Waking Up part 1

June 29, 2011
She was running. Running so fast it hurt. Pains like needles shot through her legs. Through her arms. Her skin so hot felt like fire was running through her veins. She wanted to collapse, for her heart to give out, her lungs to be punctured, to scream out for help and in agony, anything to make the pain stop. anything.

The girl ran a few more meters and fell to her knees withering in agony, she should be scared she knew but all she felt was the intense pain and her fierce love she felt for Jace. Her last thoughts before she slipped into the comforting blackness of oblivion was; I love you Jace and I always will.


Jezebel woke in darkness, her face streaked with salty tears. It was cold where ever she was so cold she had to rub her arms and that still that wasn’t enough to erase the goose bumps that were risen on her flesh. Her head was also throbbing, pounding in rhythm with her heart. Reaching up to prod her forehead, blinding white hot pain shot through her head and down her spine and a scream ripped through her throat. Jerking her hand away quickly Jezebel held it up to see her finger tips covered in blood. Savagely wiping them on her jeans she looked around her fully for the first time.

Where ever she was had a cement floor that was spider webbed with cracks. Anything else that was around her was so shadowed in the dark that it could have been an empty room, for all she knew. Getting in a kneeling position Jezebel rose to her feet ignoring the dizziness that swam before her eyes. Staggering a few steps forward she fell back to her knees, cursing in pain and eye’s watering she screamed to the sealing, “Why must I be so weak?” Jezebel flinched as the sound of her voice echoed back to her.

A scraping noise stopped Jezebel dead in her tracks. Getting back into a crouch she whispered into the shadows, “Whose there? Show yourself, I’m not afraid.”

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