The Last SEAL

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

The day starts with a hot buzzing day in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan in an unknown location. Nine Navy SEALs of base three are currently locked in a firefight with 18 Taliban insurgents. Private Tuff confirmed three deaths during the four hours of combat. Captain Lee has ordered in air support from the base. The General denied the request, since the site was too close to civilians. The General also ordered for support to be canceled because the insurgents have RPGs that would blow up the plane. The six Navy SEALs are currently under heavy fire, and the insurgents are moving closer to their position.
“Fall back, fall back” Commander Winthers reported to the five other Navy SEALs. These words were heard on the radio in the communications room back at base.
Seaman Rompter said, “Captain Summers has been shot, I repeat, Captain Summers has been shot. We need a medic. I repeat we need a medic.”
Pilot Bollo of the United States Air force said, “General we need to give them assistance, they will die out there”.
The General responded “There is too high of a chance of you guys getting killed trying to rescue them. We also don’t know there exact location.
“We have to save them” responded Pilot Bollo.
“Do not make any attempt to rescue them. That is and order,” responded the General. Pilot Bollo thought for a minute and said to himself: Should I try to rescue the other SEALs? My orders are to stay and make no attempt to rescue them, but how can I let them be captured, or killed? It is too dangerous of a mission if I go alone to save them. I just want to be safe because I will leave the military in two weeks and go home to my loving family. But, how can I have the other SEALs lose their family while I am going home to see mine? Who cares about orders, these guys would have saved me if I were in that situation so I will go and save them.
Pilot Bollo asked Captain Legg if he would come to join him to rescue the other group of Navy SEALs.
Captain Legg responded: “The orders are to make no attempt to rescue them. I know, I am very sad that they are gone but are orders are to stay here.”
“I think I am going to rescue them myself, I can’t have them die there.”
“Please, Pilot make sure you will be safe.”
“Just make sure no one finds out about this” Pilot Bollo responded with a grin on his face.
“I promise. Make sure you take this tracker so I will know your location and I can hear what’s going on there.”
“Thanks Captain!”
Pilot Bollo left the command center and headed out to the armory. He picked up a trauma medical kit, a bulletproof tactical vest, an assortment of assault rifles, extra ammo supplied for a group of 10, and a rocket launcher. He left the armory and headed straight to the flight deck. Passing through security, Pilot Bollo got the keys for a Chinook Helicopter and prepared to take off. The journey from base to the last known location of the firefight of the firefight was approximately 20 minutes away. While rising into the air, the General saw what had happened, and he knew that Pilot Bollo went to rescue them. The General went berserk, and was screaming at other soldiers at the base. At approximately 5 minutes into the flight, Pilot Bollo received orders from base to land the chopper. The General said, “Land this chopper immediately, if you don’t land this chopper, I will be forced to shoot you down”.
Pilot Bollo knew these threats were fake because it would take at least 45 minutes for the F-16s to shoot him to the ground. After 10 minutes of flying, Pilot Bollo received a message from Captain Legg that another seal had been shot, and was near death. Captain Summers just died leaving it to five SEAL’s.
With five minutes until arrival, Pilot Bollo sees smoke hovering the air. The next minute Pilot Bollo slowly descends the helicopter. Within the last minute, Pilot Bollo has a visual of the firefight going on. The land between the two teams is approximately 100 meters from an aerial view. Pilot Bollo sees that he is about to go over the enemy’s line, which is extremely dangerous. Pilot Bollo successfully passes through the enemy’s territory and prepares to land near the five Navy SEALs left. While landing, the Navy SEALs were extremely happy to see that air support has arrived, not realizing the insurgents have moved approximately 15 feet closer to them.
Right before landing, Captain Lee sees an RPG aimed toward the helicopter. The Chinook helicopter crashed down. The Chinook was blasted on fire with flames. The bulletproof windows were still intact but the surrounding metal was completely damaged. Pilot Bollo slowly opened the dented door while a bullet whizzed past his ear. Pilot Bollo sees that the only thing left, that has not been damaged, is an assault rifle with 45 bullets, and the medical trauma kit. Pilot Bollo immediately goes to the Navy SEAL that has been shot and tries to save him from dying. Captain Lee tells the General that he needs air support, and Pilot Bollo’s Chinook has been shot down. The General finally agreed to send in air support, but they need to know the exact location. Captain Legg tells The General that Pilot Bollo has a tracking device. The General sent in the coordinates to air support and they are on their way. Within 30 minutes of the Chinook being shot down, the insurgents are approximately 50 feet from the Navy SEALs and Pilot Bollo. The Navy SEAL’s are out of ammo and are prepared to die.

Suddenly, a Chinook hovers from the sky, and shoots the insurgents killing them. Also, another Chinook landed right near them to take them back to base. The Navy SEAL that has been shot has been airlifted to nearest hospital where he will be treated for a gunshot wound near his shoulder. Captain Summers sadly died before support died. Pilot Bollo and the 4 other SEALs were airlifted back to base, where they were all saved. Pilot Bollo saved the SEALs lives by getting them rescued faster, and got promoted to a higher rank.

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Chris 120 said...
on Oct. 7 2011 at 9:43 am
It's a really awesome story that tells about the bravery of our Navy SEALS and the fight they face everyday

Sitadel BRONZE said...
on Oct. 7 2011 at 4:30 am
Sitadel BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
4 articles 3 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The best thing to do when there is no way out is to find a way further in"

I admire your heoric tales of our Military

But some creative criticism... There are a few things wrong about how the military and laws of physics work in your story


Just MSG me sometime and we will work it out my friend   :)

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