Find and Fear

August 2, 2011
By latinsuperman BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
latinsuperman BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts until I was 20. I dropped out of college and moved to Minnesota with some friends, and that's where I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life back then, so I figured the army was the best place for me to be. By the time I was 23 I was fresh out of Army Ranger boot camp, wearing my Ranger patch proudly on my uniform. The Eurasia Alliance Pact (the alliance of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Russia), signed while I was at boot camp, effected my life completely. The Eurasia Alliance declared war on the U.S. after twenty American men took control of an embassy in Iraq, killing 37 Iraqi civilians.

With the threat of Invasion out in the open, the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd battalion, was placed on defensive duty in Washington D.C.

About one month after being placed in D.C., 200,000 Eurasia Alliance soldiers (Euries) poured into the capital. By the time reinforcements arrived there were seven men remaining in my platoon. The Euries had us pinned down at the Lincoln Memorial, and with the river behind us we had nowhere to run.

I grabbed some sandbags and placed them all around a turret near the Memorial. Bullets were whizzing past my head and I can see soldiers dropping all around me. I almost vomit, as brain material is splattered all over my chest. When I finished placing sandbags, I was covered in blood, but none of it was mine. I was the luckiest guy in the world. I kept pumping lead into every Eurie I saw for 3 straight hours. My buddy Pvt. Myers kept feeding me ammo. We held the Memorial for a day, with care packages being dropped every 8 hours.

Day 3 of the invasion was the turning point. Five SU-34 Fullback Bombers came soaring over the capital bombing the Octagon House (the Euries formed a bass there) clearing the path for us.

After pushing through the remainder of Euries in the Octagon House, we went to retake the White House. The White House was the main priority. If you took control of the White House, you had control of the battle field. We had to fire green flares once it was retaken, which was one of the toughest tasks of my life. The 2 hours it took to get to the second floor, felt like 4 days.

The seven Rangers we went in with were all dead except for me, Pvt. Myers, and Sgt. Adams. Going up the stairs to third floor, a frag grenade came flying down hitting Sgt. Adams in the face and sending him to the ground. Pvt. Myers sprinted down the stairs and seemed safe for the moment. The frag set off, blowing a hole through the stairs.

I watched Myers fall down three stories to his death. When he hit the ground, all feeling left me. I screamed out to the corpse, half expecting him to yell, "I'm OK!"

It took a bullet in my arm to finally gain feeling again. I look up and see the Eurie about to pull the trigger again, so I dive out of the way and throw a flash grenade. The Eurie is momentarily blinded, which allows me to jump over the hole in the stairs and plunge my knife into his stomach. I leave the knife in his gut, though I don't know why. Picking up his Vector, I run up the stairs and blow a hole through the head of the Eurie in front of me.

On the third floor, six Euries were waiting for me in the hallway. I dive behind a cabinet and blind fire a whole clip over my head. I peer over the side and see I hit two of them. I reload and fire six more blind shots. Nothing but air. They fire into the cabinet, but the contents seem to stop the bullets. I come out from behind cover and spray bullets across the hallway, hitting all of them. Two Euries come crashing through the doors, but this time I'm ready. I throw a frag at their feet and dive out of the way. They try to run, but not before it takes off their legs. I sprint past the dismembered bodies and find an open window in the next room. Then, what seemed out of nowhere, a Eurie bashed my head with the butt of his rifle. I collapse to the floor in pain. The Eurie points his rifle at my head, ready to pull the trigger. I swipe my leg across the floor at his feet. This knocks him off balance, allowing me to pounce on his dropped rifle and fire two shots into his chest.

Gathering myself up, I take out my flare gun and fire two green flares into the sky. Finally, it's all over. I sink down on the ground, the Eurie’s rifle held loosely in my right hand. Choppers come and pick me up and I pass out on the ride back to base.

