Angel's Advocate

August 20, 2011
By Mason Wilson BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
Mason Wilson BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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I glance at the dagger in its sheath; taking in the details of the intricate designs upon it I can feel the blade inside wanting to fulfill its destiny.
Each symbol representing codes, secrets kept hidden for over a millennia. Sliding the blade out, testing the weight of it upon my hand. It is balanced perfectly with the utmost precision and accuracy. Its one sole purpose is why I behold it now. I look around; in unison they give me silent nod of approval and foreboding. I steady it above my forearm and bring it down slowly being careful to make each move perfect. The cold edge sends chills down my spine holding it in place against my skin. I push down as it enters my flesh I slide it back engraving the words ?????? ??? (The Angel’s shield) upon me. I fall to the ground as the words engulf me turning my eyes turn silver, my hair gold and my body a darkened ash. My body is pulsing with new unprecedented power, I embrace it in full.

I get up on one knee; gasping for breath I place the dagger back into its sheath, holding it out in front of me. I bow my head as it’s lifted from my grasp. I glance up and a pair of gold intriguing eyes which stare back at me. The word “Rise” comes from her lips, shaking I stand trying to regain my balance. She directs me back to the center of the room where she then backs away. I look around taking in my surroundings, I can see with clarity that I have not known before I can hear each breath being taken. I continue looking; we are in a blinding white room, shaped like a gazebo with a hole in the roof letting in more bright light. Around me I see ten others like me with ?????? ??? upon their arms. In a circle around me twenty soft golden eyes are watching me. A voice rises and says “I am Clement and the others around me are what is left of the original golden army . By using the dagger you have given your oath, you are now an advocate of angels protecting us with your life if needed. You wont be easy to kill but you will be d*mned if they don’t try.”

His eyes flash a hint of fear and sadness. “We are alone, in this world, us and what is left of the humans. The dark ones have all but taken control of this place. It is our duty to restore their faith and trust in him. The dark ones have corrupted their souls forcing them to lose their beliefs. We must defeat them if it’s the last thing we do.” Then out of no where I hear a loud crash on the side of the roof as a body falls with his wings all torn up and bloody. I vomited at the site, the broken body slides in front of Clement and says “Sandra is dead, I tried to save her, but they got to her to fast.” I’m horrified at the site of this angel destroyed by these “dark ones”.

I feel a gentle yet firm pull on my arm I turn and it’s the girl from before. She turns to me and says “We must leave while they attend to him.”

“Who was that and who is Sandra?”

“That was Leon, one of our best fighters, and Sandra was… she was his advocate.”

The author's comments:
With all my writing, I let my works "write" themselves. Whether it be spur of the moment or just a thought that I'd like to elaborate on. I personally call it free writing, where you don't think just type what comes to mind. This is the beginning of a story called Angel's Advocate. I'm still writing it so this isn't the best copy but it gets people a feel for what its going to be.

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on Sep. 22 2011 at 6:04 pm
KenyaLove41 GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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i liked your story especally the great desprition and detail the end was a little confusing and the story seemed rushed but i would definately read some more.

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