The Secrets Hidden to Earth

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Striker, a shy and weak average student at Monarch High School who would get bullied a lot by the big guys at his school was going on a flight from South America back to Florida. His parents had divorced and his mom lived in South America which was the reason why he had been down there.
In the flight they were to fly over the Bermuda Triangle to get to Florida. As they were flying above those waters, the plane all of a sudden started to lose altitude dramatically and all the passengers starter screaming in terror. Then there was a huge impact that felt like when you are on the ground and there is an earthquake going on, but this was no earthquake. The plane had just “landed” on the water and everyone heard the splash.
Everyone looked out the windows and noticed a huge whirlpool sucking the plane into the water. No, the plane wasn't sinking; it was being sucked into the water by a whirlpool. Then, on the spur of the moment, the water just vanished and they were left on entirely dry land. The weird thing was, the landscape was not one that any had seen before! This landscape looked like lava, but they this was not lava, for if it was, the plane and the people inside it would have dissolved into already. Not a noise could be heard from the pilots cabin, and when they went in to check, the pilot was not there, and the co-pilot was vanishing into some kind of golden dust! Everyone was petrified in terror to see this and then the same began to happen to a lady that had been taking a seat at the very front. At this moment Striker knew that they MUST get out of the plane. Now the shy boy from Monarch High had somehow found the courage to start seeking for the emergency exit door. When he found it, he tried to open it but to his surprise, he came to find the door was stuck! As he was doing this two more passengers had vanished. This courage that he had found in himself was giving him a lot of will power for he knew they must scape from out of that plane. With that courage that he had while trying to open the stuck door, he told everyone they needed to get out. He found the strength in himself to open the door and everyone cheered for him. He helped everyone out of the plane and led them to a cave that for some reason he felt it was safe. Striker, the shy and weak kid from Monarch High had become a hero for all this people but what they didn't was that the worst was yet to come...


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