Grass hopper D Day

September 15, 2011
By Richard Damewood BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
Richard Damewood BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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I use my spring like muscular legs to propel my body into the pouring rain. I am trying to fly under the cover of a tree or a bush, anything that can help me not be hammered by rain drops that are like huge boulders of water flying at me just trying to smash my wings into the ground. Amazingly, my small sand grit sized eyes spot cover under a rose bush in a humans’ front yard.

When I approach the rose bush I see thousands of needles sticking out of the branches that are like a booby trap waiting for something like me to try to land on them so they can impale me right in my chest so that I will be stuck there and have a slow painful death.
Luckily, I land on a clear place on a branch right next to a red Rose that was enjoying the rain that I so desperately needed to escape. I wait and wait and wait for the giant balloon sized rain drops to stop falling so that I will be able to move freely and find a delicious piece of grass or anything that can fulfill my stomach that is starving like a lion that hasn’t had a fresh peace of meat covered in blood in weeks.

Within about 15 human minutes the rain had stopped. I could now go and find a peace of food such as nice moist grass that had just been watered. My springy legs explode me into the air and my wings begin to flutter so fast that they leave a quick snapping sound.

Momentarily I see a lush patch of grass in the humans’ back yard so I flutter down to earth to dig my teeth into one of those blades of grass. The grass tastes so good that I could faint. BOOM! My head is spinning and thumping with pain. I look in the grass next to me and there is a silver ball the size of my head half buried in the ground. I am so curious to find what has sent this giant ball hurdling towards my. BOOM! Another huge silver ball has exploded in the gravel and dirt next to me. When I wake up this time I can’t move. There is blood everywhere and a gaping hole in my thorax. All six of my legs have been ripped off and I am in so much pain that my entire body is numb. I try to feel the ground with my antennas and what do you know they have been ripped off of my head as well as my legs off of my body.

Just when nothing could have made my situation any worse a huge boy picks me up by my wings. He swings his arms and releases his grip when I am in the air and makes me smash into the side of a elm tree. I lose consciousness I have no more options with this life.

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im awsome

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