How to get to Halloween, long wait

July 29, 2011
There is a sock monkey named Jimmy. There is also a kid named Marco. Marco hates school. But in this world that is weird… everyone likes school. Yea, yea, he knows what we’re saying, why not shut this book already, it is going to be dumb. But why not finish it, it is not that long.

So Marco is going to go to school, so he gets on the bus for the worst day of his life. Marco only has one friend and his name is Jimmy. You know that sock monkey he told you about in the first sentence. He won’t be in this story much. But he is Marco’s only friend at this time. When Marco got to school, they still had ten minutes ‘til the bell rings for school to start. There is only one new kid this year-- his name is A.J. A.J. also hated school. They were the only two kids that hated school. Marco started to walk over to A.J to make friends. But right before he got to say one word, the bell rang to get in school. So Marco’s only friend is Jimmy for now. Marco is in 4th grade. His first class was math. That is his best subject, but he is scared this year. He heard that the 4th grade math teacher is really mean. He will count all your answers wrong if you do your homework your own way, not his. He will also give you an “F” if you staple your homework pass on the wrong side of your paper. So you could imagine why he would get scared about the math teacher. A.J was in Marco’s math class too, so he decided to sit by him. They started to talk before the bell rang for class to start. They could not decide how every other kid in their school liked school. They made friends before that bell even rang! That was the fastest he had ever seen someone make friends. So math class started. The teacher was telling us how everything was going to go this year. Because this is the first day of school you know. He was telling us stuff like where to put stuff, how to act, how thing are going to go, and that there are eight periods in a day, and there are around 45 minutes in each class. But these eight period classes don’t count lunch and recess. He kept going on and on and on about super mega boring stuff. Before the first fifteen minutes were up, he was knocked out cold. Dead asleep. The teachers made them get up after a while and he got a detention. So did A.J-- he did the same thing. The only reason the teacher found out they were asleep was because he tried to call on Marco. He heard it took the teacher twenty minutes to find out he was asleep. The only reason he found out A.J was sleeping was because he began to snore. Since it was only the first day of school, we only got a 10 minute detention after school. Lucky for me.

Well, so school is boring, let’s skip these parts on to the fun parts. Well at least to a little fun stuff. Like the lunch, recess, and the end of school if he doesn’t get a detention. And one more reason why he is only skipping to these parts is because-let’s face it- no one likes school in your world. Okay, the bell rings for lunch and everyone is running to get in line first so they don’t have to wait forever. It is a little funny because some of the kids fall because they try to run so fast. The really funny part is all you have to do to avoid that is bring a lunch box.

After lunch was over, Marco ran to his locker to get Jimmy, you know, his sock monkey. He hates how stuffed animals can’t turn real, like in some of the movies he watches. So he does the next best thing at recess, he goes in the shade under a tree and sleeps. He imagines that Jimmy is real. So that’s what he is doing now. In his dream he is playing catch with Jimmy. With a football of course, because he doesn’t like baseball. They did that for a while and then they got bored of that, so they decided to wrestle. It is a dream you know, so a wrestling mat was right behind him. He did not get to wrestle long because the bell rang to go inside. So they all went to line up. He was so surprised that when he got up to line, there was A.J with a saber-toothed tiger doing the same thing as Marco! The tiger was a fake one, of course. Marco just thought he would tell you because let’s face it some people are a little crazy. There are crazy people with crazy minds doing crazy stuff, but oh well!

Ok yeah, let’s get back to the story after school. Oh, don’t forget after detention too. Marco’s mom came to pick him up. He got a ride home with her. The only reason why he gets a ride home with her and takes the bus to school is because she gets out of work when he is at school. And she works in the morning. So when he finally got home, he got on Facebook and tried to add A.J as a friend. So he sent a friend request to him. It was really fast when A.J. added him as a friend. He must have been on too.

The next couple months are booooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. So let’s skip to the fun part again. It is three days before Halloween. By that time, Marco lost Jimmy. The last time he remembered seeing Jimmy was when he thinks he was asleep and saw him run out the door. Marco was really sad. He does not know for sure if he was asleep or awake. But he gets sad talking about that, so let’s get back to 3 days before Halloween. His mom asks him what he wanted to be for Halloween. Marco had a hard decision to make. This is big. It could make the difference between being the dumbest kid in school and the coolest kid in school. He had two good ideas between a girl and a Mountain Dew pop can. He decided to be a girl for Halloween. So the next two days to Halloween went really slow. He talked to A.J to see if they wanted to go trick or treating together. A.J loved the idea and he also really like the idea of being a girl for Halloween. School was really even more boring than usual. There was one good thing that happened. Instead of talking to him, A.J stuck five pencils on the ceiling. No one caught him, but one of the teacher’s pets had a pencil in his hand and a teacher saw him walk by it and thought he did it. They thought it was so funny they had a hard time holding their laughter in and so the second they got outside they started laughing their guts out. A couple of people got mad when they walked by because they wanted part of the fun but they didn’t know what they were laughing about.

The next day, only one day to Halloween, both A.J and Marco had everything planned out where they were going to go and how they would get their candy and they were so excited. They could not wait. During school, all the teachers gave them 3 pieces of candy. He thought it was a little dumb because how is the whole class supposed to share three pieces of candy, and they did not get any homework that day. That was the only good thing about that day though. When it got to time to sleep to get ready for the big day tomorrow, he could not sleep. He thought there was no way he was going to go to sleep. It was impossible. He finally got to sleep at 5:00 a.m. His mom had to wake him up the second Halloween started. He was so surprised she put on his costume when he was asleep. So when he finally got out the door with his costume and a bucket, he was ready to get A.J. When they got to his house they started trick or treating. They got so much candy. They were so happy they chose to be girls. The reason why is because they were the only people dressed up as girls… they think. Or that they saw. But there was a group of kids dressed up as pop and little kids started chasing them and the moms started chasing the kids so it went like this. The pop ran away from the kids, the kids ran after the pop while running away from the moms and the moms ran after the kids it was kind of funny. So A.J and Marco gave their bad candy to the moms to bribe the kids to come back and give the pop cans a rest. They filled up their buckets again by the end of Halloween. That was the best Halloween ever.
The end

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