A Penciless Kingdom

September 7, 2011
By Perfectionist05 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
Perfectionist05 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
" One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

" There's not one to be seen! But how?" said Shaun as he prowled around the castle floors hoping for one measly pencil to shine it's bright yellow color into his eyes." We only have a few minutes left or the Queen will catch us EMPTY handed!" shrieked Greg as he realized the consequences to yonder come." We shall search the battle grounds at once!" hollered Shaun.
" Agreed!" The two knights scrounged and scrounged only to come upon an eraser, half of a paper airplane, and a paperclip." All hope is lost! We have searched from yonder and back and haven't found as much as a single scrap of pencil!" Greg and Shaun both let out a large sigh of hopelessness. But suddenly a light shined in the gentle men's eyes." Pencils! There they are under the cannons! Great, shiny, new pencils!" shouted Greg with excitement. The two knights raced to the pencils and back to the round table where a sword and knight should be.

The author's comments:
School inspired me to right this. I hope people will have a good laugh about this fictional article.

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