Spring Storm

June 25, 2011
The sound of the bell sends shock waves through my body. I scamper out the door, my feet pounding on the grey pavement. I see the other classmates standing at the bus stop, hoping to get to their houses before the sky breaks loose. I know I’m limited on time so I give a wave as I continue sprinting through the school house courtyard. I make it past the stables and Miss Riley’s garden before I feel the first raindrop. I begin running faster and I keep my eyes focused on the hazy horizon. Darting between the spruce trees I enter into the forest. It engulfs me with its heavy green and the smell of rain becomes stronger. I look to the sky for some direction but the thick brush shields me from seeing the wicked storm approaching.
Letting my red backpack fall to the damp ground I dump out its contents and slip on my yellow rain coat and rubber boots. Feeling assured and well prepared I continue making long strides towards the river which marks my halfway point. I arrive to find the water flowing down stream like gushing blood. Fast and forceful, the rapids rip through the forest consuming anything in its path. Letting my eyes follow the rushing water I find the once sturdy cross bridge ripped up and destroyed with the remaining wood pieces beached on the river bank. The sight was extremely alarming and panic filled my body. I had to get across the river to my final destination. I didn’t stand a chance if I stayed in the backwoods. The wind was starting to really pick up and the rain was falling harder, stinging my face with every pelt.
I didn’t allow myself time to think, each pondering second my worry increased. Stepping close to the racing water’s edge, I swallowed a lump of fear. It was now or never. My arms spread wide and my eyes squeezed shut, I let out a terrified shriek and jumped.

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