I wake the next morning in a comfortable bed. The room is white, with a window next to the door. I sit up straight, to get a better look of the room, but my observation is interrupted. An African American man walks into the room. I see his General patch and try to get out of bed to salute.

"There's no need for that Private Timlin. You're probably wondering why I'm here now, aren’t you?

I stare at him without responding, not as an act of defiance, but of confusion.

He chuckles and keeps talking.

"You're in a hospital about twenty miles away from D.C. The chopper brought you here while you were unconscious. You'll get your purple heart for the shrapnel in your leg and the bullet in your arm. But that's not what I came here for.

You showed some remarkable talent up in The White House yesterday. That kind of talent shouldn't be wasted on the front lines, where any soldier can die. That kind of talent is meant for something entirely different than the front lines. That kind of talent is meant for Black SEALs. I'm afraid I can't tell you anymore now, but if you're interested, meet me at Washington National Air Port tomorrow, 0800 hours."

And that's how I got into Black SEALs. But now for the real story.


Find and Fear


PFC. Nicolas "Demon" Timlin
Black SEALs
March 23, 2019
Serowe, Botswana
"Find and Fear"

Abdalla Sekibo. He's our target. One of the biggest black market traders that ever lived, he's funded 27 terrorist attacks in the past year and a half, including the 2019 bombing on the John Hancock Building. The World has had enough of this crap, but no one seems to take action. That's where the Black SEALs come in. The most lethal group of soldiers on the planet, Black SEALs is a top secret multi-national special operations unit. The only political officials that know about it are the U.S. President, the Canadian and British Prime Minister. We take U.S. Army Rangers and Navy SEAL's to Korps Commandotroepen from the Netherlands. Anybody that fights for freedom, and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A squad of seven soldiers, including myself, was dropped off in Serowe, Botswana looking for Sekibo. Operation "Find and Fear." This is where the "find" part of the mission come in. We need him alive, because we've gathered Intel on another terrorist attack, but we don't know where. Once found, he needs to talk: that’s where "fear" comes in.

Captain Connor "Hunter" Ludlum, Spy, Savior, Bowman, Student, Saint, and Demon (me) are chosen for this mission. Seven members of Black SEALs were chosen. Only seven. Command thought to many people would cause too much strife and possibly endanger Sekibo’s life. Seven men for one man. Too much or too little? It all depends on the man, and for this man, it's just right.

Hunter was driving the jeep I was in, along with Saint and Bowman; in the other jeep, Spy, Savior, and Student. We're following about twenty meters behind Sekibo's car pool. The car stops and two armed men walk out. We all survey the weapons and looked for concealed ones as well. First instinct for Black SEAL members.

"The Package is in sight, I repeat, the package is in sight," says Hunter. I can tell something is wrong as soon as Sekibo walks out. I reach for my FN F2000, but not before Sekibo whips out his Desert Eagle and fires two shots. And that's when all hell breaks loose.

"Man down! Man Down!" screams Saint.

I look back and I see Bowman slumped in his seat, with a bullet in his skull.

"The package is armed and dangerous but do not shoot! We need him alive!"

Hunter speeds down the street chasing after Sekibo. My F2000 is pointed out the window looking for hostiles. There are two in the building in front of me. I fire and take the first one out. I shift quickly to my left, and fire, at the same time noticing that he fired first.

"The vehicle's been hit! I've got a busted tire!" Hunter tries to keep the jeep under control, jerking the wheel in desperation, but fails. The car flips bumper over bumper, my head crashes into the door, and lands on its side. If it weren't for my helmet, my brains would've been all over the car like Bowman's. Wasting no time, I reach for the door handle, but it's jammed. I shoulder the door and it gives. Saint is unconscious, but still alive. I can't help him right now, the package is more important. Hunter climbs out my side of the car and we chase after Sekibo on foot.

“Spy, Demon, Student! Follow the package on a direct route! Savior and I will try to cut him off on the rooftops. Let’s go, let’s go!"

