Forever Dawn part one of twelve

June 13, 2011
My parents get deep fried

It was September, 31st. The day Matthew Jupiter Fray was going to celebrate his 13th birthday. Today, was going to be the perfect day; even if his birth mark of a curled dragon had stretched out to full length and seared ever so slightly on the back of his hand. The day would be perfect, or so he thought.

It was third period, when Matt’s Math teacher Mr.Sillip, told him the principal requested him in his office.

The principal spoke in his usual emotionless voice, he said “Matthew the school has just received noticed, that your parents car has blown up in an unexplainable accident, their bodies were not found,” his voice was different now, a tone that was new to Matt, a softer tone. “You will be able to go home after school and since you have no known relatives the A.C.S, also known as child services, will come to pick you up along with your belongings at around seven. From your home they will take you to an orphanage, you will still be able to attend school here, we are all very sorry, for a lost”

As Matt’s mind processed the information, it tried to block out what he just heard, but nevertheless, this virus breached his firewall. Matt as any kid would have broke out in tears, or more less shed a single tear, the sign of utmost sorrow. His parents were all he had in this world, no friends, aunts, uncles, he was alone.

When the day was over Matt walked home instead of taking the bus over the four mile stretch, he wanted to make the way home as long as possible, he wanted to avoid the truth his parents had died, it was unbearable.


When Matt reached his 3 story Victorian era house, it's dull not to mention worn shade of black, made him feel all the more melancholy. He walked up to the front door, and he rang hoping his dad would open the door and yell “hey champ”, but after a long wait, reluctantly, Matt used the spare key that was carefully hidden atop the door. As he walked through the door he carefully hung his new DC book bag on the back of the door, bored Matt sat on the “love seat” staring at the coffee table that was for the first time was empty (his mom usually brought the mail in ) but that only brought him back to the reality his parents were gone. This also brought Matt back to his conversation with Mr. Louis, he could still hear him going “the A.C.S will be coming to pick you up."

Matt had learned about the A.C.S in a seminar during class, they were like the guys on law and order except they only did cases that had to do with kids. They were a child version.

Matt hated the idea of going into the "system"; he would rather live on the streets. New York had almost a million homeless and thousands of those where kids younger than him, and he knew that they made enough money to eat, and the issue of where to shower Matt would use the community Y; the issue of where to sleep Matt was like a cat he could sleep anywhere plus Matt still had 50 "big ones" from the birthday card his mom revealed to him during breakfast this morning he remembered her saying "the real present is coming tonight"

Thoughts swirled in Matt's head as he balanced fact and fiction he thought of how if he started begging now he would have extra money and the matter of his clothes he would take them to the Laundry Mat it was less than the cleaners (that was the only thing that was clear) and although his thoughts were boggled, his mind was made up he would flee the child services, the police, and the school.

When Matt left, he took a surprisingly small amount of provisions; thinking not to arouse suspicion by looting the house. He only wanted them (“child services”) to think that, he possibly went to the store, or to the arcade. Then in his newly emptied, DC bag he stuffed it with: half a box of fiber plus chocolate bars, a liter of diet Pepsi, and a single column of Ritz crackers.

It was 5:00 when Matt finally set off. His mind was racing, his fingers trembling, not to mention his anxious yet excited gut feeling. This would be the craziest, most adrenalin pumping, stupid choice of his life but then again, Janus the Greek god of choices was never fair.(Matt was extremely fascinated with Greek mythology and even though he didn't think it was real, it was still cool.)

When Matt finally chose his destination it was clear why. He chose New York's famous, Irish Memorial. Matt had ventured to the memorial several times with his parents, for a wide variety of reasons; a birthday, his first to be exact; three picnics , two for mother’s day and once for a father, son bonding day; and most recently, for a school field trip, which was moderately fun.

He decided would walk from his house one of the only still standing in Soho, so as to prolong the already arduous journey.

At the memorial.

It was 6:37, and considering it was two weeks from the Summer solstice, so it was still relatively bright. A sign flashed inside Matt's head Begging time it flashed. So Matt searched, his Eyes like that of a hawk, searching the crowd of tall, wealthy looking business men and woman, when he finally came to a tall muscular looking man.

He walked up to a man deciding on the word choices, when he finally came up with:

"A little change for the homeless" that ought to empty his pockets Matthew thought gleefully. His reply was much less than satisfactory

"Get the hell outta here you f***ing retard!" the man exclaimed with the fury of a Tasmanian devil.

Yet Matt still hadn't got a real taste of what was yet to come, the trials and tribulations that he would have to face, and conquer, or be destroyed in the making. Yet in the end, if the fates were kind, which was rare, he would savor his bite of the forbidden fruit.

The day wore on Matt, he didn’t do much; he was way too stressed out to think clearly. So he spent the day doing things any normal Battery Park resident would. He sat in the sand of Tear Drop Park, ate a cream cheese bagel he had bought from “Pick A Bagel”. He acted like he belonged there, like he was one of them. When Matt was done with his daily activities he made his way back to the memorial.

Matt slightly exhausted sat on the hard granite benches in front of the memorial, (which were more for show than comfort). Matt thought of what would come of him if the A.C.S came in search of him, they would already be at his house no doubt. An anxious feeling swept across Matt. A new thought came into mind.
He had to hide.

Strangers piss me off

With this thought Matthew thought of possible solutions for his nerve racking dilemma. He could no longer stay at the memorial, he would have to find a new more covert hiding place; it was inevitable, his face would be plastered over every milk carton, with a “Have you seen this boy” written in bold above his head.

As Matt's, mind started to deviously branch out thinking of aliases, and things of a similar nature. Three skateboarders to whom no one would pay close attention, entered the pavilion. They moved with a weird sense of elegance and grace, one that made them move with such .precision and accuracy, that every trick seemed flawless. And although there eyes were diverted from him he could still feel them keeping a ever present gaze upon him. Then the unthought of happened.

One of them, the tallest of the three, a African-American boy, skateboard flew at a deadly speed towards Matthews face. Considering Matt was swatting at a fly when the board flew towards him and the only warning was his now superb sense of hearing. at the closeted the distance as if in the matrix time slowed down but unlike the Matrix he didn't have time to do a cool lay back. so instead he flicked the nose of the board with his palm and raised his forearms to deflect the oncoming deck but in stead the deck of the board split in two and each of the halfs still moving at a break neck pace moved cleanly behind him. One lodged itself at least a foot into a tree trunk and the other flew out of sight.

Matt furious, for he swore the incident with the skateboard had been planed. Turned to face the black face marauder, but alas him nor and of his companions where in sight.

"HACOWARDSIHAVEONEOFYOUBROKENSKATEBOARDSGOODLUCKRIDINGNOW" M"""att said putting enfesis on each word, although the quick sucsession of the jumble found even Matt curious what he said.

He turned back to look at his trophy the lodged piece of skateboard. Yet when he turned the board was not there and the tree unscathed. Outraged he looked for answers, and in part found them.

He grabbed the closest person to him, a women dressed in formal artier.

"WHERE DID THEY GO" Matt roared
"Who who are you talking about" The women trembled
"THE SKATEBOARDERS WHERE DID THEY GOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Matt's grip tighten constricting her blood flow.
"There weren't any ska-ska-ska skateboarders"

The earth trembled. The sky shook. The clouds themselfs roared and coughed up lightning.

"""THEY WERE JUST HERE THEY LEFT MOMENTS AGO" His grip was now so powerful that the weaker bones of the womens arms began to break, splintering at his touch.
"I I I just want to go to my parents fu-fu-funeral"

The earth stilled. The sky seize.The cloud recovered from it's cough.

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