SCAM and L

May 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The city was as busy as ever, with people coming and going from building to building. Even in the middle of the night, with the sky illuminated by the city’s light, people hardly had time to take in their surroundings. The city had tall buildings, with dazzling lights to guide the chaotic crowd of people.
Along the outer edge of the city were a few parks for those who decided to take a break from the hectic city life. The park nearest to the heart of the city had very few lamp posts and a trail of rocks for a more authentic design. Further along the rock path was a fountain with lights glowing from underneath the water, making the water shine.
Deeper in the park, where trees grew taller than the trees of the never sleeping city was a white van with bubble-like letters on the side. The words on the van said Luckie Howse Elektronics! painted with cheap yellow paint. The paint job seemed rushed and the letters were scraping off already. Along with the letters, there was a big cartoon smiley face with one hand floating in mid-air, giving thumbs up. It was winking with its tongue out, like it was trying to persuade anybody who passed by to consider looking at the plain van. The people inside the van started to stir, purring like cats that just woke up. One of the four that was in the suspicious van started to walk towards the front of the vehicle.
She started to yawn, “Well that was a good nap!” as she was stretching. The other three stood and followed her lead. “I haven’t had a good nap in forever!” the dark brown haired girl continued.
The girl seemed to be average height for a teenager, with dark brown hair that was a little longer than shoulder length. Her eyes were a dark chocolate shade with mischievousness, and a hint of warmth hidden deep inside. She wore a black shirt that said Genius on the front with matching dark blue, stretchy pants.
One of the three girls in the back started to follow the other girl to the front. The blonde girl wore all black. She was a little above average height and had golden-like hair that came down to the middle of her back. Her eyes had the look of a dragon, tinted jade green. She seemed the most experienced among the girls, and seemed to always win a fight if bothered.
The golden blonde started to yell, “Where is that girl!? She was supposed to be with us in the van! How many times have I told her to not wander in the city?”
The other lighter blonde, still a bit drowsy mumbled, “Its fine. I’m sure she’s just distracted, again.” she opened the back door, “But she’ll come back as always.” She confirmed, smiling a sweet smile back at the others.
When she smiled, shivers ran all the way around the other girls and back with time left to spare. “DO NOT DO THAT!” exclaimed the black and red haired girl, shivering again.
This girl was about the same height as the dark brown haired girl. Her hair was different. She had all black hair, except her bangs and the inside of her hair was a ruby red. Her hair came down to the base of the shoulder and she wore a t-shirt that said I’m a thief coordinated with the same stretchy pants as the other girl. Her eyes were a chocolate brown color with a confused-like look that seemed all too familiar to the face. The blonde seemed confused and looked at her with a blank stare.
“Why don’t you just wear your cloak, M? It’ll do us all good if you covered up your whole body. It would save some lives such as L here.” said the golden blonde girl, snickering.
The dark brown haired girl, who seemed to be the leader, looked at the blonde with hurt eyes, “That was really rude C! Think about her feelings! Maybe she wants a coat instead of a mangy cloak!”
The two of them were glaring daggers at each other while M went for the cloak. “Actually, I like the idea of wearing a cloak, A.” She replied to the leader. “It makes me seem mysterious.”
As she was about to smile, all three of the girls shouted, “DON’T DO IT!”
She stopped midway and went back to the blank stare from before. After they shouted their lungs out, the group of girls prepared to look for their lost comrade who seemed to be lost in the jungle of concrete and blinding light. They packed up their things in the park, and sat in the van for what seemed like half an hour.
“So…. Anybody have ideas to where S might be?”
All the girls looked at A.
“What? Don’t look at me! We should be asking M since she’s the one that saw S last!” exclaimed A, startled by the you-should-know-since-your-smart look by her group.
M started to speak but was interrupted by a loud noise outside of the van that sounded like a dying animal.
“What was that?” asked L.
All the girls looked at each other with puzzled looks. A stood up and went to check outside. As she was checking, a shadow appeared at the front of the van. A screamed in terror as the shadow made the same gurgling sound, reaching for the door handle. Everybody else looked at A as if she were crazy.
“What are you doing, A?” C said in a serious voice.
“There’s…. There’s something outside the van!” she replied as she was trembling at the thought of the shadow she just saw.
The monster outside was getting impatient while they were talking and decided to open the door. With a little light, the group of girls could see the monster’s true form. It was smooth and looked like it was clothed in black. It had black hair and had the suspicious form of a person.
“S!” M yelled loudly.
“Why didn’t you guys open the door? It was freezing outside!” S said shivering. She walked to the back, looking for a blanket to use.
The other girls, besides M, looked at her with shocked looks. A was even worse. Her face froze in that position and so C had to help fix it back to normal. After she got her face back to normal, she started to yell at S.
“S, why were you gurgling and yelling like a dying animal?” she said with a stern look on her face.
S just looked at her as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Well it was more dramatic, so I just started to make some noise and it happened to be of a dying animal.” She stated with a look of someone teaching a learning child.
“Well next time, please don’t do that. It scared us half to death!” L yelled to get the point across. S wasn’t the type to get it when someone yelled in her ear.
S ignored L and continued on, “Anyways, I found something to steal this time. I promise it’s not just some sparkly car that we chase.”
C walked over to the back of the van. “Good, because last time we got hurt severely because we tried to save you from getting run over by the car.” She said, looking at S with a death glare that could’ve killed someone if they looked straight in her eyes.
“Moving on from the past, this time it is actually a real diamond!” S explained.
There was some talk about S trying to steal a fake diamond in which she thought was real, but she quickly started to talk again.
“It is located in the Central City Museum called The Musium. Don’t ask how to spell it because I think it is spelled wrong.” S quickly announced.

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