The Agency

July 12, 2011
By place4pluto BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
place4pluto BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
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I know everything about him. Almost. I mean, I know the obvious stuff, how his shaggy dirty blonde hair shines in the sunlight, and how his deep blue eyes remind me of the sea. I know he’s 5’11”, and he is quiet around people he doesn’t know, but is outgoing with his friends. But I also know that his father is the head of a major law firm that is responsible for not paying us. That’s the whole reason I’m here. And it’s time for me to move in.

I tuck my hair behind my ear and walk towards him. He’s all by himself, reading a book under the tree by the picnic tables.

He barely looks up when I sit down next to him.

“Why have you been following me, Violet?” he asks. Of course he knows. He’s observant. He sets down his book and looks at me expectantly.

Might as well cut to the chase.

“I’m from the spy agency S.A.F.O. Spy Agency For Orphans. Your father is responsible for fraud, by giving us a fake check. I was sent to find a way to get the money that is rightfully ours.”

He barely seems surprised.

“What does it have to do with me?”

“Get us the money. If you do, you will be paid a hefty reward, and the opportunity to join our agency.”

“But, isn’t only for orphans?” He asks.

“Yes, but your fake death can be arranged, and you will be given a new identity that labels you an orphan. You will also get proper training.” I say. It’s happened many times in the agency, including myself.

“How do I get the money?” He asks.

“However you can. Somehow, you need to give me the three million dollars your father owes us.”

“Can I think it over?” He asks, looking around, as if this is a normal conversation taking place between two teenagers on school grounds.

“You have three days. Meet me at the river by the big willow at three o’clock with your decision. Does that work?”

He nods.

I get up to go back inside when I remember something else.

“Oh, and Jamie? You may not speak about this conversation to anyone. If you do, you will have to be killed, along with whoever you told. Is that clear?”
He nods again, and I walk off, smiling. Another successful mission almost completed. Not only will we get our money, but I probably just recruited another agent. Daniel will be so happy.


Three days later, I wait in the willow tree, staring out on the water. I scaled the tree about ten minutes ago, just to be early. I glance at my watch. Five to three. I look down and see him standing there, with his hands in his pockets, looking around. I watch him for a second. He really is cute. I shake that thought away. I must not let feelings get in the way of my work. That already happened before with Todd.
I clear my throat and he looks up. He nods and starts to climb. I have to stifle a laugh at his sad attempt to scale the tree. He finally comes up and sits next to me.
There’s a short silence before he says, “I’ll do it.”
I grin. “Then I think you better come with me, Jamie.”

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