Trick House

May 25, 2011
By Kate van den Berg BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
Kate van den Berg BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
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The sound of the car door opening scared her half to death. She jumped like a robber caught red-handed. She hopped inside and asked the man to drive her down the road to her house. She had just come out from the inside of the haunted house, or so they said it was...

As she walked up the creaky pathway to the old three story house she was shaking. Her face turned into a white sheet. The sight was horrifying. The door creaked open, as if someone had once bolted it shut. The lights flickered on. Was someone waiting for her? She heard a scratch coming from the small staircase directly beside her. She clicked the light off because she would rather not see what it was. The clicking stopped so she decided to climb the stairs. When she got to the top she passed out.

There was a bright light shining above her. She was on an examining table. How did she get there? Her question was answered just then when a tiny green flash popped through the door. She saw a baby's face with a small alien-like body, and suddenly it was gone with a horrifying whack! She couldn't believe her eyes; it had disappeared as fast as lightening. She turned a cloud. It took a few minutes for her regular skin tone to return. She had been walking up the stairs and fainted? Yes, yes, but what had made her faint? As she walked to the other room, there were foot prints on the floor. They weren't hers were they? She felt an elderly woman with alzheimer's; unable to remember a thing. There was a noise from down stairs. A refrigerator? She stopped like she had suddenly forgotten how to walk. While tripping down the stairs, she smelled the worse smell ever. The smell of blood filled her nose. She remembers falling and getting up at the bottom. But from there she was a lost puppy. She had become too frightened. She had almost become someone else. She could smell the chemicals inside the house. She decided to run out. There happened to be a car in the road; perfect!

"Is this it?" the man asked.

'Huh? Oh umm..yes it is, thank you!" she responded after zoning back in.

"Are you alright ma'am?" he asked. He sounded like her mother, full of concern.

"Yeah that house was just..." she looked over and his eyes were wide owl's. "I just got a little dizzy, maybe I'm sick. Anyways, thanks for the ride". She opened the door and hopped out. SHe felt tears rolling down her face. When she got inside she walked to her room like a zombie. She couldn't tell anyway about this, they would think she was crazy. She checked the address. Yes that was the address and time her friend had sent her. When she realized she was at her room, she jumped like a frightened black cat. Her friends were in there laughing. She felt it come back, the blackness. And she fell to the ground once more...

"Hahahahah," she said. "Ok you guys are really funny!" She continued, "I was as nervous as a criminal!"

"You were very scared. Im sorry, I should have told you," they all said.

"Nah it's cool," she answered. Then one of the friends handed her a piece of paper. " Oh no you don't," she said. She couldn't go through that again.

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on Jul. 8 2011 at 3:10 pm
SaritaFajita BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
- In your anger do not sin.
Psalm 4:4

- "Love the life you live, live the life you love." -bob marley.

- I liked the detail in the beginning !

But then it just got too confusing and everything happened to fast..

I also didnt get the '&quot' parts..Was it suppose to say "Quote??" I dunno; But i also didn't understand what happened at the end.

Good details though! :)


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