Wild Gingers

June 27, 2011
By cmillar BRONZE, Ft Myers, Florida
cmillar BRONZE, Ft Myers, Florida
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The subway screeched to a sudden halt. Road works? No one had said anything about road works. Then the subway driver noticed a makeshift passage going off in the right direction. So he just went that way.

If he had actually gone through to the construction zone he would have seen that there was in fact no construction. Actually there was just a bunch of guys sitting around eating Chinese food. He also would have noticed a similarity in all the men too. They all had red hair, blue eyes, freckles, and very pale skin and he would have probably referred to them as gingers. He also probably would have been beat and locked in a closet if he had gone that way, and so would all the other people on the train. He didn’t go that way though, and that was a good choice.

Rupert was slowly crawling down the hall. Some may have thought he was trying to be sneaky, but he really just had a broken leg. Most people would have just gone to the doctor, but he would have been arrested. So smartly he didn’t. He was part of a worldwide organization called the Wild Gingers. They had formed a couple of years back when people had started abusing gingers. Gingers had gotten made fun of in public, on TV, and in many other places. So Rupert also known as Ron Weasley started the Wild Gingers. They had already started rigging elections around the world with the hope of taking it over. When Rupert got to the end of the hall (witch took a while) he crawled into a room.

“Good morning Rupert”, said Andy chairman of the London branch. “Big day today Andy” said Rupert. “Yes”, said Andy. Today was the day of the election for Prime Minister. The Gingers had gotten their candidate through a large number of pre elections and had made it to the final two. Of course they hadn’t done it fairly, but that was just their nature. At that moment a man ran through the door. “He’s in the closet”, said the new man. Rupert jumped up “at last” he exclaimed. “One country down 194 to go”, said Andy. They all turned the TV on. The headlines said “New Prime Minister wins by default”, and sure enough it showed a picture of a ginger bowing.

A man sat in a chair. He was thinking. The Prime Minister had won every round by default, because his opponents had all gone missing. No one else had thought anything fishy was up. Well he was the director of MI6 so he had the power to investigate, and investigate he shall.

Three spies walked along the street. They were spying because that’s what spies do. They had been told to look out for anything fishy. They split up and all went to different directions. One man had seen the connection with strange gingers. So he went in to a Chinese restaurant called Wild Ginger and started randomly shooting. Even though the restaurant was not the home of the Wild Gingers they went there frequently for take out, but at the time of the shooting there were no gingers there. The next spy was extremely lazy so he just went and sat on a bench. The third spy was very scared of cats so for an unexplainable reason he was running down the subway line being chased by a cat, and coincidently ran right into the base of the Wild Gingers.

The guards started to beat him, but then he realized he had a gun in his pocket, and he started shooting them (no one died). After crippling them he ran into an opening in the wall. Inside the wall was a whole labyrinth of tunnels and stuff. He didn’t find that out though because he ran into a closet. Strangely in the closet was hundreds of people the Wild Gingers were holding hostage. As he ran in they all ran out. In the end he just followed them completely confused.

They all ran out into London kissing the streets, and giving random people big hugs. Later they told the story of the Wild Gingers and they were all sent to jail, even the new Prime Minister.

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