Rectangle Boy and Square Kid

July 26, 2011
Once upon a time, in a land ruled by the jealous Polygon King. He would stomp around, scaring the little acute triangles and angles, who are smaller than 90 degrees, and striking fear into even the most obtuse angles and triangles, who were over 90 degrees.

But two young quadrilaterals, who have 4 sides, decided to make a stand. They were known as:


But to themselves, they were just Ricky and Mindy.
One day, the Polygon kings warriors, the ferocious Vertex Squadron, came into Ricky and Mindy's town, the Triangle Village. The Vertex's were powerful, for they are the point at which ends meet, and the Triangle knights battled hard against them, with all of their 3 sides. Ricky and Mindy knew then, that they must become Rectangle Boy and Square Kid.
Commander Right Triangle, who was exactly 90 degrees, saw his 3 regiments, or groups of fighters, begin to fall. They were: the Scalene, the Isosceles, and the Equilaterals. The Scalene, whose sides weren't equal, were the lowest rank. Then the Isosceles, who had 2 sides the same, were the middle rank, and the Equilaterals, whose sides were all equal, were the most elite.
He watched nervously as his men began to fall.
“Hurry Square Kid!” yelled Rectangle Boy as they flew towards the fight. Each kid were just 90 degrees, which made a box. Square Kid had 4 equal length sides. Rectangle Boy was half Quadrilaterals and half Parallelogram. He knew that all four of his sides could run forever and never touch, but unlike his friend, his sides were not all equal.
Commander Point pointed out two dark shapes in the sky. “General Line, what's that?” General Line's face darkened.

“Trouble.” he said.
Rectangle Boy saw his father, Ray, who had two lines coming from a vertex fight below. He saw the General and Commander. “Square Kid!” he called. “Prepare for landing!”
Rectangle Boy and Square Kid landed in front of the two high ranking officials. “Sir, if you listen to us, we will explain.”

“Go on.” said the General.
“If you wipe out the Triangle Division, then the most powerful, next to the Vertex's will be gone! We could stand together, happiness flowing throughout the land!” General Line thought for a second, then shook Rectangle Boy's hand.

“Sure!” the he blew in his horn and declared a alliance.
The King skulked off to a different land, leaving those behind to wonder, who would be king? General Line (who was still not a fan of Rectangle Boy) surprisingly said Rectangle Boy should be king.

“Please, call me Ricky. And call Square Kid Mindy.”

In the end, Ricky and Mindy ruled side by side through many happy and peaceful years.


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