The Great Battle Cry

August 14, 2011
By Anonymous

There ring the chimes and sounds the bell
Oh what I story I will tell!
Of war, of battle, of brave deeds
Of self-discover indeed.
We all need to learn a lesson or two.
Listen to me and I will give you a clue!

As Majestic Mariya was flying off her horse from the stab of Alana the Awesome’s sword, the onlookers jumped up and went wild. The great battle, the bloodshed, the stabs of swords, and fusillades of gunshots were ceasing. The battlefield was quieting down. That’s what everyone thought. But no! Majestic Mariya had the inner drive and power to get up, let go of the pain, and continue this great battle. As she rose from the ashes of broken swords, bloody clothes, and dead bodies surrounding her, Mariya climbed onto her wounded horse and stampeded toward Alana the Awesome and her great army. Dillon the Dark and S3ptic Russian, Alana’s supporters and army leaders, faced the attack of Mariya and her minions Kristie the Quiet and The Golden Heart, and Nicole the Unique with courage, spunk, and enough bravery to arouse the entire army to help out. The determination in their eyes, their loud panting, and everything about their being, physical and psyche kindled the flame in the others’ hearts. As the enemy’s army came closer, and closer, and closer, Alana’s entire army including Flexible Panther, Margie the Clever, Nicole the Kindhearted, The Penguin Dude and of course, Dennis the Knowing attacked with such force, such fury, such strong stimulus that Majestic’s army couldn’t compare. The Panther’s gunshot ended life for The Golden Heart and the strength of S3ptic Russian’s sword greatly wounded Kristie the Quiet. Mr. I Have a Question swooped in to rescue his beloved but it was too late. Her blood covered the battlefield and she let out one last cry before slumping over in death. Oh Muse, why such horror, such bloody fight, the deaths of people and wars this unstaunched? It all began ages ago, with the arrival of the great Henry the Humorous. Loved by all in our land, each girl, each boy and each little bird and mouse in the great Kingdom of Australia, crowded to greet him and show their respects. But one caught his eye: the brave, the beautiful, the bold Alana the Awesome! Humorous’ heart soared when he gazed in her eyes and heard her soft, delicate voice. Love at first sight captured his heart and he was getting strangled. Alana the Awesome loved him back as passionately and was as devoted as can be. But there is always someone jealous, someone plotting for ages to break up love and set out the fire in their hearts. Mariya the Majestic: jealous and filled with anger and malice, wouldn’t have this! She paced around her study for hours, conceiving an evil plan to destroy their happiness. She called her minions, The Golden Heart, Nicole the Unique, Kristie the Quiet, and Mr. I Have a Question. They were her strength, her helpers and stood by her even thought she was evil, overcome with anger and fury.
“Minions, supporters, my pets! We have to destroy her! Alana the Awesome is stealing the love of my life The Humorous and she is not going to live happily ever after, not unless I have something to do with it. She is kind-hearted, beautiful, and does not deserve to have love and happiness. She speaks for good, and evil ALWAYS wins! So we will fight her, fight her until her death on the third day of May, and I always have my way! We will summon her army for a duel and they will all receive a tough message not to mess with MARIYA THE MAJESTIC! Mwahahahaha!”
And came the third of May. What a lovely warm day it was! Before the bloodshed and the duel everything was going great. But peace was no longer. In the palace of Awesomeness, Alana the Awesome and her great army were putting on shiny armor, grabbing their reflective shield, and getting their game face on. The Penguin Dude, denying his love and passion for her in sake of the battle stood near Awesome and looked deep into her eyes. He wanted to tell her everything, not leaving anything behind. He loved her with a burning, undying flame of love but all her would ever be is her soldier, her minion, her protector because she was true to Henry the Humorous. This battle protecting his honor and her affection for him would be the last encounter of the Penguin Dude and his loved one. He was leaving the Great Kingdom not to be tortured with ghosts of what could have been. He knew that was a hard perception to bear and he was filled with pain. S3ptic Russian and Dillon the Dark, Alana’s leaders and bravest, toughest, greatest warriors, were getting into their battle get-up. They knew of their strength and important status in her army. They were her knights in shining armor (even though they were in the 20th century and knights ceased to exist) and would never dare to disappoint. Margie the Clever and Nicole the KindHearted were getting ready to battle. Slipping into their strong armor and sharpening their swords, cleaning their guns, and admiring their appearance in their shields (they were young ladies after all!) was all they had to do. The others: Flexible Panther and Dennis the Knowing were the first to be ready. As soon as everyone approached Alana the Awesome’s princess chair (otherwise known as a throne) she stood up on the small podium and spoke in a stern voice.
“Members of my army, my friends, my protectors, my loyal helpers, this is the time to win, to kill, to break loose of rules and let the beast in you take over. I will lead, and then come S3ptic Russian, Dillon the Dark, and Penguin Dude. Next stay Margie the Clever, Nicole the KindHearted, and the brains behind this mission, Dennis the Knowing. We are set to go and we will annihilate Mariya’s army. We are better, stronger, wiser, and don’t you forget that! Now let’s go kick some butt!”
