The Hardest Life

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Hi, my name is Ibrahimovic Ferrari. I was born on August 7, 1985 at LA Medical Center. I’ve worked for the US Navy Seals .I was part of team 6.the most advance soldiers for the hardest tasks. We were the ones that killed Osama Bin Laden .Our task was to kill or capture Al Qaeda’s leader .We had localized the mansion 2 months before our breach .Unfortunately, grabbed his wife and used her as cover or protection. But it was no good! King Fish, our squadron leader immediately took a lethal shot, killing Osama bin Laden in seconds. We left no trace of our entrance nor exit. We picked our gun shells and all of the dead body .We had entered the mansion at 11:05 PM and left at 11:35 PM.It took us only 30 minutes the whole op! When we got back to our military base in Washington DC.Obama was waiting for us. President Obama said we were one of the coldest and fearless people he has never met and that he was honored to recognized our hard task to kill one of the most wanted by the US. We were all given a Medal of Honor, the highest navy decoration.Well that was part of my past.
Now I’m starting a new and fresh life with my beautiful wife Sofia Vergara. We married a year ago on September 10. We live together in our home at Beverly Hills Condos. This skyscraper is located at 55th St. 3rd avenue, 90210.Sofia and I am planning to raise a family and move into bigger house with more dormitories. My dad, Enzo Ferrari owns the Ferrari Store at Los Angeles. My fathers inherit the store and he is planning to give it to me so I can have a better future not as soldier he says. He told me that if I wouldn’t have left the army he would’ve disinherited me and leave it to Cairo, his 6yrs old French bulldog. My mom passed out when she was giving birth to Henry, my brother.Sadly,Henry died too since he had a rare disease said Dr.Phill.Now its only me and my father left our family. My father was the one that suffered the most the lost of Henry and mi mom. I has been 4 years since my mother’s death.
My father lives in the same floor as I do with Sofia in the Beverly Hills Condos, his condominium is right in front of my door .I’ve been think of taking him and Cairo to live with us since my father is get older and it’s better to have an eye on him.Also, since my mother died I can see the sadness in his face. In my opinion my dad need to live life to the fullest. I made a really serious promise to myself .The promise is that when I have a family with children, my father won’t work and I will run the business for him. Well I have a lot of plans to do with my father. For each birthday I ever had since 17 my father gives me the newest car on his store, and it’s always a Ferrari. This year I got a Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s getting kind of boring getting cars each year. My garage is full. Not even my motorcycles fit in there with some many vehicles.
I really want to make a difference on my dad’s sad face .I went to the gynecologist with Sofia. The doctor said the baby will be born by January 1st or 2nd of 2012.Sofia was so excited that she called her mother in Mexico immediately. My father was happy when he got the news! Also, we went to Hollywood Real Estate Co. to find a house that can fit our needs. They showed us one with 5 complete bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, pool, kitchen, soccer field, and a tennis court. We both agreed the house was perfect for us.2 months later we had confirmed the purchase and we took all of our stuff to our new home. Sofia’s belly was getting bigger and bigger every week. I took a copy of the front door keys and head my way to my father’s store, where I knew he was going to be at. He was with me client so I wait a while to give him the key he seemed confused when I gave it to him and said:
What is this?-asked my father
It’s the key to our new house.-I replied
Ohh, you don’t have to do this I don’t want to be a trouble for both of

you son.-said my father
Ohhh gosh stop doing that come on I’ll help you pack Daddy! - I said
I’ll drive if you don’t mind!-I said
No problem.-said my father with a big smile in his face.
When we got to the condos, my father opened the door and the first thing we saw was a bunch of boxes blocking the path.
Ready!-yelled my father

I took a laugh and told him that I had to call the company so they could ship all this to our new home. I drove back home with my dad and Cairo. Sofia had all the rooms ready even Cairo’s and was waiting for us. Also she had cooked a Mexican soup and a Mexican spicy dog plate for Cairo. I showed my father his bedroom and I took Cairo to his playground at the backyard.
I’m a guy that really cares about how I dress and look .I think it’s not fun anymore, it’s getting mental. I should go to a doctor, but no. I’m really into fashion. My favorite store is Hollister and Abercombie and Fitch. I’m planning to buy the whole company.Well, the truth is I’m planning to convince my father to invest .I had already talked with him and he said it was a good idea. I have an everyday purchase on my nearest Hollister store at Hollywood boulevard. If my father buys the company I would have my regular closet be a Hollister store of only my sizes and also some for Sofia because she loves it too but she prefers Forever21.My dad send me a text saying that I wouldn’t believe who was the owner of Hollister. I replied asking who the owner was. He replied saying Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple and Sony videogames, was the owner and that he had made an appointment for December 21, a week from today. My Christmas present was going to be a new life in my family and New Year goal was going to be to raise Ibrahimovic Junior the best we could. We did a secret Santa event between me,my father,cairo,sofia, and my best friend Tom Cruise .I had to buy Cairo 5 bags of his favorite food, which was $400 the bag of 50 pieces.
Yesterday my father had the meeting with Steve Jobs .They both agreed to sell Hollister in $25Billion.Also, Steve wanted no checks but cash of $100 bills only. My dad took the deal. Steve said that by January 15th the store was going to be completely ours. I did some community work on Honduras in 2005 and just did it to get my degree .I really didn’t give any importance to those stupid Honduran beaners. Well at least I got my degree on laws.
It was the day, the day in which Ibrah Junior was going to be born. January 1st of 2012.Sofia was hospitalized in LA Med Center since December 30th .By 12:00 Ibrahimovic’s head was out breathing a normal rate. I filmed Ibrah’s first moments on Earth. By 8 o’clock we were back at home .My father had already bought a present for my son. It was a full collection of 1845 Ferrari cars. They looked like the ones of hot wheels but they were original.
Junior is now in 8th grade .He is 13 years old and has 2 girlfriends one at school and one at the neighborhood. It has been 2 years since my father died from natural causes. Now I’m the CEO of Hollister and the Ferrari stores on all the west side. I have expanded both stores into the East region of the US. To get my master I was sent to Honduras to do again my community service but this time my mind had change, I didn’t look at the eyes of those poor Honduras as if was better than them. Being a CEO really changes your mind. It makes you see the unreal, real! I saw people as poor as dirt in Santa Barbara, a place where I was sent to do my community service in Honduras.
I’m rich as gold so why don’t give a little help to the Honduras Government? I’v started a foundation called “A dollar for a 200 lempiras”The point of this foundation is that for every dollar people donate Hollister Co. united with my dad’s Ferrari Store will give 200 lempiras to the need ones. To continue this foundation, I hired people that were as brave as a lion because it’s hard to see all those people homeless without a plate with food on their table. I hope this foundation goes on even after my death. I was detected brain cancer 2 weeks ago. I haven’t told Junior .He would’ve been crying all day I guess. Doctors said I’ll probably die 2 to 4 days from 2 days ago. I had my will ready since my father died. In the will I wrote that Junior had to take care of the stores, his mother and Cairo. Junior is mature enough to administrate all the stores. I trust him. I’ll be living with my mom, father, and Henry. I looked at the eyes of Sofia and Henry and said Good Bye! While a tear slowly falling by my face that was the last second of my life.

The author's comments:
I hope You like it!THis was one of my 8th grade projects.ENJOY!

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