How Could You Forget Me!

August 3, 2011
By MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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“Give up Rose! You will never defeat me! I shall always prevail, never to be defeated, never to be broken, never to be - ”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Enough with your yapping. Are we gonna fight or not, Salviar? Cuz right now I’m ready to kick your ugly a**.”
“So vain. The kids in this generation, honestly no respect for elders what so ever. And their grammar psh…..don’t even get me started, is terrible.”
Salviar let out a forceful strike. He used his abilities and shot Rose with a giant attack. She dodged it also using her abilities and jumped high into the air then sent back an equally powerful strike.
“Is that all you got old man. Ha! Really my baby sister crawls faster than that.”
“Cease! I will destroy you!” Salviar growled in all fierceness shooting more attacks at Rose.
She dodged every single one and flung a couple of high-powered attacks herself. Her speed was improving. The longer she fought Salviar the quicker she was becoming. She knew this and so did Salviar. It looked as if Rose would finally defeat Salviar after the 6 months of torture he has put her through; the kidnapping, the experiments, erasing her memory of who she was, everything. She was finally going to get revenge for him altering her life and making the people around her in danger. She just needed one last ultimate strike to finish him off.
“Hahaha. As if. This is it Salviar YOUR FINISHED!” Rose shouted from the top of her lungs then preparing her final strike. She knew she weaken him enough. She practically cut his strength in half. He trained her well……a little too well. She now had the ability to absorb his power with each single attack she made contact with and his strength was just about to run out.
She charged at him staring directly in his defeated eyes. She saw that he knew it was over. It was finally about to be over. He was hunched over on his hands and knees trying to find the strength to get up but he had none. He was finished.
“I made you. I made you. I MADE YOU!” He shouted in fallen anger. “Your NOTHING without me. NOTHING!”
Rose finally made contact with his body and punched him with all her fully charge might. He flew halfway across the room threw the wall and into the next room over. Rose was huffing and puffing because she used the last of her strength in that attack. It was everything thing she had left.
“I was always someone special without you Salviar. You were the one who was nothing without me.” She fell to the ground on her hands and knees trying to catch her breath. She realized that she was now free. No more being hunted, no more hiding of being afraid. She was now allowed to live her life the way she had before.
But she wanted to make sure……to make sure that he was truly dead so she mustered up some strength and limped over to where Salviar’s body laid and stared over him. He was bruised and bloody everywhere. At first she couldn’t believe that she did that, that she killed someone but it had to be done, he was too dangerous to be left alive.
“Uh ah oh”
Salvia was getting up and Rose was shocked, she swore that last move would kill him.
He snapped up his hand and grabbed Rose’s arm squeezing it ever so tightly. She shrieked a small child-like scream and tried to remove his arm but she was almost as weak as he was. She had used up her last bit of strength.
“You think I’m over. You think you’ve won……well think again. ” He struggled to speak. “I have one last trick up my sleeve.” He said.
Rose was a little scared because she didn’t know how much strength she had left to finish him.
“You said I move slower than your baby sister. Well what about your baby brother. I wonder how fast he is.”
Rose struggled some more with her wrist but couldn’t budge his grasp.
“What are you talking about? I don’t have a brother.”
“Muahahaha funny how you would forget something so significant. How about I help you remember your forgotten little brother.”
Just as Salviar made that announcement he used his ability to look into a person’s past to show Rose a forgotten memory. Rose was just 3 years old when she met her new baby brother Darriest. At first she was excited at his arrival but soon became jealous. He was stealing all of mommy’s and daddy’s attention. And she wanted him to go back to the hospital. But of course mommy and daddy wouldn’t like that.
About 6 months into Darriest’s life mommy and daddy finally decided to give Rose some attention all to herself. So they hired a babysitter to watch Darriest. But just as mommy and daddy were about to leave Darriest started crying. And Rose didn’t want them to cancel their trip to the park. So she had to make him be quiet.
“Be quiet Darry. You gonna mess up my fun day with mommy and daddy. So stop it and Be quiet. You’re acting like a stupid baby. Shhhh. Shhhh.”
But Darriest wouldn’t stop crying so Rose grabbed his pillow and put it over his face. He cried louder. So she pushed down harder.
“Shhh shhh be quiet or mommy and daddy won’t love you anymore”
After a couple of seconds he did just that, Darriest kept quiet.
Rose removed the pillow from his face and put it back under his head.
“Ok Darry shhh. I’ll play with you when I get back from the park. I want to have fun with mommy and daddy first. So behave until we get back home. Shhh.”
Rose walked out of the room the happiest she’s ever been. Her day was perfect, she got to play with her parents all day then come home and play with her baby brother. When the 3 of them did get back home Rose bought Darriest a present. She bought him back a teddy bear. But her parents weren’t happy to be back home. There was screaming, yelling and so many drenchful tears. Rose didn’t understand what was going on. Why was mommy so upset and why was daddy yelling at the baby-sitter.
Just then Rose snapped out of her little flash back.
“Heehee so you see. You’re a born killer. You killed your little brother and know you’re trying to kill me. Just face it; you’re as venomous as I.”
Salviar released Rose’s arm and she started to back away covering her face.
“No that’s not true. I never had a brother. He’ doesn’t exist.” She starts to cry out her words.
“Oh but it is true my dear.” Salvia began to get up and struggle to step towards Rose.
“No. No. You’re a liar! I know what you’re trying to do but it’s not gonna work. I refuse to believe you.” She hugs herself thinking back to the vision she just saw.
Salviar is now standing by Rose. He laughs in her face and punches her. She does nothing. He hits her again. She did nothing. He then attacks her with a fierce-some strike. She lies motionless on the floor with her eyes staring like she’s a soulless being.
“I I I kil kil I killed my”
“Yes. Yes you did. You brutally murdered your baby brother. And now you should repay him…….by dying.”
Salvia stood over Rose smirking in her pain practically killing her from the inside out. She didn’t move. She didn’t speak. She didn’t even breathe. Her mind body and soul was emotionless and broken.
“You should of stayed by my side. Now you’re going to die Rose.”
Salvia raised his hand for a finishing move but just as he was about to strike, Rose struck him first. She cut through his stomach like soft piñata.
“But I thought you were…..finished.” Salvia dropped to the ground with his inner’s spilling all across the room splashing up against Rose slightly.
She fell to the ground and wept. She finally remembered everything. She remembered what she had done to her baby brother and she felt broken and torn. How could she have done such a thing? How could she live knowing this? And how could her parents love her after they found out what she did?
Rose laid on the ground with her arms and legs spread. She looked up to the ceiling and started to beg her brother for forgiveness.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Darriest. I’m so sorry I hurt you.”
Rose raised her hand to the ceiling and shot at it, crumbling it. With each chuck of the ceiling falling down at her aim; she closed her eyes and could hear an older version of her brother’s voice whispering “Why did you me kill me Rose? How could you forget me?”

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forget, regret, pain, defeat, never give up, mad, forgive me

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