August 3, 2011
By Carie13th BRONZE, New York City, New York
Carie13th BRONZE, New York City, New York
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"Every 60 seconds you spend angry or upset, is a minute of happiness you will never get back"

I wake up to the brightest sun I have ever seen, did I make it to the island? I can feel the wind through my hair; I can smell the sea water and the sand. But beyond this beautiful beach lay the scariest things I will ever have to encounter. For Dalia, my beautiful daughter. I have to get home to her, I have to bring her the treasure or else I might lose her forever. Someone’s coming.

“Teddy, were all waiting for you” I can smell the rum from a few feet away, can’t expect any less from a pirate.

“Is there any food and water left?” I was hoping for a yes there is sir, but the look on his face told me the opposite. I wasn't surprised, we only brought food for a few days expecting the journey to be short term but the sea wasn't on our side and our small ship struggled. It’s not the first time I go days without a single meal. Since Dalia got ill all I've been doing is saving money for her treatment, but nothing I do has helped. This treasure was my last choice and I wish it hadn't been.

I can hear the creatures in the bushes and on the trees. The trees have roots like giant spider legs. But the sand can’t compare to the rest of the island. It’s the smoothest sand I have ever felt and it is not only white but has specks of gold. I can hear the waves crashing into the shore and the leaves rustling in the wind. I can smell the sand and sea water. I can smell the rain from the jungle.

I can sense that our journey will not be easy. I and my crew members look already worn out. With sun burned skin and sweat dripping from our faces. My father once said, never trust a pirate.

“How far to the treasure?” I had never been away from home; this was my first and will be my last journey.

“A days walk if no complications occur” Pirates are born for adventure, I feel like they see me just as an extra mouth to feed in the crew.

As we set out into the darkness of the jungle I can’t help but to feel frightened for the unexpected. Will I make it back to Dalia in time? I have to.

Were only a few yards into the mouth of the jungle and I feel the roots of the trees grab and hold tight to my boots I have scratches from the tree branches and I've been bitten by numerous bugs that I have never seen before. It’s cold and gloomy, I can hear things moving in the bushes and already I feel worn out.

The deeper we get into the jungle the stronger the tension gets between us, I can see them glare at each other or take quick side glances. Everything looks the same and there is no sign of a beginning or an end to this place. Our paces have quickened since the beginning and I can no longer hear the waves crashing into shore. I couldn't take the feeling of uncertainty and so I asked
"How much longer?" normally I would feel it to be a childish question but now it felt like a plea for peace within myself. But I knew I wasn't going to feel peace until Dalia was safe.
"At the bottom of the hill there is a cave, and there we will find the treasure" I can’t explain why but as soon as he finished I knew that he wanted to say I will find the treasure and not we.

Everyone was still for a few seconds. I could see ambition in all of their eyes. But I need that treasure; I can’t go home without it.
Without another thought in mind I ran, ran as fast as I could.
I could hear them running behind me; I could hear shots, their bullets missing me by barely a few inches.
I could hear screams of agony and the thud of a body falling. I didn't look back, I couldn't risk it.
I was losing breath and the hunger was unbearable. The cave, I can see it, just a few more yards. Another thud.
I felt a pain in my back, it felt far away but the pain was still there. I pushed myself to run, but everything slowed down and no matter how fast I ran it wasn't fast enough. Only a few more yards.
The jungle has finally captured my boots, I can no longer run. My back burns and as I crawl towards Dalia’s last hope my world starts to blur.
Hi daddy...Dalia? I hear her voice.
I’ve missed you daddy...I was no longer looking at the cavern but at a beautiful little girl with long blond curls.
Dalia, what are you doing here?
I’ve missed you, now we can be together... Dalia what are you saying? Why are you here?
No daddy, you are here, with me, I've been waiting for you…

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