second by second

July 13, 2011
I have to isolate myself from the world. I have to stay alive.
“Crash” I’m afraid to breathe knowing that if they find me they will kill me. People are turning to cannibalism for food and that is not absolute last resort. I close all the windows and turn off all the lights. And my life is flashing before my eyes. I hide in my closet behind my clothes. I’m alone.
I hear footsteps coming up the stairs knowing they probably already took the rest of the family. I push myself farther into the corner holding my breath.
“Save me God” is playing over and over in my head.
The recognizable creek of my old door to my room sounds and it feels like the whole world turns to slow motion.
A thin sliver of light came through a crack in the closet. And they are so close and it is so quite I can hear their steady breathing.
“We know you are in here your family told us. We kept them alive for this and anyway why would we eat a sick one. They will die soon enough” They mortified me with that statement and only once through my mind did the possibility of them lying pass.
My parents are abusive and would rather give my life up for theirs any day so I know they are telling the truth. And my little brother he wouldn’t know any better at six years old.
I take a small gasp and I gave myself away. They open the closet door and the world seems to stop. The people are blurry and I can’t tell if they are a men or women. The world goes black and I am gone to the world.
I wake up in the same place I was except all the cloths in my closet were gone and my golden bracelet that I keep on for good luck was missing.
I was alive or was I dead. Just, you know hallucinating in heaven.
They must of though I died and left me in the corner to rot when I fainted out of shock.
If I could stay alive pass today I must keep going. There is a possibility that this might not be the end of the world. I could start the repopulation of the world. I will thrive.
But I can’t get ahead of myself. In times like this I have to go day by day hour by hour minuet by minuet second by second.

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