the board by the goodbye sign. And then as soon as Maddie put both of her index fingers on the planchetta and closed her eyes it started thundering, and somewhere in the world lightening struck.
We sat there in darkness for a few minutes and then, Maddies hands started moving around the board. It went to Hello. Maddie asked it out loud, “Who are you?” It then spelled out The Devil. All of a sudden a laughing came out of nowhere, and Maddies head started flipping around, and around unnaturally. Then her head went still, and her eyes flew open.
“He’s coming!” she said in a singsong voice, and then giggled.
As I heard Selena scream, and watched as Erik’s face went pale I turned around and saw the basement door start opening and closing. Then the radio was the next to malfunction. It started turning on and off. I heard a slicing noise and flipped toward the sink where knives were in the air and they flew right by Erik’s head and went into a wall. Maddies eyes flew open once again, and just as they do a ghost appears in the middle of the kitchen.
The ghost, who looked like he was only about 13, started walking towards Maddie as an angry and sinister grin came across his face. Although the ghost stopped, and then Kailee started laughing, nervously. The ghost flew across the room and was standing right in front of Kailee with his hand just out of reach of her neck. As Kailee screamed his hand flew up and grasped her neck firmly and then. She was gone. And so was the ghost.
We sat there for almost a minute, and then I turned on the lights. Everything had stopped. And as we stared at each other, in silence, fear keeping us from saying anything, I wondered how everything could have been fine two hours ago. Why did we decide to play with this? Kailee and Selena, both knew something bad could happen if we played with this board. And of course we didn’t listen. And now our best friend is gone.

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