This mission would've been a snap if it weren't for the local militia. According to them, anybody not from Serowe with a gun, is considered an enemy, and must be killed. I don't like killing these people; they only do this to protect their families and their city, but in order to capture the package I will do what needs to be done.

Bullets are whizzing past my whole body. I haven't gotten hit, but I have a feeling I will soon. This militia won't last very long. As many as there are, they're not trained well. Spraying bullets all over the place, not hitting a damn thing, if we wait long enough they'll run out of ammo and we'll just run past them. I chuckle to myself, despite all the warfare going on around me. Coming out from cover I spot three hostiles on the roof. I squint into the sunlight, but can't tell what weapons they have. One fires, and I can immediately tell what he has.

"RPG!" I dive into the closest ditch with Student, while Spy tries to scramble away like a confused puppy. Spy goes flying through the air and hits his head against the wall of a house. He's gone. I see blood spilling out and quickly turn back to the fight.

"Hunter, I have a man down! Repeat, man down!"

"Holy crap! Another one? Don't let the militia hold you down for too long! Keep Sekibo in your sights at all times, we can't afford to lose him!"

I don't reply even though I know I should. I hate it when people state the obvious.

I have three mags left and Student is already using his side arm. This is getting worse by the minute. I've gotten grazed by 4 bullets already, two on my right arm and one on each leg. I ignore the pain, just like I was taught, and keep firing. We just pushed through the marketplace, now we're in residential area. Civilians everywhere, got to check my fire in here. My last mag is through, strapping the gun around my back, I take out my sidearm and fire franticly at the militia. Student throws a flash bang and we both come out from cover, blasting holes in the heads of every person we see holding gun. One, two, three, four, and five men fall down. We hurdle over the bodies and pick up their weapons while we're at it. Ak-47's. Black SEAL members always carry one mag for an ak-47 with us. Most of our enemies use this assault rifle, so in case we run out, we always have the 47s to rely on. Perfect example right here.

Sekibo is running along the rooftops, I spot him and rush into the nearest building with a rooftop door. He's already about 100 meters ahead.

"Hunter, this Demon. Sekibo is about 100 meters ahead of me. Should I take the shot in his leg?

"Negative! Negative! We can't risk him dying out here. Apprehend him in hand to hand manner!"

"Copy that, I'll keep giving chase for now."

Sekibo is faster than both Student and I. He's wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and gym shoes. I have combat boots on with thirty pounds of equipment to carry.

A pickup truck speeds down the road below us, with a turret in the back. My heart gives a jolt as I see the turret. Things are about to get a whole lot worse. I dive to the ground, pulling Student down with me, and the roof tops around me explode. The bullets from the turret are ripping everything apart, we can see bits of the roof flying everywhere, but we can't let anything slow us down.

Student and I come up from behind cover and return fire. This slows down the truck for about 4 seconds and we take advantage. I give spy cover fire while he rips the pin out of a grenade and hurtles the grenade at the truck. Screams in language I don’t know followed by an explosion allows me to get up and continue the chase.

I don't see Sekibo for a moment, but then Student points him out. He just started the engine of a recently hi-jacked jeep.

I aim down my scope and yell into my headset, "The package is about the get away in a vehicle! I'm going to have to take the shot!"

"No you won't."

The door to a second floor balcony bursts open, and Hunter jumps off and lands on Sekibo. Hunter takes out his pistol and pushes it up against Sekibo's head.

Savior, Student, and I all converge around Sekibo with our weapons trained on his head.

"Command Center, this is Alpha Team One. The package has been secured. Operation Find is complete. Permission to move into Operation Fear?"

"Good job Alpha Team One. Permission to move into Operation Fear, granted."


The author's comments:
This is the very first story I have ever written. I was inspired to write this by the game Modern Warfare 2. I know this isn't the perfect story, but I hope I get some good feedback so I can improve my later writings.

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