June 27, 2011
Zyalona, ball of fear, fearer of all the depths of Depethia. This so called Depethia looks so inviting, just like a dream world. It’s a purple island with light blue sand. The jungle has grass that is bright white and it's as soft as silk. There is this one tree that is super tall, blue, and have lime green fruit on it. Depending on how tall the tree is, depends on what type of fruit it has. Down at the beach the water is pink and tastes very sweet. Is where Zyalona sleeps. She sleeps on little puff balls that can glow in the stream that comes from the rainbow waterfall where there are colorful fish that taste like candy. But all that can change quickly in a heartbeat.

Zyalona is called ball of fear because she is the fearing fever fear to her enemies that come her way to Depethia. She is small and round, she becomes very evil. Her fur is white but will change with her mood. She has three blue eyes and has a long, purple skinny tail with black stripes that can kill you in one strike, She uses as her main weapon. Her nose is orange and is very sensitive to smell. Her mouth is purple with a long sticky, pink-like frog tongue. Her hands are small and have little suckers on them so she can climb up anything. Her tummy is green with white swirls on it that will glow in the dark when she needs light. Her purple little bow she wears can turn into a dagger so she can throw it at her enemies.

Oh, raging ball of fear of Depethia, you make your enemies fearful of you in every way. When enemies see your island they see a place they can relax but little do they know what’s coming to them. They get on Depethia and it turns all black and darkness comes over Depethia so they can’t see a thing. They scream in terror wondering what’s going to happen next. Zyalona quickly jumps from tree to tree with her evil disguise to see who it is. She sees her enemy and quickly reacts and attacks. With six enemies and only one of her, she quickly slashes her tail around killing four of them and killing one of them by choking him with her tongue and stabs the last one with her dagger in his leg. She kills five of her enemies but the one remains with the wound and gets away. He lives to tell the story on that one innocent day that turned into a fearful one. His words were “we shall never go to the dark, evil dream island ever again”.

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