Monster of Our Dreams

July 7, 2011
It was dark and cold. Evan felt that as he opened his door. He could heard thunder in the background. The thunder shook the house and nearly drove him mad as the lightening flashing in the windows. He winced and ran out of his room.

The door slammed close behind him and he winced at the echoed sound. He waited until the sound left the halls. He still stood there in silicone, his body trembling. When all was calm and well he slowly started to move down the hall.

His footsteps were light and his movement silent as he tried to walk away from the walls. To keep away from the monsters in the dark, he thought. He kept walking in the middle, a light flashing on the end of hallway.

The walls trembled and shook, a moan falling throughout the house. He struggled to stand, avoiding the walls. He ran down the hall, avoiding the falling pictures.

A silver glint appeared before him and he manged to duck under the blades. The monsters are realsed, he thought. He scoured up and down the floor as it shook. Oh please just let me reach the light! He screamed in his mind.

His screams pierced the silent room as he was thrown forward and into the floor. It fell through and he was falling into darkness…
Evan woke up with a gasp, his door opening. His father came in saying, “Evan get up. Time to tame those monsters.”

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