Fighting for Survival

October 4, 2011
By analardizabal BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
analardizabal BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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Zeus hardly remembers about his father; he was only five years old when his father died battling the Persians. Cato, Zeus’ father, was a great warrior, one of the best Greek warriors of all time. Since the day he died, Zeus promised himself that he would honor his father being a great warrior like he once was. He loved his father very much; Cato always read a story to him before he went to sleep, Zeus missed that.
His best friend was the king’s daughter, Athena. Zeus always knew she was the one he wanted to marry, it was one of his biggest dreams but he didn’t thought it was impossible, because for his eyes he was the best. Even though Athena loved Zeus so deeply, she hated how he always bragged about him being the strongest boy and that because of that he would definitely be the best warrior. If he had known he was so wrong…

Zeus was a very attractive 16-year-old Greek boy. He had a tanned and muscular body and dark brown curly hair that made him look gorgeous; he was attractive enough to make every girl take a second glance at him. Above all this, he was such a brave boy, but that didn’t make the fact he was egotistical any better.

To achieve the glory and fame his father once had, he had to work hard for it. It would cost him his tears, sweat, pain, and suffering. During the Golden Age of the Greek Empire, boys of the age of 17 were sent alone to the forest to fight wolves. If they died, that was the end of their short journey, but if they survived and won the battle of their lives it was the start of the glory and fame they had been waiting for. Zeus had to go through this difficult task and fight the strongest force: nature.

One year passed by so quickly, he had been training for the hardest thing he would ever had to do. But he wasn’t scared, not at that moment. Zeus believed in himself more than anyone else did. He only had one fear, losing Athena.

Today was the day, he was so close to death or to glory, it was all up to him. Before he left, the king servants informed him the king wanted to talk to him. As he entered the luxurious palace, the shiny lights caught his eyes, they looked like stars lighting up the castle, it was such a beautiful place. He knocked the king’s office door and the king invited him to come in. At first he asked some friendly questions to see how Zeus was doing, then he went strait to the point.

“I’ve heard today is your big day, I have no doubts about you surviving. You’ll be just like your father, a great warrior in many ways. So listen Zeus, if you go out of this alive and earn the glory and fame all warriors desire, you’ll make Greece a more powerful Empire, I promise you the day you come back you will marry mu daughter Athena. Nothing more to be said, you should get going.”

Zeus didn’t say a word because he knew the king wasn’t asking him, he was telling him. Besides, it was all he ever wanted and the king knew that.

His whole life he had thought he was brave, but he didn’t looked as brave standing there all alone in the dark woods. Zeus felt every part of his body shaking; he was trembling uncontrollably. As he entered further in the cold, dark forest he heard something pass beside him. When he turned around, there was nothing, just a cold threatening breeze that gave him goose bumps. He knew something was wrong, Zeus felt that same feeling he felt an hour before the death of his father was announced. It was a feeling of fear, a kind of fear that made you know something was going to happen. He could see broken branches and there was a bloody dead brown wolf under a tall tree. Zeus came closer and examined the wolf’s body; he had a deep, sharp bite on his neck. Fear became to take control of Zeus mind and body. He started running as fast as he could, Zeus needed some water or else he was going to faint. He ran for a couple of minutes until he was too tired; he started gasping for air as if he couldn’t breath. Zeus was too tired to even think clearly. He sat down and rested his head on a tree, moments later he was in a deep sleep.

He woke up because he thought he heard something, but when he opened his eyes there was no sound. Instead, ashes were falling from the sky, but he couldn’t see where they were coming from. As he stood up he could see the ashes were covering completely the spot he had fell asleep. The lack of water was definitely affecting his health, he felt weak and tired even though he knew he had slept for a couple of hours because it was much darker now than before. The fear started coming back; he wondered how his father had gone through this and succeed. Memories of his childhood were hunting him until finally tears started running down his cheeks and stopping at his heart-shaped lips.

He could see a pack of 3 wolves approaching him. Wolves usually stayed in groups of 4, but he didn’t notice this small detail. Zeus grabbed the only tool he had with him: a sword. His hands were shaking and fear was in control of him. Seconds before the wolves came closer to him he heard the sound of an eagle above him. He noticed one of the wolves was injured; the other two were small but had sharp teeth. He was great with the sword, he knew when and where to stab the enemy. It was the time to use all he had ever learned. He was doing this for his father and for his future with the woman he loved. The first wolf came closer to him; it was the biggest wolf of the group. Even though he was injured, he seemed strong enough to intimidate Zeus and make him lose his hope almost completely. Zeus moved as fast as he could to the left side of the black wolf and could stab him on his rib. Before the wolf fell completely to the forest’s floor he managed to bite Zeus on his right leg. Zeus stood up and tried to block the pain so he could be done with this as fast as he could. He turned around and saw the other two small wolves behind him. The lack of water in his body hadn’t got any better and he was in weak conditions. Zeus ran to hide behind a tree that had many branches. He climbed up the tree and stood quietly on top of a thick, high branch. He was surprised when he saw a brown wolf attack one of the small wolves, the brown wolf disappeared before Zeus could even take another look at him. He was shocked.

“That must have been my beloved father taking care of me as he promised he would forever do,” thought Zeus with tears in his eyes.

Zeus jumped off the branch and stabbed the wolf directly on his back. This made the wolf fall completely to the floor. With a feeling of relief and success, Zeus was putting the sword away when a huge wolf torn him apart from behind, the fourth black wolf.

Zeus never came back; Athena knew then he had died. With sadness in her heart she wrote a letter to her father about how fighting didn’t determined how manly someone is. Then she found the courage to run away with her loneliness. Her father’s soldiers could never find her.

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