Where I Live (Part 23 - FINAL)

August 16, 2011
By Nalakitty PLATINUM, Livermore, California
Nalakitty PLATINUM, Livermore, California
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I wondered how he’d gotten out before us and where his assistant was. He looked disoriented, confused and like he was barely standing. Once he was in the car, I walked up to the police officers.
“I hope he’s going to jail for life.” I didn’t try to disguise my bitter hatred.
The older one turned to face me. “Sorry, miss, but not for a long while.”
“What!? Why not!?”
“Calm down, calm down.” He said gently. “First, he has to go to the hospital.”
“Why? I didn’t get the chance to rip into him yet.”
He shook his head. “It’s not physical. Something’s wrong with his head. We’re not sure exactly what right now, but he’s been acting like a toddler, not saying a word. One of the doctor’s over there,” He gestured towards the ambulances, “Suspects amnesia or a very strong hit to the head. . . Hey . . . you’re the girl found him, aren’t you?”
I shrugged. “I guess so.”
He held out his hand. “I have to shake your hand. You’re a brave and talented young girl, you know that?”
Feeling confused, I shook hands with him. “Um . . . thanks.”
“Just tellin’ the truth. . . I have to go, but go with that guy over there,” He pointed to the fare-haired man taking care of the little Bird I had carried, “He can probably tell you more about the . . . Hunter. Congratulations, kid, you’re a hero.”
As he got back into his car, I turned slowly and walked towards the ambulance. As I got in and sat down, I thought about the Hunter. Amnesia? I thought . . . I guess I thought Ethan killed him with whatever kind of powers he has. . . Wait . . . that light . . . it got rid of the Bloodlust. . . It erased a Hunter’s memories and with those memories, his malice towards the clans.
I smiled slowly as the ambulance switched on its lights and drove off, rain pattering against the top of the car. “The light must shine through the dark.” That’s what he had said.
Hikaru meant light.
The light didn’t destroy, it broke through the dark, it purified.
I looked out the small windows in the back of the ambulance. Just like after every depressing rain. . . The light shines on.

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