The army stampeded outside where Mariya Majestic and her minions were waiting. Cold glares of malice shrouded the army’s faces: Majestic in the lead, trailed by Mr. I Have a Question on his white horse, with The Quiet, The Golden Heart, and Nicole the Unique in tow. They were fierce and seemingly unafraid of anything. But they didn’t yet feel the sharp cut of the Dark’s sword, or the painful gunshot from The Knowing’s gun. The battle began and the army’s wreaked havoc on the AMZ Stadium where the battle was taking place. Down went The Quiet, The Golden Heart, leaving Majestic Mariya with only Nicole the Unique and the leader, Mr. I Have a Question. They fought with all their might, and The Question’s strength ended it for Margie the Clever. Her long, luscious red hair flew out of her helmet and her limbs were all over the place as she fell of her horse and onto the hard ground of the field. Death took over and Alana the Awesome’s army got even smaller. And then, Henry the Humorous appeared in the tower. He gazed upon Alana’s army, praying for them, knowing if they were too lose, he would be under Majestic’s power and he couldn’t stand that. The battle continues. Knives were thrown, swords were in action, and the bullet of any gun would quickly murder someone. But then, a bright light, a frozen world! The people dazzled in the stands, the armies stricken with awe. The divine, the great, the supernatural descended unto the Earth. Ms.Party, the almighty and godly power was upon earth with her misbehaving midgets Michael the Menace, and Alex”The Situation”. With their great wings, the stepped upon the earth and the mere humans bowed before their feet. Ms.Party was the first to speak.
“Humans, followers, my believers! How can you all are committing such sin, killing one another, shedding blood, and hurting others, others of your own kind?!?! I cannot believe this. But there must be a reason. A reason for this horror and atrocity! Speak!
“I know! I know!” squeaked Michael the Menace behind her.
“Hey, you wouldn’t know if I haven’t told you!” The Situation screeched.
“I knew it before you were even called!”
“Menace, I told you!”
“Did not!!”
“Did so!!”
Ms.Party turned around and glared warningly, slowly shaking her head from side to side. She was less than pleased with their behavior. She couldn’t take this!
“You little brain-dead fools! I am asking the humans to understand their mistake and embody my values and the lesson I am preaching! I took you along hoping you would learn something! I was wrong!” Ms.Party exclaimed loudly.
The Menace and The Situation looked and one another and stumbled backwards trying not to get in Ms.Party way. She continues walking around and looking at the bleeding bodies of the wounded and the lifeless, limp bodies of the dead. She smiled sadly and floated back up in her ray of light with her helpers. The battles resumed until Alana the Awesome didn’t step of her horse and look up into the dark, deep-blue sky. She got teary-eyed and approached Mariya Majestic’s horse. Majestic stepped of her horse, the same dark, evil look in her deep blue eyes, eyes that knew no good. Alana spoke softly.
“We are done with the fighting, the killing, and the bloodshed! The divine spirit is right! People shouldn’t be destroying themselves, but sticking together against all odds. I am not forfeiting but Henry is my beloved and we will be together forever. He is my forever and he will never love you, even if you drain my blood and win the fight. He will despise you even more for killing me because we are in love. So you can accept it or continue this nonsense, but not with me. If I ever see you near my life, my family, or my friends again, h*ll will break loose and you will not come out alive, I promise! So stay away and make your own love story. Don't be a footnote in mine!”
As Alana the Awesome (and now earning another epithet the Amazing) stepped away, Henry the Humorous ran in for the rejoicing. They hugged and kissed and shared countless loving words. The crowd went wild and everyone was cheering loudly because good always win and this wasn’t an exception. Mariya Majestic’s dejected army rode off into the dark never to be seen again. Dillon the Dark, S3ptic Russian, and Dennis the Knowing were with their sweethearts, happy to be together. The Penguin Dude was at the other side of the stadium, thinking about where he was headed. He realized that all his answers were in his heart and no one would tell him where he would end up. He would face the truth, no matter how bad, painful, and depressing it was. Losing your heart's desire is tragic, but gaining your heart's desire is all you can wish for. So if that's tragic, he wanted tragedy! He knew that he would fall in love and would be loved back, unlike the time with Alana the Amazing! He walked towards the center of the crowd, right up to Alana and told her everything, not leaving a single word out. He said he would remain her loyal follower, friend, and minion but would find true love elsewhere. They hugged and she told him she appreciated everything he does and that sometimes a true friendship does more than a love connection ever will.
And years, decades later, this story reverberates in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. The message of this story snuck deep into people’s hearts and they held in to the lesson and the memories of this epic battle of good and evil, for true love, and the self-discovery of one’s soul.

The author's comments:
It was a homework assignment that turned into a fabulous piece of writing

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