Prologue: Dream

September 13, 2011
By BlackWriter BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
BlackWriter BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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It wasn’t the actual drug that people would kill for it was the drug its self that was the killer. No not that the drug was a killer but the “side effects” is what they were after.
“I’m just the tester, the one who the government is trying to blame. I didn’t want to sell the drug without the side effects. But James did. He was the one in which said “Sell it” put the basics on it.” I said facing the camera in the deposition room. The barred window on my right showed the weather outside. Rainy with not chance of clearing up, I was alone in myself my conscience unavailable at the moment. Other than the officer in front of me I was totally not in the room. My mind was back in San Francisco, at my beautiful house with my wife and son. I can still see my wife’s unchanged face as I was being put into the cop car. At that time of 12:00 in the morning she was probably as out of it as I am at this moment. It wasn’t a surprise to see the officer at my door but I knew something had gone wrong. The Drug was not out yet. Actually the drug was probably still being loaded onto the Inexil trucks; I imagined while being read the second question, of James hoping once in James’ life he would feel pain, sorrow, and/or misery but no instead he continued with the dangers of the drug.
“Why didn’t you stop the drug from being loaded?” he asked with a smirk “it was possible seeing that the plant is only twenty minutes away.”
I stopped my dream as my anger raged up through my body. The cops whose name escapes me was pissin’ me off.
“Stop the dug?” I said with my anger bout to explode “Man are you Mad, Stop the production of the biggest drug of the century, I couldn’t it wasn’t possible the drug had already been load and to stop and make the works unload the loaded already well…. Well have no workers, none!” now I sat back in the steel chair and tried not to think of how cold I was, but the cop in front of me was about to make me have to go to anger management. This dude had no regard for myself hell he wasn’t even listening to me. I was confused at the moment; the man in front of me was familiar. Not in the sense that I actually have seen him in person but like I have the feeling I’ve seen him in a place. Like maybe on T.V but not here not in life? Was he living, was this a dream; it had to be there’s no way this could have all happened so fast! Wait Were am I…
The next thing I saw was the floor then blackness…
I awoke in the ambulance with all the doc’s yelling at each other…
“He should have been dead!” screamed the woman standing over me squeezing air into my throat. No not like on those doctor shows in which there calmly doing it but like forced air. I tried to awake to finish the conversation but I was too interested in their conversation so my eyes stayed shut.
“So what do you want me to do kill him myself DOCTOR JONES” said the man on the opposite side of the room you could tell he said her name in a tone that seemed as though she was at a higher Doctoral rate than him…

Of course naturally after the feud ended I wanted to open my eyes as she went back to calmly putting air into my over filled lungs. Then of course being my body till being in a state of shock they didn’t open so I rode quietly and uneasily back to the hospital. The Rain outside didn’t help, as it seemed as though every drop was a rock hitting the roof on the doctor’s office on wheels. It was still raining and I thought I was still dreaming but this ride seemed more real more alive. And then of course I fell back to sleep with the rain trying to break in and the doctors still at a tense with each other but I was alone again by my self and that was the end of this…
And then like fate a had probably planed something went wrong and I was the only one this time literally the only one…

The author's comments:
okay I'm starting a book and this is the prologue tell me if you like.....

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